Harley Quinn’s Cuckold DCEU (Detective Com


Harley Quinn’s Cuckold DCEU (Detective ComIThe knock at my door kinda scared me; it was hard and sudden, like someone was smacking it with piece of metal. I leapt from the couch and just about landed in front of the door. I don’t remember actually taking any steps to the door at all, just yanking the door open; fuck, it’s possible I didn’t even have my feet on the ground when I yanked the door open. However, I probably don’t remember because I suddenly found myself staring down the barrel of a .45 revolver loaded with hollow points. How could I tell? That’s how fucking close it was to me. Every instinct in me told me to flick my hand up, twist the gun to my right. Instead, I stayed still until my vision focused on who was holding; a woman, very pale at that. I noticed her heavy, black mascara was running down her cheeks. Further down her face, the mascara started to mix with dried blood that had been poured generously out of her nose. What tipped me off to who she was her hair; done up in pigtails, the left side of her hair was an auburn red while the right was raven black. “Hiya, hun!” She coyly said with fatigue weighing her down, “Aren’t ya gonna invite me in?” Wide eyed, I stepped aside while she made her way in. I closed and locked the door, then quickly turned on my stereo to lead suspicion from anyone who saw her away from my place. Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers started to play as I watched her look around and head into the kitchen. Taking a better look at her, she was wearing a red zip-up hoodie with one half dyed black and the opposite half of the hood dyed as well. She stripped that off, revealing a loose white wife beater tank top. It didn’t go with her outfit like her jeans did, one half dyed red and the other dyed black. She even had two different colored high tops on. She dipped her face in the sink, turning the water on. Part of me was thankful I was too poor for dishes while she started to wash her face, slapping the revolver on the counter. All I did was look at it while my heart hammered my rib cage and my stomach churned. The girlfriend of the infamous Joker Killer was here, in my apartment. Cue lightning quick flashbacks of my life choices, complete with my voice mocking the shit I said out loud. “Mom, Dad. I’m moving to Gotham!” “Apartments on the East Side are so cheap!” “Sure, I’ll investigate the leaked sex tapes out of Arkham!” “Nah, I’m not Gotham Gazette material yet. I just got lucky, so I’ll pay my dues with the YouTube News Channel; Gotham Nights!” “I’m sure who ever sent me that Harley/Joker Sex Tape was just someone forwarding emails and mistyped.” I must’ve been just standing and staring like a weirdo, because I saw her peer up from the sink and she giggled, “Ya look like you made the biggest mistake of your life!” I cleared my throat and responded, “I, uh… was thinking about my life choices up until this point.” She gives a deeper giggle, which is telling. God, I’m so screwed. “You mean for writing that story or not hiding your porn very well?” Almost like I just got hit in the gut, I slowly crouch down and take it in. I’ve fucked up before, but I’ve never been had by the balls like this. What’s next, I have a k** or some shit? “Awe, don’t worry! You’ll be ok, fer now.” Staring down at the hard wood floor of my living room, I ask, “Let me guess, long as I do what what you want I’ll be…” I trail off, trying to think of a darkly comedic analogy that would fit her personality. She stands straight up, her pig tails twirling in circles while the make-up and blood are gone and she looks presentable again, “-as happy as a pig in slop!” She exits the kitchen and I look up at her, smiling kütahya escort down on me while she rests her gun on her shoulder. It’d be a lot simpler if she just fucking shot me, now she’s holding my fucked up fetishes hostage. Her smile turns into a smirk and she rolls her eyes, “Alright, fine! Get on the couch and we’ll play doc and patient.” Right, she used to be a psychiatrist… what’s she thinking now. She helps me up by the arm, pulling me up and then nearly dragging me over to my couch and practically drops me onto it. I don’t see it at the time, but she grabs my cell phone on the coffee table while pulling up the recliner. “I’ve wanted ta pick ya brain fer a few weeks now anyway, so tell doctor Quinzel where it all started.” I sigh heavily, staring up at the ceiling. This is some fucked up shit here; a violent criminal who sucks a serial killer’s dick regularly now has me on my own fucking couch, picking back up where she left off at Arkham… Well, when she was employed there, I mean. I review my options here. I get indignant and refuse, risking sinking deeper into shit… or, I just let it happen. I’m too tired of fighting anything at this point… At least I wont have to pay some therapy bill… not with money, that is. “I don’t know… both my parents