Greek statues photographed


Greek statues photographedAfter retiring I was at a bit of a loss as to how to fill my time and a friend suggested going to the University of the 3rd Age meetings and after checking the dates online I decided to go to the next one. On arrival one of the organisers explained to me how the U3A operates and gave me some leaflets about the special interest groups. The speaker invited that day gave a talk on 18th century pottery decoration which sounds extremely boring but I found it interesting as I like visiting antique shops.Reading the leaflets I discovered that there were an Artists group and a Photographic group. I have an artistic interest in relief printing using lino cuts and wood blocks and thought the Artists group might be worth going to. I made a couple of visits and found the majority of people were interested in painting and sketching and didn’t find anybody with the same interest as me so I thought I would try the Photographics group. The Photographic group meets once a month and each meeting starts with a talk related to photography, followed by show-and tell where members talk about one of their pictures including all the technical detail and finished with a question and answer session. Twice a year there would be a Group show and a local gallery offered wall space for for these events for free taking a small percentage on any prints sold. Over a few months I learned a lot about cameras, photography techniques, places to photograph and the post processing of images using programs such as Photoshop. Two regular presenters who were very knowledgable about photography were sisters Rachel and Eileen. They always entered the show and regularly had an image to discuss at the monthly show-and-tell sessions. One common subject in their work has been portraits of nude male models and studies of men who belonged to the Group. At the last meeting they showed a monochrome picture of Dave digging in his garden. On first glance the picture looked nothing special but a longer study revealed a lot of detail. Poor Dave took a lot of ribbing at the meeting such as, “Was he the cover picture of Geriatric Weekly?” or “Was he adding to his pension with reverse stripping where people paid him to put his clother on?”. I spoke to Dave after the meeting about the portrait and he said that if Rachel or Eileen asked me to pose that I should ” Go with the flow” whatever that means, and that I would find the session very enjoyable.I spoke to Rachel and Eileen on several occasions and got a lot of advice on how to take pictures using my bridge camera. About nine months after joining the group Rachel asked me if I would be interested in being one of their photographic studies. She told me that their current project was to photograph older men recreating some of bahis firmaları the poses of Greek statues and images found on Greek artefacts. Having a lot of free time I agreed to take part and we set a date for me to go to their house.When the day came I was a bit apprehensive as I was not sure what I would be doing. When I knocked on the door Eileen aswered and showed me in to their lounge. Immediately Rachel entered with some coffee and after we sat down they explained what was entailed. Basically it was to stand in different poses wearing a robe, a loin cloth or nothing at all and they would photograph me. As a guide for the pose they had a digital projector which would display a picture of each statue on the wall. The thought of me posing nude for Rachel and Eileen was a bit worrying, partly because all of the nude statues I had seen in museums had a flacid penis and the images on Greek pottery had an erect penis. I was worrying as to what they would think as I have a very small penis which never got much bigger when erect and my heart medication killed any chance of an erection years ago.I started to explain my concerns to them, both that I was not a suitable model while feeling I was on fire with my face burning with embarassment. Eileen replied that there wasn’t a problem as she was an expert with Photoshop and could easily edit the raw images. So we went to their studio located behind the house which was a large room with a lot of lights, tripods and cameras etc. and on one wall was a projection of a Greek statue. I told them I could do the robe and loin cloth pictures and didn’t mention the nude shots. The morning passed very quickly. By the end I had relaxed and trusted Eileen and Rachel and responded to all of their requests as they put me in a pose and both fired off their cameras. We then got to the first nude shot Eileen moved me into the required position and they both took up their cameras. They walked around me but no shots were taken. Rachel then told me that there was a problem which was as I had mentioned earlier, there wasn’t a lot of penis to see. She asked if she could try something which might help enlarge my penis. I had horrible thoughts that she might try to use nettle on my cock as used to be done with a****ls to get them to a stiff cock for mating.She went out of the room and returned with an electric toothbrush which she turned on and came towards me. She lightly brushed the tip of my cock and just under the helmet with the tootbrush. It felt nothing like the vibrator my wife Jean had tried several times on my limp cock. I started to get a strange feeling that I wanted to come but I didn’t have a stiff cock, something I had never felt before. Without any warning a short spurt of sperm erupted from my small kaçak iddaa cock onto the floor. The feeling was fantastic, something I had not felt for over 8 