Granny’s Night In


Granny’s Night InIt all started on new years eve; the neighbors of this quiet little town were growing restless and excited for midnight to come. While his family were having their big party, Ricky decided to take a stroll to the house across the street, where he happened to spot the owner returning home.Betty, with her short gray hair and vibrant good looks, returned from an old friend’s retirement get together she didn’t feel comfortable in. Deep down it made her feel old and depressed and decided to call it a night early. All she wanted to do was go to her room and collapse on her soft bed. Her plan would soon change once Ricky came knocking on her door.”Ricky?” She said.”Hello, Mrs. Arthur”, said Ricky.”I’m no longer Mrs. anybody, remember? Can I help you?””I just saw you arrive home, and I thought I’d drop in on you.””That’s sweet of you, but it’s really late and I’m tired.””Come on, I’ll make it a short conversation.”Betty took her time before finally deciding to let him enter her home. Ricky stood and gave her an unexpected hug, getting a whiff of her strong perfume.”Would you like a drink?” Betty asked.”No, I’m good.””I could use a drink myself.”Ricky followed her into the kitchen, catching Betty taking out a bottle of wine from the fridge and pouring herself a glass. “Like the dress”, said Ricky, noticing how stunning she looked in her black dress, dark silk stockings, and high heels.”Yeah, just wanted to make an impression tonight.””Looks like you did.””Unfortunately, I didn’t stay very long.””Why? What happened?”Ricky heard her words but wasn’t paying much attention. He was more focused on how Betty looked. Despite being older than him and old enough to be his grandmother, she was still someone to look at and admire from afar. “Hey”, said Betty, getting his attention. “Were you listening?””No, I mean yes”, said Ricky, acting as if he were in trouble. “Okay, I wasn’t.””Maybe you should leave.””Do you want me to go?””Excuse me?””Do you really want me to go? I could stay awhile, and keep you company.””Sleep is what I need.””Is that all you really need?”Ricky took the glass of wine from her hand and moved in closer, as though he was planning to kiss her.”What are you doing?” Betty asked.”How about we have a little party of our own?””Uh, Ricky, you’re a nice boy and all, but what you’re thinking is highly inappropriate.””What are you saying? illegal bahis You’re a beautiful woman.””Look, I’m flattered, but I’m old enough to be your grandmother.””But you’re not my grandmother.””You need to go.”Ricky wouldn’t take no for an answer and quickly planted his lips on hers, all the way down to her cheek and neck, getting another whiff of her perfume. “This is wrong”, said Betty. “Wrong on so many levels. Oh, dear, this is getting too far.”Ricky went for her lips once more with Betty showing little resistance. He surprised her by lifting her up and planting her down on the kitchen counter. “Ricky”, she said. “Whatever you’re doing has to stop.””No, I’m not done yet.”Ricky reached up under her dress, slowly pulling down her dark silk stockings. Betty didn’t understand why this was happening or why this young man would go through all the trouble of pleasing her; the one thing she was sorely lacking.”Ricky”, said Betty. “If your family finds out about this we’re both dead.””I wouldn’t worry.””Ricky, I don’t feel right about this.”Ricky took her high heels off before finally removing her stockings. From the tips of his fingers he felt the smoothness of her legs and the soles of her shapely feet. He took one foot and rubbed it on his crotch until his cock began to grow in size. He grabbed both of her feet and tied them around his waste. Their lips locked once again and Ricky’s tongue was in her mouth, tasting every part of her as much as he could.”I must be dreaming”, said Betty. “This can’t be real. Why would you want me?”Betty would soon sigh from pleasure once the feel of Ricky’s tongue began its exploration on her hairy bush. “Oh, shit”, she said. “Oh, my. I cant help but feel…this. Ah. Oh. It’s been so long since I’d been touched that way. Aaah. Oooh. Oh, Ricky, your family will kill you. Oh, this feels so good.”Betty reached for her purse when her phone vibrated. Once she answered it she wasn’t fully focused on the conversation at hand. Her long awaited orgasm started to take its toll in a way she never experienced before.”Gladys?” said Betty.”Are you all right? You left the party rather sudden.””Yeah, I was tired. I-I thought it was a drag.””It wasn’t so bad. Are you sure you’re all right?””Gladys, would you believe me, ah, if I told you, oh, that I’m with a young man, ooh, and he’s…ooooh, aaaah. G-Gladys, I-I can’t…oh, illegal bahis siteleri he’s so good. Take a good guess where his tongue is. Aah. Aah.””Betty, are you doing what