Going Down… And Not In A Good Way

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Kayla finally made it to her seat on the plane, releasing a large sigh she hadn’t realized she had been holding it.

‘Phew! That was quite the ordeal!’

This was the 18 year old’s first time flying, and getting through the airport had been… well, interesting. Her parents had divorced her junior year of high school, and so this was the first time the teenager was going to visit her dad, who now lived three states over- hence why she was now at the airport in order to fly to see him.

Her mom had dropped her off at the airport that morning, rather begrudgingly as it had a bitter divorce, and Kayla had promptly gone to the ticket counter to pick up her ticket and drop off her suitcase. The line had been rather long, but the teen had waited it out without too much worry as her mom had made sure the girl had plenty of time to make her flight, and eventually she was ready to get to her terminal, ticket in hand. Heading over to security the TSA agent grabbed her ID and ticket, glanced up at her, and sent her on her way.

‘So far so good,’ the slightly nervous Kayla had thought, not knowing what all she had to do to actually get on a plane.

The scanners was where she had encountered her problem. Putting her purse and backpack in a bin on the conveyor belt along with her shoes one of the TSA agents stopped her.

“Sorry ma’am, you are going to either have to remove your jacket or get a pat down.”

Kayla instantly had a dilemma on her hands. She wasn’t wearing much under her light jacket as she wanted to travel comfortably, and so the High School senior had worn her favorite shorts – which truth be told barely covered her butt cheeks, revealing the slender girl’s long skinny legs. Under the jacket the younger girl was only wearing a bright lacy bra and a rather flimsy tank top as she had just planned on wearing the jacket the whole time since it was earlier in the morning and she knew she would be slightly chilled on the flight over.

Kayla had come to known over the last year or two as she fully grew into her body that she was quite an attractive girl, with her long legs and slim body. Her breasts had filled in just last year, and she was now sporting an ample rack that was the envy of most of the girls in her class. Her blonde hair and bright green eyes on her pale complexion completed the package in making a very lascivious and attractive 18 year old. Even though Kayla knew she was hot, she was still insecure about showing off her body. Besides her tiny shorts, which all the girls wore those days, she tended to dress rather modestly and covered her chest with several layers whenever she could.

So here she was at the security checkpoint, either having to remove her jacket or be felt up by a complete stranger.

‘I’m pretty sure you can see my bra under my tank top,’ the girl thought shyly as she stood next to the body scanner, trying to decide on what course of action to take.

Noticing the line of people starting to pile up behind the slender girl quickly decided she would just take the jacket off and make her way through the scanner, as the alternative seemed even less appeasing and it would only be for a second anyways. Unzipping her jacket she threw it in the bin with her purse and stepped over to the scanner, not before noticing the TSA agent’s eyes roam over her now revealed slender body in appreciation however.

‘Pig!,’ the girl thought sourly as she tried to make it through the body scanner rapidly so she could get her jacket back and cover up once more.

In her haste however she had forgotten spare change in her front pocket – really the only thing that could possibly fit in those tiny squares of fabric – and so a female TSA agent was called over to pat her down in the end anyways, much to the semi exposed girl’s dismay. Kayla moaned inwardly, being forced to step to the side as more and more people walked through the scanner and past her, several of them openly ogling the 18 year old’s lithe body under the thin tank top. After a few pats the agent confirmed they were just quarters after all, leaving Kayla free to dash over to her belongings and throw her jacket back on. Gathering her stuff, the slightly red faced teen headed over to her terminal.

And now here she was, sitting in the window seat of a rather large plane – three seats were on each side of the aisle – getting ready to fly on her first airplane.

‘I guess in the end it wasn’t too horrible,’ Kayla thought as she buckled her seat belt and settled into her chair to await the rest of the passengers to file in behind her and take their seats.

In fact, looking back the incident with security was kind of exciting with her body nearly exposed for all those people to see. Kayla had never worn that little of clothing before in public – she didn’t go to public pools because of how exposed she would feel. In fact, only one boy had ever seen the teen with less on, and that had been six months ago as the two had explored each other’s body – well top half only – in more of a ‘I want to see what the other gender has under there’ ataşehir escort bayan than a sexual desire way, ending in awkwardness and dissatisfaction. But being 18 Kayla had most assuredly felt the urges to express herself sexually, and she had definitely found out how to pleasure herself shortly after puberty had hit a few years back, and so the thought of random men getting horny by just looking at her in a flimsy tank top made the young girl pretty excited herself.

“Is this row 15?”

Startled out of her sexual fantasy thoughts, Kayla looked up to see a strikingly handsome African American standing next to her row.

“Uh…yes, yes it is.”

“Great, this is me then!”

The wide shouldered man sat down in the seat next to Kayla, buckling himself in before reaching his hand out towards her.

