Halloween Prisoner

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This is my first story I am publishing so any feedback is more than welcome ? Happy Halloween All! It has been edited as I had a name change midway through and forgot to change it!!


The party was booming. Slutty cats and vampires were all mingling in the living room. The Smiths’ had a Halloween party every year, where they served cupcakes crawling with gummy worms and punch that was a little too strong with floating eye ball ice cubes. It often ended with strangers making out in the kitchen and waiting impatiently for a cab to come so they could truly see who or what was under their partners costume.

This year I was dressed as a prisoner. I had on a short black and white striped dress with a small masquerade type mask that just covered around my eyes. My lips were done a bright red and my eye makeup dark and sexy, finished with big fake eyelashes. My fish net stockings under my dress were accompanied by tall black heels, and my cleavage was plunging, leaving little to the imagination.

My boyfriend Kyle actually had come up with the costume idea. He was dressed in a cop uniform and he looked so hot. The pants were tight around his fit ass and the shirt was hugging his body in all the right spots. He had handcuffs tied to his belt loop. I hoped he would put those to good use after the party.

All night, I had been teasing him, and he had been teasing me. It started out slightly innocent, doing subtle couple-y things like grazing his lower back when I reached around to grab my beer or leaning up to kiss his cheek before going separate ways at the party. As the night progressed and the drinks flowed we got slightly more daring. A few times meeting in the bathroom to make out. The latest excursion got heated. Kyle had me pushed against the wall while his mouth sucked hungrily on my neck and his hands were busy caressing my tits. He pulled my dress up and was pleasantly surprised to find a small, black lacy thong.

His hard cock was pushing again my stomach as he peeled my fish net off of my legs and down to the floor, along with my panties. I stepped out of my heels to make it easier to undress me. He brought his lips back up and his tongue intertwined with mine. His hands found my bare pussy lips and he slipped his pointer finger into my wetness. A moan slipped from my kartal escort throat into his mouth. Just as I was opening up and would willingly fuck him right there, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and kissed my mouth one more time before pulling my dress back into place for me and opening the bathroom door leaving me-extremely turned on and wet, standing alone to fix my messed up hair.

I picked up my fishnets and looked around for my underwear, which were nowhere to be seen. My heart was racing and I knew Kyle had my damp panties in his pants pockets. This wasn’t the first time he had wanted me to be commando in public. A knock on the door startled me and I opened the door to a drunken wonder woman standing there waiting to get into the tiny bathroom. I excused myself around her and went back to the party, trying to keep it cool.

I found myself comfortable, cooling down after the last rendezvous, on the couch, talking to some of my friends who are often attendees of the same parties at the Smiths’. Emily was dressed as a nurse with lots of leg showing, Danielle, a witch with a dark black wig over her short blond hair, and Steph who was dressed in a black dress and cat ears. As the three of us were playing a round of sociables, my phone buzzed and lit up with Kyle’s name.

“Why are your legs closed like a good girl? Prisoners are meant to be bad.” I looked up to see my sexy cop watching me from across the room with a devilish grin. My heart started racing and I let my knees fall open ever so slightly so he could see my nakedness from across the room. I imagined that my trimmed pubic hair has a slight glisten from being so wet.

I saw him reach into his pocket, take my underwear out and bring it to his nose. To anyone not paying attention, it would look like any old hankie, but the lace pattern was unmissable. He smiled at me again and went off, deeper into the kitchen to refill his beer from the keg. Seeing him turned on by my naked pussy made my heart race. I felt my face flush and I returned back to my crossed leg position like the lady I was before the urge to dip into my own cunt became too strong.

After an hour or so of doing our own thing at the party I got up to go and find him. He was in the hall talking to one of his best friends who was dressed as a zombie doctor. I squeezed into him and he put maltepe escort bayan his arm around my shoulder. We made small talk with the zombie doctor until suddenly he turned and stumbled down the hallway mumbling something about going to find the nurse. I wondered if he had been eyeing up my friend. We were now alone in the hallway.

The tunes of monster mash started playing for the third or fourth time of the night. I turned to face Kyle and kissed him passionately on the lips. My hand wandered down to his semi-hard cock squeezed until I felt him reach full hardness. I then dropped down in a crouched position and kissed the length of his penis over his pants.

Just as I straightened up to standing position, two pirates wandered into the hallway looking like they could use some alone time. I didn’t know if they had saw, but I was so turned on that I didn’t care.

Kyle grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. A cab was waiting and he opened the door for me. I slid in first and he slid in behind me, pulling me close to him in the back seat. The cab had a little skeleton bobble head sitting on the dash. He stated our address and the cab took off towards our home.

Kyle’s hand trailed from my shoulders down to my waist and wrapped around my hip. My nipples hardened under my dress as Kyles’s hands travelled below the hem of my dress inches away from my pussy. I was aching for him to slip into me again as he did earlier in the bathroom. I slid my hips closer to his finger and our skin met.

His fingertips grazed my lower lips and parted them. He slowly began circling my clit. My head dropped against his shoulder and my breath became quicker, inching closer and closer to orgasm. He leaned his head into my ear and whispered, “Don’t you dare cum in this cab you slut, that’s an order from your officer.”

The cab pulled into our driveway and Kyle paid the fare quickly as the cab driver was starting to talk about our carved pumpkin on the doorstep. When we got inside the door he shut it behind us. Before I knew what was happening he had me pinned to the door and we were making out again. His tongue eager with mine.

With a quick motion he turned me around so I was facing the door and he was standing behind me. He forcefully pushed my hands above my head so they were against the door. He instructed escort pendik me to stand still so he could begin the frisk search. His rough hands trailed down my body, patting along the way — taking extra time around the breast area. He rubbed them enough for one last tease and continued on down my legs. He grabbed my inner thigh and pulled my legs apart. His cock was protruding into my back.

His fingers didn’t waste any time this time entering my slick entrance. The hand that was not in me came down hard on my naked ass, hard enough to leave a handprint. “When you’re naughty, you have to be punished” he growled behind me. He began kissing my neck, still pumping into my pussy. I could hear the juices of my pussy. I was right on the brink of orgasm. “Can I cum officer?” I moaned. “Yes, Slut, but then I am taking you to solitary in cuffs.” I shuddered and gushed on his fingers, after finally getting his permission to cum.

He removed his fingers from my wet cunt and I heard the jingle of his handcuffs from his costume. I felt pressure on each wrist and heard the click as they locked in. Even though they were from the Halloween store, they still were functional. He steered me into the bedroom and pushed me down face first leaning over the bed, with my ass in the air. I heard him undo his zipper of his cop uniform.

He slid his big, thick cock into my cunt, teasing the entrance for a few seconds before pushing in deep. We were both very horny and excited that we could finally be connected after the night of teasing each other. Even though he had me handcuffed behind my back and in a position like he was arresting me, he made sure that I felt safe with him. It was so sexy to when he took control and what costume would be better to control me in than a police officer.

He grunted and we were both breathing very quickly. Pumping in and out of me, my pussy stretched around his cock. He was hitting my g-spot perfectly and my moans were increasing in volume, panting his name. I could feel him getting closer as his balls tightened closer to his body. He wrapped his arm around my body and reached down to flick my clit again.

I started to feel like I would cum and his rubbing got quicker. We came together, my juices mixing with his hot load deep in my pussy. He pulled out his cock and I felt our mixture running down my pussy lips. He pulled the key out of his pants and removed the cuffs from my wrists. He turned me around and kissed me passionately before going to clean himself up. This would definitely be a Halloween for the books and I hoped we would both hang onto our costumes for future arrests.

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