have always been pretty absent since I was a k**. I read somewhere that the lack of a father figure as k**s turns guys gay. If that were true, I’d be bi.” She silently giggles, “We’re all a little bi, hun. Just matters how much. Why were ya parents always gone?” I shrug, “Work, mostly. Dad had a rock cover band, so when he was around it was all about rock and roll.” I chuckle a little, “He’s a senior software engineer and a card carrying republican. He’s all about the music, until you start talking shit about conservatives.” I wait a beat, expecting a response from her. “See, since he’s all about rock and roll, growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and all that… Rebel Rebel, that sort of thing?”I look over my shoulder, sitting up a bit and see her going through my phone. She Talks To Angels comes over the stereo while I bark, “Hey, my phone!” She rolls her eyes, “Oh don’t be so uptight. Not like ya got anything private to me anymore.” I sit up, my brow narrowing, “Yeah, I wasn’t gonna ask before because it seemed pretty obvious, but what the hell?” She looks to me, wide eyed and toying with me, “What the hell, what?” I’m not amused and my look reflects it, “I publish an article about the Arkham guards gang banging you like a salvation army drum, I’m guessing you had someone else hack my shit since you probably can’t even set up Tor, much less password crack.” She grimaces at me, “Hey, I could learn all that stuff if I wanted to!” She huffs, turning her head and folding her arms before continuing, “I just don’t feel like it.” I tilt my head, then continue “Then… I get a video of the infamous Joker getting ridden good and in style by his former psychiatrist; gyrating on his bleached cock but good while you give a good pose with your arms in the air and one hell of an attitude in your eyes. Your tits out, nipples erect and the sound pure, wet, heavy panting fucking filling the air. You’re moaning good, loud and with purpose. He’s gritting his teeth, looking over your semi-clothed body That’s all before he gets good and ready, pushes you onto the table, grabbing you by your pig tails and hammers you doggy style. He doesn’t hold back either, he’s going at you harder than I’ve ever seen before; at least in porn. For next ten… long… minutes… he fucks you like some living fuck toy until I see some sort of pity in his eyes. He looks down at malatya escort you, whining and squirming like a teenager lost in heat and he shifts, going at you at a downward angle. I know this move too, he’s hitting your g-spot just as hard as before. That is until he groans, then laughs as he twitches and grips your shoulders hard enough to apparently leave marks… followed by the sound of liquid spilling.” By the time I’m done, she’s looking at me again, a carnal look in her eye and a slight smirk on her face and her right hand gripping her wife beater good and tight. I pause for a beat, both taking her look in and getting ready for the second part of this. “He walks away, still giggling and leaving you a hot, fucked mess on that table. Until you reach for the camera, look into it, put your finger to your curved lips and gently blow… before licking it while it fades to black.”There’s another beat of nothing but the adult alternative station playing on my stereo. Whatever song it is, it doesn’t match the mood. It’s so thick, I’d imagine if someone were to walk in right now, they’d feel it. She just keeps looking at me with those eyes and that smirk. I can’t help but keep locked with her gaze; like she could leap up and either kill me or fuck me any second now. I’d imagine she’s not used to this much control, considering how hard she’s gripping her wife beater with her arms still crossed. I don’t think she knows it’s clearly noticeable. You play scenarios in your head, imagining what it’ll be like when you meet someone and end up realizing the larger than life person you’ve been thinking about for half of every day for the past seven years is as human as you are, despite what they’ve done. She’s still just staring at me; now I’m not sure if she’s waiting for me to make a move or something. Her gun isn’t anywhere to be seen, not within my immediate gaze anyway. Finally, she says, “Hope ya liked it… cucky.” It hits me when she calls me that. “I get it now… You weren’t setting me up as some patsy for some future crime, were you? You saw my… favorites list on those sites and you… rewarded me for the article.” She raises and eyebrow, “It can’t be both?” I shrug, “I guess it can be.” She takes a beat, taking a deep breath before letting go of her wife beater and sitting up straight, leaning forward. She’s not wearing a bra. “I’ll level with ya,” She says in a smooth and almost erotic tone, “I put those videos up because I thought it would be funny to watch the guards squirm. It would-ah been hilarious, but you ruined the joke. You found out who they all were so fast and without so much as a face shot. I thought ya might-ah been the Bat in disguise. I had my pal Eddy track ya down. Then I got one look at yer favorites list on Porn Hub. Cuckold porn… and my videos.”