I think you’re doing?””Oh, Gladys, my heart is beating, and the tingling in my body is so…ah. Ah. Oh.”The tingling was sensational; a feeling she hadn’t had as far as she could remember. Her toes curled up and her eyes shut tight, while her old friend ,Gladys, seemed turned on from what she heard on the other end of the line.”G-Gladys” said Betty. “I-I can’t talk.”Betty dropped the phone but failed to turn it off.”Betty?” Said Gladys. “Betty? Hello?”All Gladys could hear now was the sound of her friend having a memorable orgy attack. After the pussy eating, Ricky removed her dress and feasted upon her shapely tits and fully erect nipples. Betty’s moans of pleasure simmered down but she couldn’t help herself from speaking out loud.”Ricky”, she said, “you are a bad boy. You know how many bad boys I hung with in my day? One too many.”Ricky paid little attention. Betty now laid on the counter, ready for what came next; something she also not felt for so long. Ricky was out of his clothes and climbed the counter, ready to plant his young cock inside her older pussy.”That’s a big one”, said Betty. “You want to put it inside my pussy? Why would you want to? Why me? Why do I deserve this?””Shh”, said Ricky. “Just look at me. Focus on me.”Betty did just that. Slowly and gently, Ricky placed his cock inside her. Betty enjoyed the size and shape of his hard meat inside her. She had completely forgotten how good it felt to feel this much pleasure; the feel of a hard and fully erect cock from a man, especially a young one who appeared to find her desirable. “Oh”, said Betty. “Oh, yes. This feels good. This is so much better. Oh, yes. Oh, shit. You want to fuck me so bad? You want to fuck this old pussy?””I’m doing it”, said Ricky. “Oh, yes. Feels so good to have a cock this big inside me. Oh, shit, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me good. This granny loves to be pounded. Oh, yes, pound me, little boy. That’s it. Go deep. Shove that cock all the way in. Oh, yes, I can feel the tip of your dick inside me. You hit that spot. Oh, fuck.”Ricky had plenty to give to the poor woman. The more she wanted or begged for it, he was willing to please her as much as he could. The two canlı bahis siteleri would switch places with Betty getting into cowgirl position, giving the young man a ride he would never forget. Betty’s tits jiggled and kept on talking out loud as if instructing him on how to get it done right.”That’s right”, said Betty. “This old lady is going to fuck your brains out. I don’t care if the house is on fire, I intend to finish. Oh, yes. I want to keep this young cock inside me. So big and hard. Oh, shit. Where have you been all my life?”After Betty received the taste of a young cock in her mouth, she and Ricky were on the floor, leaning against the counter, getting into the next position involving fucking her ass as hard as he wanted to.”Pound it”, said Betty. “Shove that massive cock inside me. Oh, yes, I haven’t gotten a good pounding in my ass in a long time. Oh, I love it. Get it inside. Deeper. Fuck my ass deeper. Oh, shit. That’s it. That’s the spot. Right there. I feel that tip. You fuck me like a pro. Oh, yes. Pound this granny. Pound me hard. Fuck me deeper.”Little did they know that it was ten minutes ’till midnight. The remaining minutes involved more oral activity from each other and one last fuck on the kitchen table. One shapely leg on his shoulder and Ricky proceeded pounding away, going faster and deeper on those remaining minutes on the clock.”Oh, shit”, said Betty. “Pound me. Pound me until the stroke of midnight. Oh, yes. Oh, fuck. Aah. Aah. Oh, yes. That’s it fuck me harder. Harder. Oh, shit I’m about to cum. Oh, yes I haven’t cummed in years. Oh, shit.”At the stroke of midnight Ricky squeezed every drop of cum all over her chest. Both of them were worn out and their naked bodies slid off the table. Outside, they paid attention to the sounds of people screaming, singing, and honking horns. For the first time in a long time Betty felt alive and young again. Her misery from the recent party she attended was nothing more than a distant memory.”Oh, shit”, she said. “Wow. That was incredible. I haven’t been fucked like that since Woodstock.””Who?” Said Ricky.”Never mind. You really know how to show a lady a good time, young man.””Yeah, my father taught me well.””Remind me to thank him.”Both laughed and called it a night. One more kiss and Ricky gathered his clothes; he received a pat on the butt cheek before leaving. Betty remained on the floor with a load of cum on her chest and a smile on her face. Little did she know that her phone was still on and her friend, Gladys, heard everything that transpired. Even she let out a sigh of relief before turning off her own phone.

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