Grunthos Vs Sophie – Part 1


Grunthos Vs Sophie – Part 1This is a story about the time that I met Sophie in the flesh. Let me just make it clear up front although I call her Sophie in this story, Sophie is as much her real name as mine is Grunthos. We know each others names but there is no need for you, dear reader, to know what they are.I met Sophie here on xHamster a long time ago, just after she joined up and I came across her (as it were) purely by accident. I’m glad I did because we turned out to be exactly what the other was looking for. We spent a long time getting to know each other by messages, swapping pictures and fantasies and sharing favourite videos and galleries. I even tributed her (probably) more times than was healthy but there came a time when all this was just not enough. So we agreed to meet.I often travel for business so I get to do things that a lot of guys can only dream about. I consider myself to be an adventurous person and I only really have a handful of boundaries I will not cross. I won’t do anything against anyone’s will, or against the law. I’m not into pain.This time I was meeting a sexy girl, young enough to be my daughter, let be honest about things, and we were going to indulge in anything we wanted and do everything we ever wanted to try.We met in the bar of the swanky hotel I was staying at. I was sitting there with particularly pleasant single malt, looking around and just trying to calm my beating heart. In walks this lovely looking teenager with long black hair wearing a little black dress, heels and a pair of hoped earrings. She was wearing bright red lipstick and her nails were red to match. We had a few drinks to get over our nerves and went upstairs.I set up a camera to record everything and we are still thinking about posting it here. Please vote if you would like to see it.Sophie is a very sexy girl with a high sex drive. She is not shy about what she wants and is not afraid to experiment.Underneath the LBD was just a tiny G-string. She was not wearing a bra; her perky young tits didn’t need any extra support.I reached down and slowly lifted the dress over her head. She shook her hair and tied it back in a pony tail with a swift movement.“We don’t want that getting in the way,” she purred.I moved in closer pulling her gently towards me moving my hands down her back as I did. I could feel her nipples harden through my t-shirt which she pulled off. Now it was her turn, she rubbed her hands down my chest to my belt buckle and felt the bulge forming in my jeans.She made a small noise and undid my belt; popping open the buttons on my 501’s and letting them fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and moved my mouth down to her nipples giving one a tiny nibble while I played with the other and rolled it between my fingertips.“You are so hot,” I said.“I know!” She replied giving me one of her very naughty smiles.We moved into the bathroom where I knew something special was going to happen.Sophie sat down on the toilet and I stood in front of her my eyes flicking between hers and her tits. She pulled down my boxers and let my cock spring free. She held it in both hands and licked her lips. Tearing her eyes away from it she said “Later, I want that inside me, for now…”She gave the end of my dick a little lick swirling her tongue around the head and finishing with a kiss.I stood her up and knelt in front of her moving my hands down her lithe tanned body as I did. I could just make out the shape of her pussy lips through the material of her panties and ran my thumb gently up, down and around the area. I could feel her heat immediately and perceptibly feel her wetness. I pulled the g-string down to reveal a small neatly manicured arrow head shape of hair pointing down to her holy of holies. Her pussy was beautiful to look at. There is not other way to describe it. Below the hair she was totally smooth, waxed not shaven. Her outer lips covered the inner ones totally showing just how young she was and how little experience she had had up to now. I touched the skin gently, feeling the silky smoothness of it and coming to rest at the base of the bahis siteleri canlı arrow just millimeters above where her clit would be.I must have made a sound, though I cannot recall what because Sophie took my head in her hands and said quietly, “I need to pee.” She giggled, “It must be all that wine.”One of my all time favorite fantasies is water sports. I love to be pissed on by women and this sounded like the ideal time to ask.“Pee on me then,” I said.Sophie looked into my eyes to see if I was serious.“Seriously,” I said.I could see she was a little anxious about this.“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” I said taking her hand, “It won’t hurt!”I laughed and she did too.“Why not? She said, “It might be fun.”“It will be,” I replied. “For both of us.”We went into the shower and I lay down on the cold tiles. Sophie stood over me her legs either side of me and held open her pussy lips.I ran my hands up her long legs.“Ready?” She asked.“Yes.”It took a few seconds for her to relax enough to be able to go and the stream stopped and started a couple of times before she really got into the rhythm of things. Her piss was warm and smelt lightly of lavender. I don’t know how that was, but that is how it seemed to me. She moved up a little more and sprayed some on my face. I opened my mouth to catch a little before she moved back down. The taste of her was delicious and I wanted more. We locked eyes and I watched her as she watched me.Moments later she was finished, the stream turning into a trickle then stopping altogether. I held her legs again using them to pull myself up into the sitting position and gave her wet pussy a kiss.