Heaven Ch. 13

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Warning! The sex described in this story is extremely casual. There are also a lot of incestuous encounters. If any of this bothers you, I advise you to read another story. If not, enjoy!


Who-is-who: (returning characters)

Jamie, the protagonist of the story, has one younger sister Cindy.

Their parents are Cynthia and Mark.

Their neighbors are Simon and Caroline.

Mark has a sister, Maureen. Her two boys are Samuel and Noah.

Cindy is engaged to Jason.

Jason’s mom is Lorna.

Malcolm has made the transfer from the “Just a cumrag”-series.


“Well, considering we’re all out of hard cocks…” Maureen stated, a bit disappointed.

“Not quite,” Malcolm spoke up as he grabbed his semi-hard cock in his right hand and gave it a few pumps. Damn, that guy had some impressive regenerative capabilities. Maureen’s face lit up as she saw him approach her.

“I am going to put up your ass though,” he stated, as-a-matter-of-factly.

“Boy, you can put that thing anywhere you fucking like,” Maureen whispered dreamily, as she noticed his cock becoming fully hard in his hand.

“Let’s get some privacy,” Malcolm whispered as he led her into the kitchen, away from our prying eyes.

The rest of us just stayed quiet and just sat there, looking at one another, doing our best to eavesdrop on what was going on in the kitchen. It only took about twenty seconds before we started hearing skin slapping against skin and an occasional moan and whine from Maureen.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she whispered.

“Oh god, you’re big.”

“Oh fuck, yes, pull my hair.”

“Yeah, fuck my fat ass… harder… harder!”

None of us spoke or even whispered. Even Samuel and Noah – having recuperated from their little play time – sat down on the couch, as silently as possible, listening to their mom being all she could be.

After a few more minutes, Maureen squealed, “Oh shit, I am cumming… oh yes… yes… oh fuck yes!”

Her moaning and whining continued for quite a while as Malcolm fucked her through a pretty loud and powerful orgasm. About two minutes later, Malcolm let out a powerful grunt, indicating that he too was climaxing.

Shortly afterwards, Maureen stumbled into the living room, a bit wobbly on her feet and whispered, “I need a shower.”

Mom smiled at Cindy and me and asked, “Will one of you help her to the bathroom?”

Cindy jumped up and volunteered, leading Maureen out of the room.

“Well, now that the kitchen is free again, I’ll get started on the hors d’oeuvres,” mom grinned.

“I’ll help you,” I said, realizing that I wasn’t going to get any action or conversation out of the guys.

Mom and I spent the next twenty minutes or so in the kitchen preparing all sorts of snacks. As we were bringing them out and putting them on the living room low coffee table, Cindy finally came prancing in.

“Ah, there you are,” mom said, “What took you so long?”

“I uh… helped aunt Maureen clean herself up,” Cindy smiled, then pushed the tip of her tongue passed her closed lips and used her right thumb and index finger to pluck one of Maureen’s pubic hairs off of it. God, realizing what my sister had been doing for the past twenty minutes made me really horny again.

“Cover for me,” I whispered, as I walked past her and rushed up the stairs.

When I barged into the bathroom, I found Maureen still standing under the hot shower. She noticed me, but didn’t say anything. Not even when I took off my clothes and sank to my knees in front of her.

“Your uh… sister just cleaned my pussy,” she whispered, a little confused.

“That’s okay,” I smiled up at her, “I am here for the other hole.”

Surprised and shocked, she smiled and slowly turned around, putting both hands up against the wall and pushing her ass back towards me.

Without any hesitation, I wedged my face in between her ass cheeks and went to work, licking up and slurping up everything and anything I could find. Most of it was water from the shower, but once I actually stuck my tongue up her butthole, I came across something else, probably Malcolm’s fresh goo. I had two fingers up my own twat before long and fingered the shit out of myself.

“God, I missed this place,” Maureen moaned.

A few minutes later, I came like a little bitch with my tongue up aunt Maureen’s ass. When I was done orgasming and humiliating myself, I got up and showered alongside her for a minute or two, before drying myself off and returning to the living room, finally giving Maureen some privacy.

When she came down about ten minutes later, we started the snacks and drinks and played a few board games, with all of us still naked. Around 7pm, dad put on a flame-resistant apron and fired up the BBQ. He had barely gotten the fire going when mom and Cindy slowly slid off their chairs and crawled under the table.

