Granny’s House


Granny’s HouseUp to this point in my life I had never seen a live pussy, never smelled a live pussy nor felt the inside or outside of a pussy. Everything I had learned about pussy was from looking at magazines or the internet and maybe a peak from someones mom or a camel toe at the pool. I was at that age when a boy thinks about pussy morning noon, and night. I knew sex would be great and wanted so badly to fuck a girl, so bad that my cock would get hard at the slightest breeze. I jacked off all the time. This true story is about my crossing over from being a boy into being a man. I was dropped off at granny’s house to stay a month during summer. I planned to jack off most of the time as there was not much else to do. Granny was a regular granny, kind of chubby, average boobs, whitish gray hair. I figured granny probably never had sex in her life. After a couple of days I decided to find some kleenex and lotion and drain my balls. Granny and I had gone to the bank earlier in the day and the bank lady had caught my eye so now she will be the star of my jack off session. I imagined her name to be Sue and she is attractive. She walks into my room and puts her hand on my boner and starts to jack me off, she hikes up her skirt to reveal a wonderful snatch, brown haired but not to much hair nor is it very long. She strokes my cock till I cum, and as I start to cum she puts the head of my cock against her edirne escort bush and my cum shoots out and lands all over her wonderful bush. Sue rubs my jizz around her bush and in between her pussy lips and then gets up and fixes her skirt and goes back to work at the bank. The next morning I awake and am laying in bed thinking of jerking off again to the bank lady when I hear a strange noise coming from granny’s room. I decide to go investigate. Granny’s door is open just enough for me to see inside. Granny is laying on the bed buck naked, and she is rubbing her snatch for all she is worth. She is moaning and really getting after it. It dawns on me that she is jerking off. I have a great view of granny’s snatch, I can see her pink pussy lips and the thing is crazy hairy. My cock is instantly hard as nails. I decide to go back to my room. I lay in bed thinking of granny’s pussy, the light brown hair and pink lips. I start to stroke my cock thinking of granny. I cum quickly. A few days later I still am thinking of granny’s cunt, the first real cunt I have ever seen. I think I am alone so I start to jack off, I am thinking of the cashier lady at the grocery store. The lady has a cunt just like granny’s and I cum all over it, my cum all stuck in her pussy hair. Just then I hear someone near my door. I go look but no one is there but I am pretty sure someone was watching me jack off. For the escort edirne next several days I spy granny many more times jacking off and I still feel like someone is watching me when I jack off. I decide to stop jacking off for a day or two. The third day I am going crazy for not draining my balls. Granny and I tell each other we are going to take naps. I lay in my bed with a monster boner waiting for my hand to stroke it. I hear that noise from granny’s room again and go to peak in. This time the door is wide open, granny is all spread eagle on the bed just going to town on her pussy. Granny’s pussy is all open and wet looking. My cock is so hard it hurts. I was about to go back to my room when granny calls out my name. Uhoh, I am busted. She tells me she knows I am there and to come into her room. I walk in and to my surprise granny is still on the bed with her pussy all wide open, I could even see her pussy hole. Granny tells me she knows that I have been watching her and she says that she has been watching me. She tells me that we should help each other out, if I can keep a secret. Granny says that she has not had sex with a man in a long while and that she is pretty sure I am a virgin, we could help each other out. Granny tells me to come closer to her, and as I do she takes my cock in her hand and strokes it. My goodness it feels so good. She even leans over and puts her mouth on edirne escort bayan it for a second or two. I want more of that is what I am thinking to my self. Granny then takes my hand and puts it on her pussy. I feel around on that and now I am hooked. I play her pussy for a minute and then granny tells me to slide my cock in there. She did not have to tell me twice. I jumped onto the bed, granny was still laying there all spread eagle, and I push my cock into her super wet pussy. I could not believe how great it felt, how good it smelled, it was heaven! I pushed into her pussy as far as I could go and then pulled back a little then back in and that was I could take. My cock exploded pumping several days worth of my cum deep into granny’s cunt. Granny told me that felt really good and asked me if I always cum that much as most men do not cum that much. I was not taking my cock out granny’s pussy anytime soon. Granny removed my cock from her pussy and proceeded to give me a blow job. The most incredable BJ, I came huge load within a minute or two and granny swallowed it all. She smiled and told me that I have the biggest loads of any man she has ever been with. Granny and I fucked all the time. We fucked so much that I think I may have worn some of the hair off her snatch. She taught me how to eat pussy and fuck like a pro. She let me cum on her tits and her face. I even got fuck one of her granny friends on my own and then granny and her together, I over flowed both of their pussies with all of my cum. Granny told me all about her sexcapades, I loved hearing about those and they would make me so horny we would fuck for hours afterwards.

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