Heating engineers (reup)


Heating engineers (reup)Usually immedietly after having random sex with somebody .. i would feel deep regret .. shame and guilt for cheating on my husband .. id tell myself it was last time and that id never do it again .. and id do my best to stay true to the promise id made myself .. but after about a week .. my unsaterble sex drive would return and the urges would get stronger and stronger and id eventually be overcome with lust and give in .. and the whole routine would start over again .. at this point in time i was in the resitance stage .. It was wednesday morning .. and i was literally awoken by the feeling of my hungry selfish pussy demanding to be fed .. i opened my eyes and sighed in dispair as i realised my pussy was wet .. my clit was erect and throbbing .. and my pussy lips were relaxed open .. i thrusted my hips into the mattress soothing my acheing clit and growled in frustration .. i glanced over to the bedside cabinet at the clock radio and saw it was 9.30am everybody would have left the house by now .. i was alone rolled over onto my back and slipped my hands between my legs and massaged my clit up and down through my soft silk panties .. before i shook my head in an attempt to snap out of it .. i stopped myself and sat upright on the bed and told myself “NO .. im Better than this .. im not doing it”I was determined not to be ruled by my uncontrolerble sex drive .. this time i was going to beat it .. i stood up and walked down stairs in my silk night dress .. i went into the kitchen and put the kettle on telling myself that if i kept myself occupied the urges would pass .. i went to the fridge to get the milk out when i saw the letter pinned to the fridge door .. it was a letter from the heating company confirming an appointment to check my  central heating .. it was for today .. i felt my heartbeat begin to raise .. i felt shakey and my mouth began to water in anticipation .. i knew at that point i was going to fail .. bad lolly instructed me in my head to decorate every radiator with my prettiest little knickers and i immdeitly obeyed .. i rushed around the house breathless and shaking placing my stockings .. g strings and silk knickers on every radiator .. I sat at the kitchen table sipping my coffie watching out the window .. my bare toes wiggling uncontrolerbly with excitement .. “cmooon mr heating man where are yooou” And then finally .. the white van crept into veiw and parked outside .. i stood up and walked to the front door .. i smoothed my silk nightdress down my legs .. and tugged it down slightly to show my cleavage before pinching my nipples to make them stand up clearly visible through the silk .. the door bell rang .. i took a deep breath and opened the door hiding myself behind it .. there was two guys stood there .. a older white man maybe in his late 40s and a young black lad in his early 20s The older guy raised his eyebrows and chirped “Morning .. here to check your heating” I faked suprise “oh .. thats today?” The man looked at me with a puzzled exspression “did you not get the letter”I rolled my eyes and nodded “argh yes .. i did .. well .. youd better come in then” I felt a rush of adreneline surge through my body as i opened the door and displayed myself to them .. gesturing with my hand for them to enter .. i saw the older man quickly glance down at my heavy breasts outlined by the soft silk nightie as he walked past me into the hallway .. i closed the door behind them and squeesed past them both .. i could feel their eyes burning into my visible pantie lined arse as i lead them into the kitchen .. “The boilers there .. help yourself” There was tension in the room as the older man nodded and thanked me .. he walked over to the boiler shooting a angry disaproving look at his young colluege who was stood gazing at me blatantly oggerling my body .. I remember the letter saying that the engineers would need acces to every room in the house to work on the radiators and i already had a plan to seduce them in my bedroom ..”If your okay .. im going kütahya escort to lay down guys?”The older man looked over his shoulder as he removed the boilers front cover “eerrr we might need access to the bedrooms my love” i stood facing him and crossed my arms under my breasts slightly lifting them up for him succesfully drawing his eyes down again for a second glance as i replied cheerfully “thats fine .. just come right in” .. he said “okeydokey” and i turned to walk out the kitchen … the younger lad mumbled that he was going to get something from the van and followed me out into the hall .. i looked back over my shoulder and smiled at the young lad as he deliberately pauced to adjust his boot .. i knew he wanted to watch me walk up the stairs .. so as i climbed the staircase i scratched my thigh .. “accidently” lifting my nightdress and breifly flashing my silky knickers ..I walked into the bedroom and fell facedown onto the bed .. squeesing the sheets and kicking my feet as i silently beamed with excitement .. i laid frozen holding my breath lisening to the frantic whispering .. i couldnt make out everything they said .. but im sure i heard the younger lad say “shes gagging for it” and then a chorus of quiet sniggering .. I adjusted my night dress so it was pulled up just enough to display a small triangle of the back of my knickers and laid there face down slowly gyrating my hips against the