He Wanted A Turn Too


He Wanted A Turn TooThis past September, I did something that changed me forever. Prior to September, I had been going through a bit of the tough time. My husband and I had started a family and since having our baby, he had become very busy at work. He was spending less time at the house since he was often on business trips. He was bringing in plenty of money but at the same time it was affecting our love lives. We were spending less and less time in the bedroom and more and more time tending to other things. Obviously, our son was the most important thing in our lives and my husband definitely made sure that he had everything he needed. He took care of me as well, always giving me anything I needed but the lack of attention in the bedroom was getting to me. Like any other woman, I had my needs and the toys weren’t sufficient. Our sex lives had gone from two or three times a week, to maybe two or three times a month. Don’t get me wrong, my husband was making plenty of money and taking care of everything, except for one thing. I did my best to cope with it, but it was definitely catching up to me. I got a job in hopes that it would keep me busy and distracted, but that didn’t help much either. I still lay in bed at night hoping for some love and romance but it rarely came. I had no intentions of leaving my husband because everything else in our relationship was absolutely fine. A part of me did wonder how he was content without getting any action and it made me ask myself if there was more than just business going on during his trips. Prior to having the baby, we would have sex almost every night. Since then, things had taken a complete turn. I was suspicious but I couldn’t prove that he was actually doing it and it remained a thought in the back of my mind. This takes me to this past September.I was out on a Friday night with a few of my coworkers at a local pub, enjoying a few drinks when I heard somebody call out my name. I looked over and saw a fellow named Mario standing near my table. He was an old coworker from a job that I had worked at when I was in high school and I was surprised that he still remembered me. He offered to buy me a drink and we ended up spending the next couple of hours chatting and catching up with each other. After several drinks, we hit the dance floor and enjoyed ourselves for a while. I was enjoying myself and hadn’t experienced a night like that in a very long time. As we danced, the alcohol took over and things started to get a little hot. Mario and I began dancing up against each other and before I knew it, I was grinding my ass into his crotch. I was having so much fun and was so drunk that I didn’t bother stopping him and we proceeded to do this for a little while. Things got very hot and after enjoying ourselves like that for a bit, Mario offered me a ride home. Next thing I knew, I was laid out on the passenger seat of Mario’s car, completely naked with him on top of me, pumping my pussy with his big cock. It was bahis siteleri one of the hottest fucks I had ever experienced and I enjoyed every second of it. He fucked me like I had never been fucked before and the entire thing was a very erotic for me. That night, something inside of me was awoken. As I laid in my bed after everything that had happened, I put things into perspective. I was under the assumption that my husband had to be getting laid while he was on his business trips because there was no way he was getting by without sex. I figured, if he could do it, then so could I. I wasn’t looking for any relationships or anything like that but it would be nice to maybe have a fuck buddy to keep my needs satisfied. I loved my husband but if he wasn’t going to give me pleasure, then someone had to. It was a big decision that I made, but I made it with no regrets. I saw Mario a handful of times since then and he certainly took care of my needs. He was in the same boat that I was as far as our relationship was concerned. He wasn’t looking for anything more than sex and that was fine with me. I enjoyed it as much as he did and felt fulfilled. After getting together a couple of times, things got even more interesting.About 3 weeks ago, I was at a local eatery that Mario and his family owned, enjoying some lunch. Mario’s father had started the business a very long time ago and most of his sons worked for him. As I was eating, Mario came over and chatted with me. While he chatted his brother Tom came over and joined us as well. He was a little younger than Mario and was decent looking as well. He joined us at the table and the three of us proceeded to chat for a while. Eventually, Mario returned to work while Tom and I continued to chat. I finished up my lunch and Tom told me not to worry about it, saying that lunch was on him. I thanked him and as we finished up chatting, he asked if we could exchange numbers in order to keep in touch. I didn’t think much of it and gave him my number. He thanked me and I was on my way. I ran a few errands and headed home. Later that day, and as I sat in the yard watching my son running around, I thought about Tom asking for my phone number and began wondering if there was any reasoning behind it. After all, they were brothers who I had worked with back in the day so I’m sure Mario probably told Tom about his fun with me. As I sat and thought about it, I was a bit intrigued. I had never seen myself as a desirable woman so if Tom had anything on his mind, then I might be interested. I tried not to think too much about it, or look too much into it but kept the thought in the back of my mind.A couple days went by before I heard from him. He sent me a message, asking how I was doing and I replied to it. We went back and forth for a few minutes and ended up doing this a few times. I continued going to their family eatery for lunch and Tom would join me from time to time, treating me to lunch. I enjoyed his company and bedava bahis didn’t mind the fact that he was openly flirting with me. After almost 3 weeks of this, Tom reached