While dad was tending to the fire, his wife and daughter worked their way around the table, pumping and sucking every cock and fingering and licking van escort every twat – including mine. For minutes on end, they moved around down there, switching targets. Noah came first. Then Malcolm and finally Samuel. With all cocks now out of commission, mom and Cindy were left with two more pussies.

I peeked under the table and noticed Cindy licking my twat, which meant that mom was eating out Maureen. While mom was doing her best to be a very sloppy, loud eater, Cindy was exactly the opposite. She licked very slowly, very carefully and never inserted more than a digit up my wet twat.

At first, I thought she was just taking her time, but when Maureen started whining and panting, Cindy stopped altogether and looked up at me from under the table.

“Fake it,” she whispered as I could see her furiously fingering her own twat.

“What?” I replied, confused and frustrated.

“Fake an orgasm,” she said, “I don’t want you to cum!”

“Oh, you fucking bitch,” I whispered as I watched her finger the shit out of herself with her right hand and roughly squeeze her tits with her left hand.

“Do it,” she repeated as she was clearly about to climax herself.

I put my hands flat on the table and started rocking in my chair, loudly pretending that I was cumming.

“Oh, fuck yeah, you stupid twat,” Cindy grunted, cruelly mocking me, as she orgasmed violently.

While both Maureen and Cindy were orgasming for real, I faked the whole thing. God, I felt like such a joke. Even as she stopped touching me down there, focusing solely on her own pleasure, I continued putting on a show. She glanced up into my eyes as she squirted onto the floor in between my feet over and over again.

“Stupid cunt,” she whispered. I simply stared back at her and continued moaning and whining.

When she’d had enough, Cindy got up from under the table and, after noticing that no one was paying attention to us – they were either talking to one another or still enjoying the aftermath of their orgasm – she wiped her sodden fingers on my mouth and chin.

“That was a new low… even for you,” she chuckled, spreading her juices all over my stupid face.

“I know,” I whispered, shuddering in wonderful disgrace as I closed my eyes. Shortly afterwards, dad came in, carrying in a first selection of grilled meat. Still horny as fuck, I started eating along with everyone else. Cindy shot me a few dirty looks during dinner – knowing that her juices were drying on my face – but for the rest, nothing interesting happened.

During dessert, mom gave Malcolm a handjob without either of them getting up from their seat. She really took her time and continued eating her sundae with her other hand. When he was about to cum, she took a big scoop of ice cream, put it in her mouth and then quickly bent down to slid her mouth over Malcolm’s fat cock.

“Fuck, that’s cold,” he hissed, just before ejaculating into her slut mouth.

Inspired by mom’s lewd example, Cindy grabbed Samuel’s dick and Maureen grabbed Noah’s dick. As soon as she’d raised her head up from Malcolm’s lap, mom reached out for dad’s dick. With all the spoils of war divided, I realized there was nothing left for me downstairs. I probably could have joined one of the other sluts, but the truth of the matter was that I just wanted to wallow in self-pity.

I went up to my room, planning to give myself a thorough drilling with one of my dildo’s. I had just about put on white silk panties and matching top – I loved masturbating in silk – along with some white socks, as my feet were cold, when dad entered the room without knocking. To my surprise, he was sporting a massive boner.

“Bitch left me hanging,” was all he said, as he wrapped his right hand around his shaft and began choking his already purple cock head. From the looks of things, he was eager to pay the humiliation – he’d no doubt received from mom – forward. He pushed me down on the bed, pried my legs open, pushed my panties out of the way and slid his giant cock into his little girl without warning.

“Jeez, fuck dad, you’re so fucking big,” I moaned, impressed by his size and firmness. He didn’t respond and just started ramming. In, out, in out, in, out… over and over again. Based on the pace and vigor he was fucking me with, I could tell he wasn’t going to last very long. I realized I probably wasn’t going to get a chance to cum, although he was stretching me with almost every shove.

Suddenly he grabbed my top and ripped it down the middle, clear in half, exposing my tits. Surprised and a little annoyed, I whined, “Oh dad, that was one of my favorites.”

Again, he didn’t respond and reached out to grab my panties. Out of reflex, I put my hands on top of his and tried to stop him… but to no avail. With a single, powerful tug he tore my white, silk panties in two. Just like with my top, he didn’t actually care about taking them off… he simply wanted to destroy them.