mattress .. it seemed like forever .. until i finally heard the creaking of the stairs as somebody walked up them .. i struggled to control my breathing as i heard him approach the bedroom door and gingerly tap on it “hello ?.. is it alright to come in luv?” 11It was the older man .. i fained being half alseep and moaned into the pillow “its fine .. just come in”As i heard him walk into the room I pretended to stir in my sleep and lifted my leg up giving him a perfect veiw of my silk gusset from behind .. he pauced in front of the radiator which was covered in pairs my tarty little panties ..”errr .. is ok if we move these ?”I rolled over onto my back and stretched my arms out above me .. arching my back and letting my legs fall apart displaying my wet knickers as i yanwed .. before staring at him from between my open legs and telling him confidently .. “Oh yeah .. just move my knickers to the side”he pushed his tounge into the side of his cheek and and smirked at me as he took in the veiw .. “you want me to move your knickers to one side ?” I looked at him and nodded slowly as i began to squirm impatiantly on the bed .. spreading my legs a little wider .. He stood gazing between my legs “which ones? These ones ? ” he pointed to the radiator .. I shook my head as my breasts startee to rise and fall as i began to pant desperately .. i slid my hand down my silk night dress and began to rub the gusset of my knickers slowly up and down for him .. biting my bottom lip in frustration before telling him “NO .. THESE ONES” he cautiously approached the bed and gingerly placed his hand on my knees and slowly dragged them even wider apart .. i began to fondle my own tits staring up at the ceiling as he crouched down at the bottom of the bed .. i hissed through my gritted teeth as i felt his fingers gently pinch the gusset of my knickers and drag them to one side displaying my soaking wet open slit .. he spread my pussy lips wide with his fingers and I hummed loudly through my sealed lips as his tounge began to tickle me .. flickering all around my clit and wiggling its way into my open hole .. I looked down between my legs and watched him greedilly lick me out .. my hands down by my sides clawing at the sheets as i lifted my bum off the bed to thrust myself into his mouth .. within seconds i began to pant and gasp uncontrolerbly as my insides started to leap around as my orgasm swelled deep inside my womb .. i let out an all mighty moan as my whole body stiffend into intense spasms and i had a huge orgasm right into his mouth .. I dropped my arse down onto the mattres malatya escort and put my arms up above my head and gripped the headboard my voice tremberling as i begged him “oh god .. fuck me”he clambered onto the bed telling me in a stern voice  “if thats what you want .. then thats what your gonna get” he knelt between my spread legs glaring down at me as he snatched open his trousers and pushed them down until his hard long veiny uncut cock stood upright .. he leant forward and held onto the headboard propping himself up so he could watch as he pressed it between my splayed open cunt lips before pushing himself hard up me .. he groaned in relief as he started to fuck me .. i closed my eyes and let my body go limp .. my legs hanging open my mouth slack as he pounded into me to the sounds of the bed knocking against the walk and his heavy balls slapping against me .. my big tits bounced out the top of my silk night dress and swang in circles kissing together .. his sweat dripped down onto my face as he lowered his head to greedilly suck my rippling tits .. he began to grunt and groan as his pace gradually slowed .. and he suddenlly pulled out and climbed up my body offering his cock to my lips and franticly pleading with me “QUICK .. QUICK IN YOUR MOUTH” i obeyed and opened my mouth wide like a chick in a nest waiting to be fed ..  his cock began to spit as he groaned loudly in relief .. “uuughh mmmmm good girl” i felt his warm spunk coat the inside of my mouth .. so kept my mouth open and circled my spunk covered tounge at him before i instinctively slapped my lips together to savour the greasy taste and swallowed it all down .. It wasnt until he clambered off the bed that i noticed the young black lad leaning against the bedroom door frame staring right at me with a impressed exspession .. his eyes glanced down at my bare breasts and then down to exposed bald pussy before looking at my face and shaking his head with a sarcastic smirk .. i felt a little embaressed and quickly snapped my knickers back into place and pulled my little night dress back up to cover my breasts .. The older guy stood at the bottom of the bed fastening his trousers as he cuckled to himself .. “its a bit late for that girl” .. he leant forward on the bed as if to savour the reaction on my face as he gloated “hes already seen everything .. your big milky knockers .. and your nasty little pussy too” He pauced for a moment staring in my face as i looked down and wringed my fingers awkwardly in my lap and forcing a smile as i avoided eye contact .. before he burst into loud laughter .. he gestured with his head to the young lad  “go on then son .. dont you want some?” My confidence had abandoned me with my orgasm .. I nervously forced myself to look up at the young lad but he had stepped back into the hallway out of veiw .. i looked back at the older guy and he had wandered over