“It doesn’t stop there, does it?” She says, standing up “Googling picture of me as far back as when I met Mistah J. All those lewd pictures people draw of me.” She’s inching closer to me. I can’t make eye contact with her. I swear to god, she went from relatable to towering in seconds, like some goddess… or demon. She grabs me by the hair, but doesn’t hurt me while she guides my line of sight to hers again, “Confess and I’ll give ya everything ya need, sweetie.” My nerves are locked tight. I can barely speak and all I can think of is how fucked I am. She has me and I’m completely hopeless. “I…I want…” I’m hesitating on purpose. She knows it. “I ain’t gonna hide out in some repressed pervert’s apartment, ya got me? So if you don’t confess, all this…” She opens my phone, flicking through a few screens and starts playing the escort bayan video she emailed me. She’s looking down at me with stern, unforgiving eyes while I watch her thrust down and forward onto the Joker’s cock. I feel my own growing, quickly at that. I close my eyes and she just jerks my head by the grip she still has on my hair and turns the video up. Her moans and screams of pleasure echo from the small speaker and into my head. That’s when I notice the smell I mentioned before; the smell of hot, wet fucking. It’s too much, I can’t fucking take it! I need it! “Harley Quinn, I want to be your fucking cuckold! I want to be made to watch you get fucked into oblivion and have the best sex of your entire life! Then… made to…” I trail off, my gaze trailing away as she jerks me back to attention, “Made ta what, Cucky?” I grunt, then finish, “Made to lick you clean! I want to be teased a-an-and used like… like how the Joker uses you…”I’m thrown back suddenly, back onto the couch. Harley’s face reflects the sweet release of control she’d been hindered by for the last few minutes. She’s biting her lip as she undoes her jeans, kicking her high tops off. She can’t seem to shove her pants down and off quick enough as she starts to squirm. Finally, with one food free, she puts it into my chest and shoves me down flat before she kicks her pants over to her hoodie. Before I know it, I’m barely an inch away from her bare pussy. The heat pouring off her is unreal and everything from her thighs up to her pubes is glistening wet. Flashes of the video come back to me, the Joker’s cock fucking her. I sit up and press my mouth against her, taking one hurried, but strong lick from her opening to the top of her slit. I heard her gasp suddenly, followed by a giggle. “There ya go! Get it, Cucky!” While I’m licking and gulping down her juice, getting lost and high off her smell, she starts up the camera on my phone. She clears her throat and turns her head back and forth to the point where her pony tails are whipping around in an X formation. “Hiya, folks! Harley Quinn, here! Oh, and what’s this?” She points the camera downwards and shows what’s exposed of my head between her legs. “I think I caught a reporter in my snatch! Let’s see who it is, shall we?” She lifts her hips and shows the entirety of my face, plus the wetness on my face from her pussy and thighs, “Would ya look at that! Johnathan Kane, the guy who published the Arkham Security story in the Gotham Gazette! Say ‘hi’ Johnny!” I sigh, frustrated “Harley, please.” She sits back down on my face, “Oh, quit ya whinin and eat up!” Pointing the camera back at her, she smiles wide and says, “Johnny’s been a naughty boy, boys and girls. See, he likes ta stroke his dick to those videos of me getting’ it good from them guards.” She pauses, me licking around her clit and starts to moan. Her free hand grips my hair as she calls out, “Oh fuck yeah! Don’t stop! Don’t…” She suddenly calls out loud, her whole body twitching before she lifts up a little. I can’t help but lift up, but she teases me and keeps away from me as she giggles uncontrollably while she regains composure. “Good for him, he knows his way around a cunt.” She says while scratching my head, like a reward. “So here’s the deal fer him. I’m gonna stay here with ’em while Mistah J stays in Arkham for a little while. In exchange, I wont put this out on the internet and expose him for the dirty, perverted CUCKOLD he is! HAHA! That’s right, Johnny Boy came out and told me his FILTHY little secret. He want’s me to MAKE him watch while I fuck whoever I want, then clean up the mess when I’m done!” I grow more and more embarrassed before she grips my hair again, giving me a fraction of a second to open my mouth back up and start licking her again. “Mmm, SO! If he’s a good boy and doesn’t TATTLE on me… He gets ta come home to Freshly Fucked… Cream filled HARLEY!” I promised myself I wouldn’t tell… ever.

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