years. Rachel wiped the floor with a tissue and said that was not what she expected and that we would go to plan B. Eileen then produced a strap-on vibrator for me to wear. After some adjustment of the straps I was then standing with an erect plastic penis sticking out from me. Looking down it I thought it looked very funny and laughed and when I looked across to a mirror I could see me with a big erect cock, plastic it may be but was something I always wished I had. I then mentioned to Rachel and Eileen that this was not going to work as all of their pictures would show the straps. Eileen replied it would not be a problem and over the next couple of hours I stood in a variety of positions wearing a plastic cock while they took pictures.When we had finished I dressed and we went into their kitchen where we made coffee. Eileen disappeared to work on the pictures which she uploaded to their computer and Rachel checked if I felt ok and showed me some of their pictures on her iPad. When the telephone rang Rachel went outside to take the call so I continued to thumb through the pictures. I came to a set of pictures of Dave standing in a number of poses similar to what I had been doing and he had an enormous stiff cock. I had to admire the size and then realised it was the strap-on. Eileen being a wiz with Photoshop had hidden all the strap parts of the pictures, absolutely amazing. Rachel returned and seeing the picture I was looking at said that my pictures would be edited in a similar way.It wasn’t long before Eileen returned with her iPad and said she guessed I would be keen to see the last lot of pictures. In every one I could see me with a big stiff cock and wished that my Jean could see them. They thanked me for being such a good model and said that at some future date they might ask me to pose again. I asked them why they took such pictures and Rachel replied that they enjoyed doing it and that their models who were all in their 50s and 60s had a few pictures that they could look back on to remind them of what it was like to get a stiff cock. I told them that for me not only was it the pictures that I appreciated but the use of an electric tooth brush had given me back something I thought I had lost a long time ago.After leaving I drove home and as I went through town I had an idea and diverted to the sex shop on the outskirts where I bought a strap-on vibrator and a tube of their overpriced lubricant. When I got home I took my items into the bathroom where I tried tried the strap-on and looking in the mirror I could see me with an enormous cock. I then went into the bedroom and kaçak bahis put the strap-on under the end of the bed along with the lubrication. I found Jean in the kitchen and went up behind her putting my hands on her tits and said wasn’t it time for a ‘siesta’, this was our code word for “fancy going to bed for a cuddle?”. She took off her apron and grinned and went into the bathroom to change.As mentioned previously I have a small penis and when we were first married Jean couldn’t feel my cock inside her and making love has always required me fingering her or giving oral sex to get her to an orgasm. After the heart problem the medication made sure I would never get an erection again, or so I thought until today. When I went into the bedroom Jean was lying on the bed with nothing on and looked a bit surprised when I asked if I could lick her cunt while she was kneeling on the bed. She got up onto her knees and I moved her down to the end of the bed. I then knelt on the floor and I was at the right height for licking her cunt. I licked all around the outside of her lips and then started to probe inside with my tongue. As I moved forward to get my tongue right inside her cunt my nose went between the cheeks of her arse and was rubbing against the course hair. I pushed my tongue as hard as possible against the walls of her cunt to find out how big she was.At this point I put on the vibrator, covered it in lubricant and stood up, then I gently pushed the tip against the lips of her cunt, pulled the lips apart and slowly slid the big plastic cock inside my wife until I met some resistance. Having got an idea of how much cock she could take I started to fuck her. At the same time I put my right hand round the front to massage her clit and I could feel it starting to enlarge. My wife sometimes found talking dirty exciting so I said “I’m the plumber fixing your washing machine and I want to fuck you with my big fat cock” To which she replied “You musn’t, you musn’t, my husband might come home any minute” I replied “I don’t care, you have always wanted a big cock inside and that is what you are getting” and I then turned on the vibrator. The result was electrifying, she started to make a noise every time I thrust the dildo inside and it seemed to get louder with every push. I thought if she continues to make this noise much longer the neighbours will think I am killing her. She soon reached her climax with a very loud shout which probably could have been heard at the end of the street, after which she fell forward on the bed. She was sweaty, was grinning and kept saying over and over again, “Thankyou, thankyou, that was the best fuck ever”. I took off the strap-on and got under the covers with her and we slept for the next hour or so. When we awoke she asked where I got the idea for using a strap-on and why hadn’t we used one before. All I could say was that I had seen a picture of one and she didn’t ask again. At some future date I might consider showing her my collection of Greek art.

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