Had Fun at Work

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I remember when I first met him and wanted him from the start. He would come into my mom’s bar and visit with everyone while I was working. Then when my mom came to work in the evening I would leave hoping he would follow me out the door but he never did.

Until one day I was sitting around the table and had to get up periodically to serve beer to the customers with my sister and a few friends and regular customers too. He came in and came over and sat next to me cause there was an empty chair there. I kept feeling my pussy squeezing every time he would shift in the chair and all of a sudden I could not help myself. I reached under the tablecloth and grabbed his crotch. I got a hand full too which I found out later it was 8 inches which was a hand full. His eyes got big around with a shock on his face. No one even noticed what I did or noticed his shock on his face. I just grinned at him and he looked over at me.

I took my hand away and sat there like I did nothing wrong and kept getting up periodically to serve more customers coming in and also to the ones around the table I was sitting at next to the bar. Finally my mom came in and I told her I was going to walk home since it was only a mile from the bar.

I was walking and kept hearing vehicles passing by me until one pulled up next to me and I looked over there and escort bostancı it was him. He motioned me into his truck which I found out was his work truck. He asked me why I grabbed him like that and I said I wanted to. He then asked me if I really meant what he thought it did and I said yes it does. I said just how much do you have down there cause the area was large and he said he never measured it and he also had low hanging balls. My pussy was contracting so much I could feel the wetness through my bikini panties and jeans.

He took me to the office where he works and had me hide in the floorboard so when the ones that were working left they would not see me. Oh by the way he was married. When his coworkers left he then came to the truck and got me and took me into this small office with 3 desks and a couple of chairs and a small sofa. I sat down on the sofa and he started undressing me. When he had my top and bra off he said Oh WOW those are big. At the time my 25 yr old tits were 34C. He was rubbing them and manipulating my nipples and they were so tender and stuck out about half an inch. They got so hard that they almost hurt me. He took them into his mouth and started sucking on my nipples, first one then the other. I was moaning and squirming so much. He then had me stand up and took my jeans and panties off. ümraniye escort Then he stood up and took his clothes off and plunged his cock into my pussy cause I was so wet that it went in easily.

I felt him hit my cervix so hard that it almost hurt and backed away from him and told him to go easy cause have never taken that much cock before. He started fucking me slowly until I could feel my orgasm coming on and when it finally hit me I almost screamed but due to the fact we were at the place where he worked he put his hand over my mouth to stifle the scream. When my pussy contracted it made him cum so hard that I could feel his cum hit my cervix and I started cumming again. Then we got dressed and he took me home and he went home too.

A few days later he showed up at the bar when I first opened for the day and was busy cleaning it up for business that day. I gave him a beer and told him that I had cleaning to do and went into the ladies restroom and heard the door stay open when I walked in and looked back and he had followed me into the restroom. He grabbed me and pulled into him and started rubbing my tits through my dress. He then reached under my dress and pushed his finger into my pussy. I was already wet. I started moaning and he started to undo his pants and as soon as he entered me I heard a voice in the bar kartal escort bayan and said anyone here. We froze and I said hang on I will be right there. He stayed in the restroom while I served the guy then came back out and said he got the toilet unstopped. That saved an embarrassing moment. He drank his beer and left.

He came back the next day and he said boy yesterday was a close call, wasn’t it. I said yes it was. He wanted more of me and I told him to go to the jukebox and wait. I shut the front door to the bar but did not lock it. I then moved the curtain behind the jukebox so we could see if anyone showed up. I had a dress on again and he pulled my panties to the side and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of his briefs and with me bending over the jukebox facing it he slowly started pushing into my pussy. I was moaning so much that he said to be quiet just in case someone walked up and heard me plus that way we could hear someone approach since the front of the bar had gravel.

He started fucking me harder and faster until I felt the warmth of my orgasm start building and when I exploded he put his hand over my mouth. As soon as I started cumming it made him start cumming too. He was panting hard and I could feel the sweat on his arms from fucking me so I know he was sweating really good. When we adjusted out clothing then we went to the bar and I served him his beer and after he had only drank about half the door opened and a customer came in and we looked at each other and we both thought well we at least got to finish this time but decided we needed somewhere else to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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