Hands , Lips

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When I was 18, and had just graduated high school, I was still living at home with my mother. I met up with a guy at the arcade named Todd. Now, I had been playing Gauntlet with my two best guy friends, Pete and Manny, but we had run out of money. I was standing around talking with Pete and Manny and some of the other kids in the Arcade when Todd walked in. He was not anything remarkable to look at, kind of scruffy in fact. But there was a particular scent wafting from him. Follow your nose, it always knows…the smell of pot…

So, I went up to Todd and said hello. Brazen little chicky, that was me. I started flirting with him, and he responded favorably, smiling and pushing his curly brown hair out of his eyes. We talked for awhile and then the Arcade started getting crowded. Todd, it turns out, was 21 years old and had his own apartment. Practically my dream guy. He invited me home for a beer and a smoke. Of course I accepted. Waving goodbye to my buds, I got in Todd’s old beater and off kartal escort we went.

His apartment was a tiny thing, on the second floor above a laundromat. There was a kitchen, a
bathroom and a bedroom – actually the apartment was all one big room, a studio. No place to sit but the bed, so that is where we sat and started smoking a joint and drinking cheap beer. Pretty soon we started kissing and, what do you know, Todd was a great kisser. He nibbled on my lips, swirled his tongue around gently in my mouth and sucked on my tongue. After a few minutes I was panting from the stimulation. Then he stopped to smoke some more, blowing the smoke into my open mouth. We kissed for quite awhile, smoking and drinking between times, and slowly losing pieces of clothing.

After what seemed like hours I was so stoned everything seemed to be in slow motion. Todd began caressing me and sucking on my nipples. I lay there passively and enjoyed the sensations he was producing. I am sure it was maltepe escort bayan the pot, but after awhile it felt like Todd grew another couple of pair of hands and all those hands were touching me everywhere. Fingers here tweaking my nipples, fingers there playing with my hard clit, fingers further down exploring the wetness developing between my legs. And Todd’s mouth seemed to be everywhere at once, following his fingers. He teased me until I wanted to scream, until I begged him to fuck me.

Grinning, Todd lifted my legs off the bed and placed my knees back against my shoulders. I was propped into a semi-sitting position against the pillows as Todd took aim and shoved his cock home. I groaned and bucked against his weight as he came to rest against my shins. He kissed me then and began to thrust. I could feel his hard cock throbbing every time he shoved himself completely into me – this position allowed him to get deeper into me than any man ever had before. And his hands escort pendik were never still throughout – always moving, always sending me higher and higher into the clouds of bliss, until I came, groaning into Todd’s mouth.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I felt Todd’s cock explode inside me as he groaned into my mouth, his tongue licking the roof of my mouth. Still, he continued to kiss me and then he began to whisper in between kisses: “you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen…” kiss, lick “you get me so HOT!” kiss, lick And then amazingly he began to thrust again – it seemed his cock had never even gone soft from the first orgasm. “I just want to fuck and fuck you…” kiss, lick, thrust “oh, god, you feel so amazing…” kiss, lick thrust

He fucked me again, sending me reeling toward ecstasy with his hands, lips, and cock. And then he came again, and fucked me again after that. After a bit it seemed I was one gigantic nerve, constantly cumming. He seemed to be insatiable, but so was I. It felt fantastic. We were sweaty from our exertions, and sticky from our fluids and the beer we had spilt and still we fucked. For hours. Finally, we were done. We lay there on the rumpled bed, panting. I knew I had to get home. It was almost my curfew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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