“Thank you,” I said. “That was amazing.”“Anytime,” Sophie replied, “I can easily make more.” We laughed together.“Shower?” I suggested.The shower was wonderful, the water hot and powerful and before long the bathroom was totally steamed up.The soap was in a small dispenser at the side of the shower and I squeezed some onto my hands. Starting at her breasts I began to soap her up massaging the lather over her body. I left my hands open and moved my palms Back and forth across her nipples.Moving my hands down her body I felt my way down between her legs letting one finger slip inside her. I bent down and took one of those pink nipples inside my mouth and sucked at it gently.She moaned and closed her eyes.My finger moved back outside to caress the whole area and I kissed her gently on the mouth her lips parting slightly so I could push my tongue inside a little.Her hands found my cock and began to stroked it gently and using the soap to wank me off.I put my cock between her legs and let it slide back and forth between them. The feeling was incredible.I moved one of my hands behind her and grabbed her ass it was so firm and smooth it made me want to bite it; gently of course.I felt her hand as she took hold of my balls and rubbed them.We kissed again slowly and deeply and I moved both my hands back to her breasts. “I need to eat you out now,” I said.Back in the bedroom the A/C was humming away gently and I lay down on the bed stroking my cock watching Sophie through the bathroom window finishing drying off. She was not shy any more, as she dried her tits and pussy her eyes never once left my face.I watched as she walked over to the bed and climbed on it. She walked up the bed and squatted down over my face.As she sat down and spread her legs I could see her pussy lips open up showing me her pinkness inside. She leant forward to support her self on the bed head and slowly lowered herself down. My tongue went up to meet her. As we touched Sophie let out a small sound and I let my tongue flick around her lips. With a small movement I began to lick up and down, stopping at her clit to give it a small swirl. I sucked gently at her inner lips and pushed my tongue inside her as far as I could.Reaching around with my arms I felt her tight little ass and gave it a playful little smack.She took this as a sign and stood up, switching round into the ‘69’ position.From here I could see her pussy and her gorgeous ass that only moments casino firmalari earlier I had been massaging in the shower.I buried my face into her pussy, my nose pressing hard up against her asshole. I pulled back a little from her pussy and I licked up to her hole, gave it a little swirl and went back down to her pussy again.I wondered what her reaction would be to me doing this; perhaps I had crossed a line.Perhaps not, she gave a little wiggle and left the wonderful view I had in place.I could feel her now, down on my cock. She was holding it at a right angles to my body and licking the shaft up and down, giving it a tiny nibble from time to time. It was heaven.I put my index finger in my mouth to wet it and began to play with her asshole again alternating between licking her pussy and her ass. “Dare I try something?” I thought to myself.“Why not?” came the reply.I wet my finger again and slowly put it into her ass up to the first knuckle. I felt Sophie stiffen and pause for a second down below. I left my finger where it was. After a moment she resumed, this time I could feel her warm mouth slide all the way down to my balls.“Gently,” I urged, “I don’t want to cum yet.”She pulled back slowly without any suction and began to swirl her tongue around the tip.I pulled my finger out of her ass and put it in my mouth tasting her. I put my other index finger into her pussy and felt for the g-spot rubbing gently. She was so wet now it slipped in easily with a wet squelching sound. I put in another finger moving them back and forth opening them slightly as I pulled out.“Like that,” I heard Sophie say, “just like that”.I kept up the motion while I put my other finger back inside her ass, this time I went a little further, up to the second knuckle. I began to move that in and out slowly too pulling out occasionally to suck my finger and keep the lube going.I then switched fingers, putting my middle finger all the way in and moving it back and forth. My other hand lay beside my leg, her pussy forgotten by us both as I worked her ass with my finger.“Turn over,” I said moving out from under her painfully aware that my cock was almost ready to explode in her mouth. I did not want that to happen – not yet. Not until I was ready that was.Sophie lying on her back, naked with her knees bent and legs open is a sight to behold. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and only for a second I thought, damn it all, I’ll just toss off over her. But I held myself together. Somehow.I knelt down on the bed, my head between her thighs and began to give her pussy the attention it deserved. With one hand I felt for a breast and found the hard nipple, with my other I played gently with her clit while my tongue went to work.After two or three minutes of this I felt her shudder and her body stiffen.One-nil to me.I wanted to give her plenty more before I came.