He approached me on the subway… (True story)


He approached me on the subway… (True story)He approached me on the subway; me in my mid-20s, innocently gazing out the window. Perhaps a little too oblivious of the tight short shorts I was wearing at the time. He came over; not very attractive, in his early 60s possibly, but barely restrained in his attraction to me. He sat by me, and out of the corner of my eye I could see him eye my thick lips, followed by a slow descent to my crotch. He started talking to me, asking where I lived, if I had a girl or boyfriend, etc. I was offput by this, especially by someone considerably older than I was, but responded minimally. At the same time, while I was a little leery of his approach, I still felt myelf oddly turned on. There was something ultimately very hot about knowing someone wanted to openly fuck you and suck your cock. We got off at the same spot and, I think to his surprise, I didn’t bolt ahead or avoid him. He didn’t have much to say except very blunt things like “You’re very cute” and “Would you like to come to my house”. I still felt a little reluctant to give in, and really didn’t buca escort know if I in fact was horny enough to have sex with him. I was very close though. I hadn’t had sex with someone in a while, and had gotten used to evenings watching the usual stack of gay porn tapes; rewatching my favorite cumshots until my tv screen was pretty much glazed. So I thought, on one end, here was an invitation; even if it was not the most attractive guy and, on top of that, someone close to three-times my age at the time. I told him I couldn’t come at that moment, but asked for his number. I could see the old horny dog just about have a heart attack. How many times he must’ve tried with other young men who probably told him to fuck off. Never did he dream that one day he’d even get this far. He gave me his number and we parted. By the time I got home, I realized that I really couldn’t be that desperate and threw his number in the garbage. Later that evening, after my roommates had went to sleep, I was about to do my usually venture into the livingroom to watch porn and jerk off, when I realized that escort buca it would be too hot to pass up going to this old guy’s house. After all, he was probably already jerking off at the thought of me sucking his old wrinking cock, fucking his asshole, and my cumming like a fire hose. I urgently rummaged through the garbage to find his number and immediately called him. He didn’t even know my name but knew who I was. He gave me his address and I came over. I made it a point to wear my tightest jeans and no shirt under a denim coat and wore a bandana. He let me in and asked me to sit down. He instantly wanted to jump me, but I told him to sit next to me…and watch. I pulled out my bulging cock and basically did my best Jeff Stryker; I started to dirty talk him and taunt him with my youthful pulsating body, slowly stroking my cock… He started to jerk off himself. This went on for minutes, while I breathily said; “You like my big cock? Huh? You like my big fucking cock? You wana’ fuck me, old man? Huh? You wana’ fuck me and suck my big hard cock?” I was so fucking excited that I sprung buca escort bayan up, took off my clothes, rested my one-leg on the couch arm and started jerking my throbbin cock right in his face and fingered my asshole… “You wana’ fuck me? Huh? You wana’ fuck me and suck my cock, old man? HUH?!” Our moans were loud and intense, which I’m sure all the neighbors could hear. I even looked out his living room windown to notice that several people were looking in from the street, absolutely shocked, which only made this hotter… I screamed and moaned and jerked off my cock faster and faster and faster and faster..before I felt everything that had been built up since our fateful subway exploded out of me; my wad shot over the couch and against the window. Eight or nine strokes later, and I still hadn’t expended all the cum inside me… By the time I finished, the old man had already cum all over his pants, and was trembling with joy, gazing at my sweaty naked body and my dripping cock. I panted for several minutes…before washing my cock in his sink, putting on my clothes…and leaving. I went back a few more times, and it was always thrilling, but that first time was like nothing I’d even experienced. It was fucking hot.——————————————————————————–

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