Guy gets a very special job interview with Ashley


Guy gets a very special job interview with AshleyThere’s never a dull moment when you live out here in Hollywood, but I was especially excited to find out that Ashley Tisdale, who’ve I always had a crush on, was going to be doing interviews to fill several positions at her new production company “Blonde Girl Productions.”Of course, as any other man in my position would also be prone to thinking, I naturally was far more excited about filling Ashley from several positions, but I had to actually get an interview with her first.But thanks to some small-time production work in my background, Ashley got back to me and invited me in for an interview in her new office one day.I’m not usually one to get nervous before a job interview, but since this one was going to be conducted by Ashley Tisdale, well, you can see how I would have been.”Who’s my next interview?’ Ashley said as she peeked her head out the door, giving me a good look at the black skirt and button-up black shirt she is wearing as I raise my hand and introduce myself.”It’s me Ashley, the name’s John, pleasure to meet you, but I’m a little bit nervous because I’ve always had a thing for you,” I told her as I headed back to her office with her, Ashley giving me a smile as she looked me up and down, appearing to like what she saw.”There’s no reason to be nervous John,” she told me as she led me into her office and invited me to sit on the couch, “I don’t bite. Unless, of course, you want me to.”If she was trying to succeed in breaking the ice with me with that joke, it worked, but, unfortunately, what it also succeeded in doing was cause a tent to form in my pants that I was just sure would cause her to kick me out of her office if she saw it.But what it actually did was quite the opposite.”MMM…so John…what positions are you interested in filling here at “Blonde Girl Productions?” Ashley asked me, licking her lips and trying to avert her stare from the bulge between my legs, but the harder it got, the more I noticed Ashley staring at it.”I would be interested in filling several positions actually Ashley…” I told her, my voice trailing off intentionally to let the double entendre hang in the air.”Really? MMM…like what??” she whispered, getting up and locking her office door before coming over to the couch and sitting next to me on it as I placed one of my hands on her bare thigh, starting to press my luck.”Any kind of position you can think of baby…” konya escort I whispered in her ear as my hand crawled its way up her leg, Ashley doing nothing to stop it despite her wedding ring shining in the light of the room and reminding both of us that she was supposed to be off-limits.”Tell…me…more…” she hissed as I started to kiss her neck, throwing her head back as I started to run my hand between her legs as I pushed her down onto the couch and started to tug on her skirt as we began to make out on the couch.”If you want me to leave before this goes any farther, I’ll go and never come back here again Ashley,” I told her as I yanked her skirt down her legs and pulled her shirt up over her head, not even bothering with the buttons as she started to reach for the button of my pants and undid them.”That won’t be necessary John,” she whispered as she pulled my pants down and pushed my underwear aside, “because I have certain…”special”…positions…that need to be filled here, and if you can fill those, I don’t see why you wouldn’t be a good fit here.””What…kind…of…positions…would…those…be?” I hissed as she wrapped her lips around my dick and started to suck on it, giggling at my perceived naiveté as she went to work on my dick.”Don’t play dumb with me baby…I saw the way you were looking at me when I called you back here…” she told me as she worked her lips around my dick, my hands going to the back of her head as she began to deep-throat me.”OHGOD…suck it Ashley…” I moaned as she wrapped her hands around my dick and held it in place, sloppily sucking away on it as I started to fuck her face.”MMM…if this hot cock of yours can satisfy all of my…qualifications…later, you’re hired…” she whispered as I pushed my hips into her face and slid my dick to the back of her throat as I felt my balls filling with cum, thrusting a few more times and cumming down her throat as she swallowed it all down in one gulp and released my dick.”We should probably continue this interview now…” Ashley whispered as I laid her down on the couch and stripped her of her bra and panties, straddling her as she pulled off my shirt.”Why don’t I should show you some of the other positions I’m good at Ashley,” I whispered to her as we started to make out on the couch, her legs wrapping around me as I sucked on her tits, lined my dick up with her tight pussy and slid into her.”UH…FUCK…you’re…filling…a…position…right…now…alright…” escort konya she hissed as I