out and invited me for a drink. I smirked as I read the message, because I had a feeling of where this might be going. I decided to accept his offer and knew that I should expect him to hit on me and maybe even try to make a move. Like I said earlier, I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt and looked forward to another night out. We made our plans for the following Saturday and he said that he would pick me up. A part of me was excited but I told myself to take it one step at a time and not look too far ahead. Saturday arrived and I let my husband now that I would be going out for the night. He shrugged his shoulders and really didn’t care. I went to my closet and decided to wear a pair jeans and a nice button up shirt. I got myself ready and headed into the living room to wait for Tom. I was a bit anxious, even though I had a feeling that I knew where this was going. Tom arrived a short time later and picked me up. We greeted each other and he began driving. We headed to a lounge type restaurant outside of town and arrived a few minutes later. We headed inside and made our way to one of the booths. It was a pretty fancy place where one could sit and lounge while enjoying a meal. There was also a big dance area that was very dimly lit for those who wanted to dance. Tom and I ordered a round of drinks along with some appetizers. We sat and chatted for a while as we enjoyed a couple of cocktails. As we chatted, he continued to flirt with me and I enjoyed it. We did this for a bit before he invited me to dance. We got up and headed to the dance floor and began to move our bodies to the music. We spent a while on the dance floor, enjoying ourselves and having a great time. Slowly, he placed his hands on my hips and held me close as we danced. I let him and we proceeded to dance very close to each other for several songs. Slowly, he spun me around, getting behind me. Little by little, he worked his crotch against my ass and I allowed it. I knew what he wanted and had no problem with letting him have it. I began grinding my ass against his crotch and could feel his cock getting hard through his jeans. I couldn’t believe that I was making this so easy for him. We continued dancing like this for quite a while and the two of us seemed to be getting pretty hot. After a while, Tom spun me back around and pulled me in close. Without warning, he planted his lips on mine and began kissing me on the dance floor. I responded by kissing him back and the two of us went at it for a few minutes before he broke the kiss. We continued to dance as he stared into my eyes. After a few seconds, he smirked and asked me if I wanted to get out of there. I nodded and we were soon on our way out of the place. My excitement began to build as we walked through the parking lot towards his car. bedava bonus He quickly unlocked the door and I got into the passenger side as he went around and hopped into the driver side. Once we were both in the car, he leaned over and we picked up where we had left off.We began kissing each other pretty passionately as his hands worked their way to my shirt. He reached up and began squeezing my tits through my shirt before slowly unbuttoning each of the buttons. Once they were unbuttoned, I reached in and unclipped my bra. I was wearing one that had the clip in the front and my tits quickly sprang free. He reached into my shirt and began squeezing them before leaning down and taking each of my nipples into his mouth. After doing this for a little bit, he worked his hand down to my jeans and quickly unbuttoned them. I lifted myself up on the seat as he began pulling on my jeans and panties. He slid them off and dropped them onto the floor of the car. He then reached over and undid his own jeans and quickly pulled them off, along with his boxers, revealing an impressive looking cock. Just like his brother, I liked what I saw.He reached to the side of his seat and laid it back before motioning me over. I climbed over the console and straddled Tom’s lap. He held his cock upright as I climbed on to him. I lowered myself onto his lap and soon felt the tip of his cock rubbing against my opening. I was eager and excited, leaving my pussy extremely wet. I lowered myself onto his cock, allowing him to slowly penetrate me. We both let out a moan as his cock worked its way deeper and deeper into my pussy. Once he was deep inside of me, I sat and allowed my pussy to adjust to his size while he reached into my shirt and played with my tits some more. After about a minute or so, I began to slowly raise and lower myself on his cock as he held me by the hips, guiding me. We took our time and went at it slowly for a few minutes before I began increasing my pace. Tom reached around and squeezed my ass cheeks as I bounced harder and harder on his cock. I worked my pussy and bounced on his cock for a few minutes as we both moaned out in pleasure. His cock felt amazing as it slid in and out of my slutty pussy. It wasn’t long before Tom tensed up and moaned out that he was close. I picked up my pace and bounced on his cock even harder. Within seconds, he let out a loud moan and exploded inside of me, flooding my pussy with his hot seed. I continued bouncing on his cock as he shot wave after wave of his hot, sticky cum deep into me.Once he was done, I kissed him and then climbed off of him. We began to clean up and redress ourselves. Once we were all set, Tom drove me home. As he dropped me off, he thanked me for a wonderful evening. I smiled and thanked him for a great dinner before heading into my house. My pussy was soaked with Tom’s cum and I could feel it seeping down my legs as I walked and I couldn’t wait to see what the future held. I was quickly becoming a whore of a wife, but didn’t care. If my husband wasn’t going to give it to me, then I was in a get it from someone else. I firmly intended on keeping in touch with both Tom and Mario and who knows, maybe the three of us would hang out together sometime…

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