Growing Up


Growing UpI was raised by a single mom who was very beautiful. It was just the two of us for fifteen years. When I was younger mom would lay naked with me on her bed and have me suck on her tits as she fingered herself and moaned. It was a normal thing to suck on her nipples any time she needed me to. She would pull me to her as she sat and watched TV and pushed my face to her tit and I would suck her and then sometimes she would rub my ass or pussy. When I was a teen she began rubbing my tits and my pussy a lot. She even kept me naked for sex. She taught me to tongue kiss as she now was fingering my cunt. Every night we would lay naked in her bed as she kissed me and fingered me then she would lick my pussy and make me cum as she licked the cum out of my hole. She shaved all the hair off my pussy and kept me smooth and bald. She taught me to canlı bahis suck her clit and tongue fuck her cunt and lick her cum. One Saturday she was sucking on my nipples as she had two fingers in my cunt finger fucking me and she had my leg between her legs next to her pussy and was humping me and I could feel her cum as she rubbed her pussy all over my thigh. She gave my fuck hole a good work out and then she went down and licked her cum off my leg and then began licking my pussy and soon had her tongue in me really fucking my cum soaked cunt. I was cumming fast and hard and she was slurping the cum out of my hole as she tongued me. She then put me on my hands and knees with my ass in the air and she pushed her cunt to the heel of my foot and was rubbing her wet cunt over it as she began kissing and licking my ass cheeks. She kissed bahis siteleri and licking my ass cheeks and sucked them and then I felt her spread my cheeks wide open and she ran a finger around my ass rim. Then she kissed my asshole and licked it. When it was real wet she pushed a finger in it and began to fuck it. As she fucked my ass with a finger her cunt was now really rubbing hard on my heel making it so wet as she came several times. She added another finger and fucked my ass harder then she spread it open and put her tongue in it and tongue fucked me and made me cum hard. She knew I liked this and she tongue fucked me for over an hour as I went crazy and came hard. She had moved her fingers from my ass to my cunt and as she tongue fucked my asshole she finger fucked my cunt. My heel was now covered in her cum as she rubbed bahis şirketleri her cunt faster on my heel.Next she surprised me as she pulled open the night stand drawer and pulled out a fake cock and now was shoving that in my cunt and fucking hard. She had the cock on my cunt and three fingers in my ass really working me over. I had cum running down my legs I was cumming so fast and so hard. She fucked my cunt and ass hard with the plastic cock then she gave to to me and I fucked both her holes as I sucked on her tits. We took turns fucking each other for hours with a lot of cunt licking too. At one time I had four fingers in her cunt and the cock in her ass making her scream as I sucked on her clit. When we finally decided to sleep she held me tight to her and put a leg between my leg and pushed her tits tight to my chest and then decided that we now were ready to add a man to our sex orgy. The next day mom got on the internet and found a hot guy with a nice cock that was looking for a mother and daughter and mom moved him into our bedroom. MORE OF THAT THE NEXT STORY……

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