Going Shopping


Going ShoppingMy story began in a small community near Louisville, Kentucky. I was a 18-year-old at thetime, a fivefoot five, slender girl with a 34-B top. One day I went to a local shopping mall to purchases a newbrassiere.I went to a small specialty shop on an early Tuesday morning, because a girlfriend of minecomplained to me, that when she went to that storethe woman that waited on her turned out be the owner, and was feeling her up while she wasmeasuring her. She also measured her with her bra on and then measured her with her bra off. Thewoman told my girlfriend that if she ever needed anything else to always come early on any Tuesdaymorning and she would give her personal attention.As soon as I entered the shop a very impressive business like woman approached me. She greeted me with a warmwelcome to her shop, and enquired how she could help me today. I was very impressed with the way she looked.Based on the description of the woman my girlfriend had given me, I was sure the woman was the owner. He name tag identified her as Jean Spitzer and spoke with what I thought was a German accent. She looked to be in her mid-fifties, a fivefootseven, full figured woman, but not what you could call fat. Her attire was very businesslike, a straight black tight fitting skirt, white blouse with three-quarter sleeves, with nude hosiery and three inch heels. It looked like she was wearing a naturalfitting bra that allowed her breasts to appear natural. She was obviously wearing a girdle.When I informed her that I was looking for a new bra, she informed me that if I bought two brasthere was a special that entitled me to a pair of new panties. Hearing this excited me, and I assured herthat I was interested. I had deliberately selected a thin summer dress, and my underwear was a size too small whitenylon bra with matching little tight fitting nylon panties that didn’t hide my dark pubic bush that rode güvenilir bahis siteleri up between my crack, so that it would accent my camel toe. I also knew the warm nylon panties would enhance the aroma of my crotch.Jean helped me select several bras and panties before leading me into a changing booth in the backof the store, leaving a younger sales clerk in charge of the store. When we were behind the closed door sheproceeded to measure me very thoroughly. She used a tape to measure my ribcage under my breasts, andthen measured my chest including my breasts. She even stuffed her hand inside my bra cups to adjustmy tits. GAWD it was an amazing turn on for me. Jean suggested, “I recommend that you remove your dress and bra to try on a couple of the bras.” In the confining space of the changing room I couldn’t help bumping into Jean while removing mydress and bra. She smiled sweetly with every touch of our bodies. She took every opportunity to feel my tits as she helped me try on each of the brassieres. All of her manipulations of my tits had my pussy virtually dripping wet.I selected a couple of the sexiest bras, which entitled me to free pair of panties. Jean took great pains measuring my hips whilekneeling in front of me, close enough to be able to smell my crotch. She even wiped her finger across my nylon covered vulva. She smelled her finger, while smiling up at me. She insisted that I put on a crotch shield before trying on some panties. The crotchshield looked like a thin, spotty, day sanitary napkin. She helped me roll down my panties, and helped me adjust the shield. She used her finger to stuff the shield between my labia and tightly against my asshole, before helping me try on three differentsizes of panties. She managed to rub her hands all over my butt and vulva. I even managed to have an orgasm from her touch. I closed my eyes and almost melted, as I moaned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri through an orgasm. When she finished removing the last pair ofpanties I stood there facing her, with that soaked panty shield wedged between my pussy lips. Jean plucked the shield from between my legs, and commented, “My, you are a sensitive girl!”I leaned forward a little, pushing my wet cunt towards her face. She placed her hands on the backs of my thighs and buried her nose in my pussy. It looked so erotic looking down at her. Her nose was buried in my pussy and my dark pubic hair was covering her face like she was wearing a hairy mask like a bank robber. It was amusing to me, and I almost laughed, until I felt her tongue probing mycunt. She did things with her tongue that drove me crazy. I had to place my hands on the walls to keep from falling, from a second orgasm.I assumed that she was finished with me, and would allow me to get dressed, but she turned me around. I had to place my hands on the wall in front of me, as she made me bend forward, causing my butt to stick out. She placed her hands on the cheeks ofmy ass and spread them apart. I felt her cold breath on my asshole. I couldn’t believe it when she licked my asshole. She stabbed my asshole with her tongue, and it was driving me crazy. Jean slipped a hand between my legs, and played with my clitoris, while continuing to rim my asshole until I had another orgasm. I was moaning loud enough that anyone in the store could hear me.When I recovered Jean helped me get dressed. As soon as I was presentable, she led me back to the checkout counter, and had her clerk box up my purchases and ring up the price of the two bras. She had a sly smile on her face. I couldn’t help blushing,because the clerk knew what had been going on in the changing room. I had been so distracted after the orgasmsthat I had forgotten to put my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri own nylon panties back on. The little ball of nylon was resting on top of the counter. I snatched them up and stuffed them into the plastic bag. I had an overpowering desire to pee, so I asked if there was a bathroom available. Jean escorted me to the back of the store and turned on the bathroom light for me. She entered the room with me, and continued talking to me. I expected her to leave theroom so that I could do my thing, but she continued to talk to me, until I couldn’t wait any longer. I flipped up the back of my dress and sat on the toilet. It was strange to have a strange woman talking to me while urine was splashing in the toilet water.After I finished straightening out my dress I washed my hands, and checked out my face in the mirror. I saw that my lipstick was all but gone. I washed my face and applied some fresh lipstick. Jean followed me to the exit and wished me a pleasant day, and invited me back whenever I needed anything like panties or girdles.I went home and rehashed everything that had taken place that afternoon. I was so excited that during the night I couldn’t sleep until I had masturbated so much that my pussy was sore. As soon as I had enough money, I returned to the store on a Tuesday morning to purchase a girdle and all-in-one pantyhose.This time Jean sucked my pussy and asshole until I was satisfied. Then she showed me her pussy. I ate her pussy that day. When she was finished, she exited the changing room. I was disappointed that she left so quickly. I was about to put my clothes back on when the door opened again. It was the other sales clerk. She was an attractive blonde, no more than twenty years old.Her clear blue eyes were sparkling as she knelt in front of me, and started eating my pussy. I sat there on the bench stroking her hair, until I let out a howl. She smiled up at me as she rested her hands on my thighs and she stood up. When she lifted herdress up I was looking directly at a shaved pussy. Her clitoris was sticking out like she had an erection. I couldn’t resist sucking on her clit, until she assured me that she had cum.Those two women had changed my life forever.

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