“Turn over,” I repeated, “get on all fours”.She did, sticking her bum in the air and resting her head on the bed. I parted her cheeks and licked her pussy first then her ass flicking my tongue in and out and around savoring the experience. I put two fingers into her pussy to lube them and then put one in her ass and one back in her pussy. I kept doing this for some time and then switched back to licking her ass and fingering her pussy.Now it was her turn.“Your turn,” she said. “Lie down.”I did as I was told, I love letting the woman take the lead and I did so now.Sophie crawled up the bed to between my knees and took my cock in one hand keeping eye contact as she made it disappear completely. I could feel her tongue licking my balls. This girl has skills I though to my self and let out a small moan. “Yes” I said as she gently sucked.I tried to think of something to distract me but it was very hard (and I’m not just talking about my cock). I did manage to finally count the number of small cracks in the ceiling and wondered for moment if hotels put hidden cameras in smoke detectors.Sophie pulled away and bent my legs up so my knees were up against my chest.She gave me an evil wink and went down to my ass, casino şirketleri licking it gently at first but then probing it with her tongue. With a free hand she began to slowly wank me off.Again I tried to count the cracks or think about doing my tax, but all I could feel was the sensation of her licking me.“Fancy a drink?” I said. “I’m a bit dry.” And I was. My mouth was like sandpaper.I went to get some water watching Sophie lying on the bed idly playing with her clit and massaging her gorgeous tits.I couldn’t wait much longer. I had to have her.I finished my drink and went back over to her.We kissed and I turned her over pulling her up into the doggie position. She spread her legs and I could see her pussy lips were glistening with juices and open ready for me. I slowly pushed myself deep inside her holding the position when my cock was in all the way up to the hilt. I licked my thumb and pushed it slowly into her asshole. I began to move slowly back and forth, in and out. I could hear Sophie moaning quietly as I did so. I reached forward to grab one of her tits and gave it a playful squeeze.“Harder,” she said and I picked up the pace a little focusing on her ass rather that on her pussy hoping it would make me last longer. It did for a while but when I felt the first urges I pulled my cock out slowly and continued playing with her ass.“You want to fuck me there don’t you?” Sophie said.For a moment I couldn’t believe that word had come from such a sweet girl.Then I heard my voice say “yes”.Sophie wiggled a bit more and closed her legs. How did she know that would make her asshole wider? Had she done this before? I didn’t care. I was here with her now and it was my turn to give her everything she wanted.I stood up on the bed behind her and bent my knees down do I could achieve a better angle. I licked my fingers and rubbed them around the tip of my cock and licked them again tasking Sophie’s pussy juices on them, I put a finger in her to lube it some more and then put the tip of my cock against her asshole. I felt her stiffen briefly and I softly said “relax”. I pushed my cock against her asshole again and saw it open minutely; I pulled back and dribbled some spit over the hole. I pushed my cock against her again and this time the head slipped inside. I heard Sophie give a small cry. I paused. “Go on” she said, “slowly”.I pulled my cock out, dribbled some more spit on to the hole and tried again. This time I got in a bit further. I repeated the process once more. This time I slipped in almost half way. “Relax,” I whispered again. I felt her muscles relax slightly and I went all the way in. I held that position for a moment and then started to fuck her slowly. She was so tight it was incredible. I wanted to eat her ass while I fucked her but I couldn’t. I wanted to eat her pussy but I couldn’t reach it, so I used my fingers instead. I put two in my mouth and then in her.The angle wasn’t easy but Sophie loved it, I felt her come again almost instantly.Two-nil.I put my fingers back in my mouth to taste her juices. They were sweet.I pulled out my cock and put it into her pussy for more lubrication. I was so warm and wet I could almost not feel anything.Pulling out I slipped my cock back into her ass again and began to move in and out with long slow strokes.“Harder,” I heard her say. “Do it harder”She was such a dirty little thing and I told her so. But I did as she asked hearing her moan each time I pushed all the way in.I was getting in to the rhythm now and could feel I was not far off from my own orgasm. I wanted to stop but couldn’t.“I’m going to come soon,” I said. “Do you want it on your face or on your tits?”Although I was fucking her up the ass I thought I was being a gentleman giving her the choice. Her reply took me aback.“I want you to come in my ass”, she said.I had no problem with that.“Yes ma’am,’ I said.Less than 30 seconds later I did just that. Afterwards as we lay there panting from the exertion, tired and sweaty we held each other tightly.“That was fantastic,” I said, meaning it because it was true. Wow, she was amazing.“We’re not done yet,” she replied. “We have the whole night ahead of us.”I don’t quite know how I managed it (might have had something to do with the sexy girl I was with) but I came three more times that night. Unfortunately, for you, those are stories for another time.

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