As he started shuddering, betraying the onset of his climax, he grabbed my van escort bayan left leg, brought it up next to his head and pulled off the white sock from it with his right hand. Then, as he let go of my leg, he pushed the white sock against my mouth, prying my lips open with his fingers.

I opened my pie hole and let him stuff my dirty, white sock in there. I told myself that I was humoring him because he was too strong and I figured I’d better not fight him on this, but the truth of the matter was that I felt like a randy bitch. I wanted him to abuse me.

Two seconds later, he pulled out and quickly straddled my chest, jacking his cock above my face. With his eyes on the white sock in my half-open mouth, he emptied his balls all over my dumb face, from forehead to chin and from cheek to cheek. I moaned and squealed in fake protest, realizing he’d get a kick out of that.

When he was empty, he laid down and snuggled up against me. After about twenty seconds, I took the sock out of my mouth and used it to scoop up as much of his gooey cum as I could. Then, I threw the sock onto the floor and reached out to flick off the light.

“Night daddy,” I whispered and closed my eyes.

“Night cunt,” he replied softly. I couldn’t help but smile…

The following morning, I awoke to the feeling of something dripping onto my face. As I had a pretty good idea what it was, I carefully opened my left eye and saw dad pumping his massive morning wood.

“Oh dad, really?” I whispered, as I quickly closed my eyes, realizing the bulk of his load was yet to squirt out, “It’s too early for a facial!”

“It’s never [moan] too early for a facial [grunt] Jamie,” he replied as he shot four thick, gooey ropes of warm cum across my face. Next, he wiped his drained cock on the tip of my nose and my left ear lobe. When there was no sperm left in his fat tube, he laid down and wrapped his arms around me.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, right?” he chuckled, openly mocking me as he gently squeezed one of my boobs.

“Asshole,” I grinned, enjoying the warmth of his body.

“Whore,” he whispered, already drifting off.

I also fell back asleep, with another smile – and another disgusting load of cum – on my slut face.

About forty-five minutes later, I woke up as I felt a draft. Slowly opening my eyes, I noticed dad sneaking out of the room. I tried to get back to sleep, but after tossing and turning for about ten minutes, I realized I was done sleeping and got up as well. I put on a halter top and some panties. As I passed by the other rooms, I peaked in.

Cindy had taken the master bedroom and was lying in between Noah and Malcolm. She was wearing one of mom’s bustiers – a black one – with matching panties. Both items were covered in dried-up cum stains – as was her face – and the bustier had been ripped to reveal her right tit. On the floor, next to the bed, were two dildo’s and an ass plug – all of them used. She clearly wasn’t missing Jason all that much…

Mom, Maureen and Samuel had taken the guest bedroom. The women had apparently shown young Samuel the time of his life. He was lying on the floor, in the middle of the room, with a dog collar around his neck. He was spooning Maureen, while mom was spooning him. Both women had a used condom sticking to their forehead.

There was no sign of dad anywhere. I headed down and walked into the kitchen, where I noticed that the garden sliding doors were ajar. I walked out and noticed dad sitting on his knees on the neighbor’s deck, facing Caroline who was sitting on the stairs leading to the house.

As I walked over, I noticed that she was in her bathrobe – which was hanging open – with her legs spread wide, so that dad had a clear view of her pussy and her tits. I knew she wasn’t wearing panties, because they were draped over dad’s face. He was sniffing them as he was jacking his cock, panting and breathing heavily.

With my arms wrapped tightly around myself to fight the morning breeze, I walked up to them and stopped about a meter shy of dad. Caroline glanced at me as she exhaled the smoke from her cigarette.

“Oh daddy, this is so messed up,” I sighed, as I slightly bent my head and looked at the view he was jacking off to. As soon as Caroline realized that I was leering at her cunt as well, she opened her legs a little wider.

After just looking for about twenty seconds, I reached out my right hand towards Caroline’s twat and asked, superfluously, “May I?”

“Of course, that’s what she’s there for,” Caroline grinned. I gently traced my index finger across her trimmed bush and touched her moist lips. Then, while I turned my head towards dad, I brought that same finger to my mouth and sucked it clean.

Caroline, realizing I was going to do that again, quickly flicked her cigarette butt onto the deck and leaned back on both hands, opening herself up even more. She lustfully glanced down as I was reaching for her twat again. This time, I kept looking at dad – finding her hole by feeling around. escort van As soon as I found it, I entered her with just the one finger, slid it back and forth a couple of times and then brought it back to my mouth where I sucked it clean, over and over again.

