Good Black Dick


Good Black DickA few weeks ago I took my son to one of his friend’s birthday party. When I first got there I noticed that I was the only Dad at the party. I said to myself that this will be a long couple of hours. Jason was the only African-American c***d at the party, my son and the birthday boy were best friends every evening after school all I heard was Shaun did this and that. Jason took off running and left me by myself, I got mad because I didn’t like being alone in a crowd of people that I didn’t know. This gorgeous middle aged White lady that stood around 5’4 135 her small frame looked like one of those miniature coke bottles. She had on a pretty yellow sun dress that made her figure stand out. She introduced herself as Mandy; Shaun’s mother, as we chatted she informed me that she has heard a million and one stories about my son. I laughed and said that every day I heard the same thing just with a different name. A few of the other mothers came over and joined our conversation; we talked about several different topics. They were surprised to find out that I knew my way around the adapazarı escort kitchen and garden, a few of them were taking notes on what I was saying. Mandy asked me if I wanted a drink I said sure my throat was kind of dry from all of the talking. She brought me back a shot of Jim Bean mixture in a cup, the next few hours flew by as all the party goers began to leave I gave Mandy a hand cleaning up the huge mess. Shaun and Jason were busy playing with the birthday boy’s new video game. Mandy walked in the house as I placed the last few trash bags in the bin. I had the sudden urge to use the restroom, I asked Shaun were the bathroom was and he halfway told me without looking away from the video game. As I walked into the bathroom I already had my dick out, it was semi-hard from me having to piss like a race horse. Mandy was finishing up using the restroom, I tired like hell to put my big boy before she saw it but it was too late. Her eyes were locked in on my black monster; I backed out of the bathroom and waited in the hallway for her to come out of the bathroom. As she came escort adapazarı out she didn’t look me in the face, I was ashamed of the incident myself. As I used to restroom I heard her tell the boy to take the video game up stairs to Shaun’s bedroom. Mandy was setting in the den with her legs crossed; she had her foot swing back and forth. I told her that I was sorry about what happen in the bathroom, she didn’t respond she just got up and grabbed the bottle of Jim Bean after she took a long sip and asked me to follow her to the back. She led me back to the bathroom and asked me to show it to her again, before I could answer she pulled it out herself, she was amazed at the length and width of my black dick. This slut began to lick on the head of my dick, her small mouth barley fit around the head of it. I asked her if she could handle something like this inside of her pussy, to answer my question she locked the bathroom door and pulled off her panties. I sat her on the edge of the sink; she was ready to be bare dick fucked by this long black snake. My dick was hard as a steel rod, adapazarı escort bayan it wouldn’t fit but she kept trying to force it inside of her tiny pussy. This only made my rod grow longer. I stepped back and started to kiss on her small pussy to make it wet, I ran my tongue in circles around her clit until her juices were flowing down her chin. She had a handful of my dreads pushing my face deep into her pussy; I had to breathe thru my nose. I got up and placed the head on my giant cock at the entrance of her white married pussy. I slowly pushed my fat black in and out of her womb with each pump the deeper I went. The deeper I went the wetter she got, the wetter she got the louder she moaned. I had to remind her that the boys were upstairs and they might hear us. To keep her quiet I had to stick my tongue down her throat, from the sink to the bathroom floor I gave her I fucked her like a wanting slut. Mandy kept saying that my black dick was good. We fucked in almost every position that we could on the bathroom floor. Mandy had several orgasms after another, this slut kept saying your big black dick is so damn good. Those words made me bust a huge load inside of her pussy. We laid on the floor kissing until my cock was complete soft. After I washed up, I gave her a deep kiss; she told me thanks for the good black dick. King Hut

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