Halloween with the Three


Halloween with the ThreeThree naughty little witchestrue story of what happened last yearI had known them casually for about a year, having talked with them a few times in the café and along main street. They were mild high-school goth chicks – or so it seemed. Gail was average in most ways, with dark brown hair and glasses. She had nice curves and often wore leather. She was friendly and ready to chat about anything. Rebb – Rebecca, was a tall skinny red head with very pale skin. She read books all the time and was the most shy of the three. Pam was a chubby dirty blond about the same height as Gail but a lot larger. She was nice but had no initiative, she was a follower.I had talked to them a few times about the supernatural and it was my opinion that they were into it as a hobby. It would not surprise me that they played at being witches, but what they actually did together came as a bit of a shock; a happy one.I met up with the three on Halloween night as I was on my way home from a party. They were dressed up as witches, rather sexy little witches, more black and flowing fabric than usual. We talked a bit and they invited me back to Pam’s house to help them with a special ritual. Gail said “You will like it, you will get to see us naked.” I thought she might be joking, but going along seemed like it may be fun, even if they were just going to tease me. When we got in, Rebb lit some candles. Everyone took off their outer wear, boots, capes and pointy hats, etc. Gail passes around some “blessed” wine. I made sure not to drink too much. They giggled malatya escort a lot and explained how they had been looking for just the right man to help them this year but had almost given up hope on finding him. Gail said “Im sure it is fate that put you in our path tonight.” They convinced me to take off my shirt, sit in the middle of a mystic circle and promise not to move until they called me forth. I played along, as they put on some music and started to dance. They did quite a sexy number, stripping and touching each other as they took their costumes off. I found myself wishing the lighting was better than just a dozen candles, as they exposed their breasts. Gail and Pam had nice tits that wobbled as they offered themselves to me, Rebb was really flat, but her nipples poked out nicely.The three girls were doing a great job of teasing me, one after the other they would dance close to me, rub their nipples and suck on their own fingers suggestively. It took all my willpower not to jump on them right away, or at lest reach out for a touch of young naked flesh. Next they took turns pulling down each other’s panties. Gail was first to show off her lightly furred pussy, then she and Pam pulled down Rebb’s lacy black undies to expose her nearly hairless kitty. Last to get naked was the chubby dirty bland, she closed her eyes as her friends pulled off her panties. Pam’s pussy was baby smooth, recently de-furred no doubt. Gail gave me a wink and said “I bet you want some of this, yea I know you do. But just give us a few minutes more escort malatya to get her ready.” Then she and Rebb laid Pam out on the floor in the centre of their circle, her arms and legs spread wide. They attached her with leather cords to some hard points hidden behind the furniture. Pam gave a sharp gasp as they tugged to make sure the cords were tight and her legs were spread wide open. Gail chanted something or other about offering her friend in sacrifice, as Rebb took one of the candles and dripped four drops of wax onto the helpless girl’s big breasts. When she was done being all dramatic, Gail giggled “now lets eat.” She and skinny little Rebb sat on Pam’s legs so they could rub themselves on their friend as they licked her smooth pussy. Of course by now I was stroking my self, very hard watching this ritual sex. They made Pam moan and soon she was gasping with her first orgasm, as Gail slurped at her friend and pushed a finger or two up her bum. Rebb who was normally so shy seemed quite aggressive as she pushed Gail’s head out of the way. Giving Pam no time to rest, she slurped and nibbled at the chubby girl’s clit, making her cum a second time. “Your turn now. Make her cum again, then fuck her brains out.” Gail said as she offered me her hand. I stood up and entered the circle. Gail dropped to her knees and helped strip off my pants. She also took my hard cock into her mouth for a few seconds, teasing me. But I was done being passive. So I took a good hold of her head, when she tried to pull away I kept her face pressed to malatya escort bayan me, fucking her little mouth a few more times before letting her go. She looked shocked but excited all at once. As I crawled between Pam’s legs I put an arm around Rebb and gave her a short kiss. I tweaked her nipple as I let her go. She squeaked and gave a shiver of pleasure. But I ignored her for now. Pam’s pussy was smooth and puffy, open and wet from the licking she had just received. I got a good look at her before I started eating her yummy fat cunt. Pam’s moans seemed a lot louder now. I guess she enjoyed her friends licking her, but the thrill of being helpless as a stranger doing it was making the sex even better. She was soon cuming for the third time. That’s when Gail started chanting “fuck her, fuck her, stuff her full”A suggestion I was not about to ignore. Shifting myself into position I thrust down and into the helpless chubby witch. She was tight, surprisingly hot and tight. I nearly exploded just from forcing my self into her cunt. Pam bit her lower lip and her breath came in short gasps as I lay on top of her. I took a few moments to suck on her soft big tits as I moved my hips gently. Im was not sure if she was a virgin or not, but it was clear that she was not very experienced at fucking. I went easy on her for a few minutes, slowly fucking her hot wet cunt as her friends watched. Until suddenly I was cuming, with out any real warning I just exploded. Haaa well enough being slow and nice. I slammed myself into her, picking up the pace, determined to cum a second time. Beside me I could hear gasps from Gail and Rebb as they played with themselves. It seems like I fucked Pam for half the night before I came again. We all came at the same time, gasping and grunting in almost musical harmony.

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