“God dad, you’re so pathetic,” I grunted, as I slipped my finger into Caroline’s cunt yet again, “You’ve got four willing bitches at home and one here… and all you can do is jerk that stupid dick of yours.”

“I offered him a blowjob, but he refused,” Caroline grunted as she glanced down at my finger fucking her sopping wet twat, “He just wanted to sniff my panties and pump that fat dick of his.”

“What can I say,” I replied as I sucked my finger clean again, “He’s a sucker for humiliation.”

Then, I inserted not one, but two fingers up our neighbor’s twat. While I started fingerfucking her, I looked at dad and said in a childlike, condescending voice, “Well, if you need to sniff those panties and wank your little prick, then you go right ahead.”

Caroline grunted and grinned at my belittling comment. And as it turned out, that was exactly the extra humiliation dad needed. I had only just finished that spiteful remark when he grunted and began shooting thick ropes of cum all over deck. Caroline and I both stared at the lewd display, while I kept plunging my fingers in and out of her dripping twat.

Using the same voice as before, I whispered, “Good boy! Empty those tiny little balls… that’s it!”

Dad moaned and groaned for twenty seconds non-stop, squirting out an impressive amount of spunk. As soon as he opened his eyes again, I brought my fingers to my mouth one last time and started sucking them clean, right in front of him, teasing him.

Seeing me do that trigged a series of minor convulsions as the last of his spunk dripped out his spent cock. When he was all done, Caroline leaned forward and reached out for her panties, still draped over dad’s face.

“I’ll take those,” she said as she snatched them away, “Now go bug someone else.”

Obediently, he got up and stumbled back towards the house.

Caroline and I now looked at each other, wondering what was going to happen next. Figuring that no matter what, I’d best be naked, I quickly took off my top and panties and threw both items on the grass behind me.

“Do you want me to get Simon?” she asked, looking me up and down, realizing how randy I was. I shook my head as I looked at her, staring in between her thighs, contemplating my next move. Just three seconds later, I reached out for her right hand, took her panties from her and hung them around my neck. Then, I kneeled down in front of her, carefully positioning both my knees in dad’s thick, gooey cum.

“God, you’re as bad as he is,” Caroline whispered, tugging her right nipple. I grinned and put my head in between her thighs. I started planting soft kisses all over her tummy and inner thighs, gradually progressing to her wet hole. Using my left hand for support, I used the right one to play with my own clit. I wasn’t going to cum this way, I knew that, Caroline knew that. At least dad had his ejaculation to work towards… I was degrading and humiliating myself, just for the fun of it.

After several minutes of licking and eating her stuck-up twat, I suddenly heard their back door opening, and then Simon’s voice, booming, “Well well well, what do we have here?”

I glanced up and saw Simon standing there, with his half-hard cock in his right hand.

“I am not quite sure [grunt] what this is,” Caroline replied, not taking her eyes off me.

“Suck it,” I said, poking my head up long enough to say that.

“What?” Caroline asked, surprised.

“Suck his cock,” I said, sticking my tongue back in her hole as quickly as I could.

“I [moan] don’t wanna [moan] do that,” she grunted, glancing up at him.

“Suck his cock [lick],” I repeated, “Or I’ll let him [lick] fuck me [lick], in [lick] whatever [lick] hole [lick] he wants [lick]… and I can guarantee that [lick] he’ll have a lot less fun [lick] in your mouth!”

She looked straight into my eyes for a few seconds, giving the matter some thought.

“Well, if I…” Simon tried to put his two cents in it.

“Shut up. No one wants to hear you talk,” Caroline rudely cut him off.

Then, she turned her head towards his dick and opened her mouth, wide. A tad surprised, but not about to waste an opportunity like this, Simon hung his hard cock in her mouth and shuddered as his wife closed her warm lips around it. Content, I lowered my head again and continued sucking Caroline’s cunt.

I glanced up once in a while and was pleased to see that, although she was sucking and slobbering non-stop, Simon wasn’t getting any closer to a climax. She was slutty as hell, but without any rhythm or passion, she was just going through the motions, making sure that he got as little pleasure as possible.

Trying to make things a bit more interesting himself, Simon reached out and touched his wife’s right tit, only to be slapped away immediately. Even when he tried to just caress her hair, Caroline tilted her head, moving away from his touch. Reluctantly and frustrated, Simon accepted his fate and just stood there, watching his wife pointlessly drool all over his cock and balls.

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