“I’m Chris, by the way.”

“Hi, I’m Kayla.”

Chris settled into his chair and closed his eyes, allowing Kayla to check him out a little more. The seemingly older man, probably in his late twenties, had a body to be desirous of. Large muscles rippled across his arms, clearly visible in the white t-shirt the man was sporting. He had a handsome clean shaven face, and black close cropped hair topped his hand.

‘He’s dreamy…’ a lovestruck Kayla thought as her eyes roamed over the stranger’s body, drinking in the sight of the handsome man next to her.

Chris’s eyes suddenly popped open as he reached into his bag at his feet to grab an MP3 player, and Kayla quickly looked away, hoping the young man didn’t catch her staring at him.

One of the flight attendants came on over the intercom, telling all the passengers the plane was about to take off. Kayla was happy to note that nobody took the aisle seat in their row, leaving her alone with the handsome stud next to her. Getting nervous about flying once more as the flight attendants proceeded to go over the safety instructions, Kayla forgot about the hunk next to her as the plane began moving, staring out her window and watching as the plane rolled away from the terminal. While she was slightly scared about being so high up in the air in a large piece of metal with two smallish wings, the first time flyer was still thrilled when the plane took off down the runway, her heart jumping into her chest as the wheels suddenly left the ground and they became airborne. Looking out her window as they climbed up until clouds completely obscured her view, Kayla then nestled her head against the wall of the plane, trying to get some rest in as she knew it would be a long flight ahead of her.

An undetermined amount of time later Kayla woke with a start as the plane shook violently. Fully coming to, the teen realized that she was no longer leaning against the wall of the plane; during her sleep she had rolled over, and now her head was resting on Chris’ muscular shoulder. Sitting up in a hurry, a sheepish Kayla looked over at her row mate.

“Oh my gosh, I am so sorry.”

Chris smiled charmingly, pulling his headphones out of his ears.

“No problem, I didn’t mind at all. Hopefully you got a nice nap in.”

Another large jolt coursed through the plane. Kayla’s eyes widened in fear.

“What… what is happening?”

In a surprise move Chris’ hand reached out and settled on the 18 year old’s exposed thigh.

“Don’t worry, it’s just turbulence. This must be your first flight then – this stuff happens all the time, you have nothing to fear.”

Feeling the warm touch of his hand on her bare skin sent tingles throughout Kayla’s body, and she no longer cared about anything else at the moment.

“Yeah sure, that makes sense. I’m fine now, thanks.”

Noticing that her neighbor still had his hand on her, Kayla started to imagine what would happen between the two of them in her fantasy world, her mind daydreaming about the two of them making passionate love in a hotel room in some faraway place. Her fantasy came to an abrupt halt as the plane shook once more, this time the vibrations lasting lasting for several moments. Even Chris looked apprehensive this time, but the stud didn’t’ say anything, he just squeezed Kayla’s leg in reassurance. Kayla felt butterflies in her stomach at the continued connection between her and the handsome stranger next to her, but the butterflies turned to bile as the pilot came on over the intercom.

“I’m… I’m not sure how to tell you this, but we have a problem here. We lost one of our engines, and at this rate the plane will be unable to stay in the air for more than 45 minutes as we slowly descend to the earth. As we are over a large mountain range, there will be no place to land safely. I am terribly sorry folks, but there’s nothing we can do. This looks like the end for us.”

Kayla gasped in shock.

“Oh my god! We’re all going to die?!?”

Chris’ normally poised face went pale as well as the muscular young man digested the news. Kayla tried to force herself not to cry as she thought about all the things she would miss out on in life. Thinking of her daydreaming just moments ago, her escort kadıköy sadness increased even further, causing her to cry out in an angry outburst.

“I can’t die on this plane – I’m still a virgin! That’s not fair!”

Realizing she had spoken her anger out loud, Kayla’s face turned bright red; even though she was about to die, she still didn’t want people hearing her say those kinds of things. Hoping that everyone else was caught up in their own strife and didn’t hear her outburst, she was denied that luxury when Chris quietly spoke up.

“You, you’re still a virgin?”

Kayla nodded lightly, a tear running down her cheek. Chris swore under his breath.

“Damn, that really sucks. No one should die before they can experience that.”

Perking up, the husky dark skinned man sat up in his seat and furtively looked around the plane, an idea forming in his head.

“Well, you know… we do still have 45 minutes left on this world… that’s something at least that you can check off your list still before you go.”

Kayla stared at the man in disbelief.

“You think I should have sex right now? Here on this plane? Are you crazy?”

“Why not? We’ll all be dead soon, so who cares if other people see you or if it’s with a total stranger? No one will live to tell about it, and otherwise you’ll never know what it’s like. And believe me, you want to know what it’s like.”