to the radiator and was fidderling with something on the side of it .. there was a long awkward silence as i ponderd what to do until he finished what he was doing and turned his attension to a photograph that was on my window seal .. he picked it up and walked to the bottom of the bed while he studied it .. I watched him curiously wondering what he was doing .. i knew what the picture was .. it was a picture from my wedding day .. he looked out into the hallway at the young lad and asked him “are you coming in then” .. the young lad walked into veiw and stood in the doorway looking at me squeesing his dick through his jeans and replied “yeah .. you gotta go tho enit” .. the older guy sighed and nodded  .. “let me set her up for you then” .. and with that he walked along the side of my bed and placed the wedding picture on my bedside cabinet and gestured with his hand “come here you” i sat upright looking at him puzzled as he reached down and took hold of my night dress and slid it up my body .. i lifted my arms and he pulled it off over my head .. he then pulled my arm and leg rolling me over onto my tummy escort bayan before lifting my hips as he said “cmon on all fours” .. he had positioned my on my hands and knees and my wedding picture was directly in front of my face .. I watched him over my shoulder in silence as he moved around behind me shooting a glance to his mate and winking .. “lets have these down shall we ?” He pinched the sides of my knickers and dragged them down leaving them around the tops of my thighs .. he then leant over and gently turned my head towards my wedding picture and queitly told me “now .. you look at that” My heart sank as i stared at myself in my white wedding dress arm in arm with my husband .. the guilt washed over me like a wave of regret .. but at the same time my pussy twitched in delight .. i felt my nipples harden with excitement .. i was frozen .. i just stayed there posed like a cheap whore with my knickers down .. i heard the older guy pat the young lad on the back and chuckle to himself as he told him “go on then son .. right up the arse” .. My whole body trembled as i felt him climb onto the bed behind me without saying a word .. i closed my eyes briefly and swallowed hard and loud and braced myself as i stared at the photograph .. i heard his belt jangle and the sound of his zip coming down as a involuntary whimper exscaped my watering mouth  .. i flinched a little as he began to rub his end back and forth between my cheeks .. i sucked hard on my bottom lips to silence myself wincing as he pushed against my puckered arsehole .. the pressure built and i curled my behind inwards in protest at the burning sensation just before my hole was defeated and suddenly swallowed his tip .. the burning gave way to a dull ache as he slowly sank down inside me .he Gripped my trembling thighs and growled quietly in satisfaction behind me .. “arggh yeah” my breath trembled in between my loud gasps as he began to disrespectfully fuck my arse .. he spread my cheeks wide apart and pushed his big long cock all the way into me until his pelvis touched and then dragged it all the way out until i felt my tight little ring tug on his helmet .. the bed started to squeek as he gatherd speed .. my tits swang back and forth as i gasped outloud begging him “slowly slowly” .. i knew my desperate requests had fell on deaf ears as his grip tightened on my hips and his fingers sank painfully into my flesh .. i howled through my gritted my teeth as his pelvis clapped against me and his balls slapped my wet open pussy .. i could feel my clit begiining to jump as i turned away from the photograph and growled angrilly over my shoulder “FUCK ME THEN .. FUCK MY ARSE .. CMON FUCK IT .. FUCK IT” .. he leant his weight forward onto my shoulders and i collapsed down flat onto my stomach .. my head was turned to the side as he selfishly slid himself up and down my back .. and thats when i saw the older guy had only stopped halfway down the stairs .. he was secretly watching us through the stair banister .. he smirked at me sacasticly as my whole body was violently shoved up and down .. I held eye contact open mouthed and moaning patheticly as the younger lad held deep inside me all the way down to the hilt and just circled his hips stirring his big cock in my hot tunnel which in turn pressed my clit against the mattress and rubbed it into the soft bedsheet .. my pussy was already drained from my first orgasm .. my aching womb muscles twinged painfully as i went into spasms and my pussy reached franticly into a dry orgasm ..I laid there limp and exshausted as he stirred his hips into a slower larger circle before freezing and pushing hard against me almost pushing me off the bed .. he exhaled long and hard in relief as his cock leaped around inside me and i felt his boiling hot spunk shoot powerfully up my bottom ..
He laid on my back panting into my ear catching his breath before he pushed himself up and withdrew his long shaft .. i felt my hole gape open for a few seconds before slowly sealing his warm gift inside ..The young lad stood up and asked if he could “see me again” but was thankfully interupted by his older colleuge who told him “get the tools .. where done here” .. i just laid on the bed and lisend as they gathered their things and the front door bumped shut and they was gone ..

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