started to pound away on her tight pussy, feeling her walls start to stretch out for me as I thrust in and out of her.”FUCK…so tight Ashley baby…like I always dreamed it would be…” I hissed as I placed her legs on my shoulders and she placed her hands on the back of my head to hold it to her chest so that I could continue sucking on her tits while I was drilling her tight cunt.”UH…FUCK…right…there…” she moaned when I slid my dick into her g-spot, her back arching as she threw her head back and began to throw her hips back into mine as she threw her legs around me.”YES…OHGOD…harder…” she moaned as I pinned her to the couch and sawed my dick in and out of her pussy, her back arching and her eyes beginning to roll back in her head as she ground her pussy into my dick.”OHGOD…fuck me John…gonna…fucking…cum…” she hissed as her sweet sex juice started flooding out onto my dick, her body going limp as her pussy pulled on my dick and I began to thrust a little harder into her, grabbing her hips and banging into her cervix as I unloaded my cum into her, her whole body tensing up as I fired shot after shot of my cum deep inside of her.”OHGOD…FUCK…I’m sorry Ashley…I should’ve pulled out…” I whispered to her as I filled her one last time and pulled out of her, not wanting her to think I had taken advantage of the situation as she caught her breath and held me close.”Don’t be John, I’m on the pill, so no one will ever know about this,” she whispers as I began to line up to fuck her again, sliding into her and getting a few thrusts in before she stopped me.”For the next step of this interview, I need to know how anal retentive you are baby…” she whispered as she got up and bent over her desk, presenting her ass to me as I grabbed her hips and slid my dick into her tight backdoor.”Ashley…baby…I can promise you I’m VERY anal retentive…” I said to her as I started to pound on her ass, her hips slamming back into mine as I drove my dick in and out of her shitter.”OHGOD…fuck…my…ass…John…” she purred as I hammered into her ass, her anal ring starting to put the squeeze on my dick as she threw her head back and pushed her ass back into my dick as it filled her.”FUCK…gonna cum…” she moaned as she squirted out a stream of her konya escort bayan cunt juice down the insides of her thighs and down to the floor as I thrust a few more times into her ass and fired my cum into her, her back arching as I filled her bowels with my thick, sticky cum for a few seconds before I pulled out of her.”I think we’re done here Ashley,” I start to say to her, not really wanting to try and push my luck with her any further as I got up to gather my clothes and get dressed, figuring that even if I didn’t get a job with her, at least I would always be able to say I fucked her.”One more thing big boy…say my time is running a little “tight…” she whispered, emphasizing the word “tight” as she hungrily eyed my dick and pulled me back towards the couch, kissing me and pushing me down onto it as she climbed on top of me, “why don’t you show me how you would handle that sort of situation before we bring this interview to a close.””I’m a little “stiff” right now…but I’ll get right on that Ashley…” I whispered to her, catching on to her game as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto my dick, beginning to thrust it and out of her as she bounced up and down on it.”I love a man who works “hard” at his job…” she hissed as she rode my pole, arching her back and throwing her head back as she slammed her tight cunt down onto my dick and pushed her hips into mine as I thrust my dick into her pussy.”FUCK…OHGOD…fuck me John…gonna need another position filled soon…” she hissed as I drove my dick up into her tightening pussy, her walls wrapping tightly around it as her eyes started to roll back in her head again.”Let me fill it with a “sticky” treat Ashley baby…” I whispered to her as I thrust into her a few more times and felt her walls pulling on my dick as she came for me, followed closely by me pushing my hips into hers and cumming deep in her pussy again, her eyes rolling into her head as she started to ride me again, forcing every last drop of my thick, sticky seed into her as I finished depositing my load and backed my dick out of her.”So…am I hired Ash?” I jokingly asked her as I made out with her on the couch for a few minutes while we both tried to gather our strength.”MMM…I think you got the job baby…” she teased me as she got up, unlocked the door to her office and quickly got dressed, “but maybe we need to have a follow-up interview sometime in the next few days to talk about when you can start.””Looking forward to it Ashley,” I told her as I got dressed myself and headed for the door, giving her one last kiss as I wondered what other kind of perks I might get to enjoy as a result of working with her.

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