Kayla thought the man was insane, but the more she thought about it, the more it made sense to her.

‘I will be dead in a short while, and what else am I going to do in the next 45 minutes? I might as well experience something I’ve been dreaming of for years now…’

Realizing what she was about to do the 18 year old suddenly became wet down below, her pussy already yearning for the impending attention it was possibly about to receive.

“I… I guess you are right. I should be able to have sex before I die, and if that’s the case, it will need to be right here, right now.”

Chris smiled.

“That’s the spirit. Now who’s your type? With a body and face like that, a hottie like you you could have any pick of any guy on this plane I’m sure.”

With a trembling hand Kayla reached out and gingerly touched Chris’ arm.

“I think you’re my type.”

Without saying another word Chris unbuckled his seatbelt and leaned over, kissing Kayla passionately on the lips. Unbuckling her seat belt as well the burly man began to caress her body up and down. At first as the two continued to kiss Kayla’s eyes would dart open every now and then to see if anyone in the rows around her was paying the two of them any attention, but she quickly became consumed by lust as their make out session heat up and devoted her attention purely to Chris and his wonderful lips, not caring anymore who watched. As they continued to kiss with a fervor Chris slowly unzipped her jacket, shrugging it off her slender shoulders. Kayla shuddered with satisfaction as she was becoming slowly exposed to this complete stranger, her pussy getting even wetter as she lustily tugged at the bottom hem of his shirt. Chris broke off his kiss long enough to take his shirt off, then with his chiseled chest on display he stared at the thin tank top covering Kayla.

“God, I would love to see those titties…”

Kayla’s eyes bulged as she once more looked around from her vantage point in her seat, but seeing that everyone was preoccupied with their own troubles and not paying them any mind, as well as realizing she just made her soon to be lover take off his shirt, the slender teen smiled in what she hoped was a seductive pose as she slowly took her tank top off, her lacy pink bra now out in the open and the top was discarded on the floor. A hornier Chris locked lips with her once more, his powerful hands squeezing the teen’s breast heartily as their make out session continued. Kayla bucked in her seat at the touches her body was receiving, her pussy now throbbing intensely and still managing to get wetter and wetter the longer they went.

Reaching behind her the older man’s hands found the clasp to her bra, and before Kayla could stop him he undid it; leaning back from her seat in one fluid motion he pulled the bra down and off her chest, completely exposing her ample breasts. Kayla gasped as the cold air of the plane tickled her visible nipples, instantly making them harder.

“Your body is so perfect… ” Chris breathed before bending down and kissing each nipple lightly, sending more shivers through the topless teen’s body.

Sitting back down in his own seat, the dark skinned hunk’s hand moved over to Kayla’s shorty shorts.

“And now for the final piece.”

Kayla’s heart beat faster and faster as the stranger next to her undid the button to her shorts. She had gone to far to back out now, but knowing she was about to be completely naked in a public place sent chills through her body, yet she was extremely turned on by it at the same time. Working in the small space Chris expertly pulled both her shorts and her panties off her body, sliding bostancı escort them down her leg and letting them pool at her feet.

Completely naked now, a super horny Kayla reached down and begin rubbing her pussy out of instinct, the motion coming naturally to her as her body craved sexual attention.

“Oh god, I’m so hot right now. I want to see your cock this instant.”

The tone of her voice surprised the normally shy teen, but her sexual desires had completely taken over her body as she had become lost in a passionate haze.

Eagerly Complying, Chris reached down and unbuckled his jeans. Standing up partway in his seat, he slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles before reaching down and pushing them under the seat in front of him. Kayla stared in amazement at the giant erect cock in front of her. She had never seen a dick that big before in her life, and although she had heard black guys were well hung, she had never expected it to be this big. Looking down at her small pussy, the young teen shivered with anticipation.

“Will… will that even fit?”

Reaching over, Chris grabbed the naked teen and pulled her up onto his lap.

“Only one way to find out.”

As the hunk below her gingerly placed a large finger inside her swollen pussy and began to finger fuck her, Kayla moaned with pleasure. A noise in front of her caused her to open her firmly shut eyes, and she suddenly realized now that she was on top of Chris her head and bare shoulders were above the seat and visible to everyone behind her. An older couple sat directly behind her, staring at her with open jaws as they could clearly discern was she was doing in the seat in front of them. Panic swept over Kayla, but she forced it down as Chris’s finger continued to pummel her pussy and ecstasy once more took over.

‘They’ll be just as dead as me soon, so who cares if they get a little show. If they don’t like it, look away.’

Looking across the aisle she found a man in his thirties in the closest seat, openly staring at the two naked people across the aisle. At this point in time he was the only one who could see her naked lithe body, so Kayla forged ahead, suddenly happy to give the man a show before he died.

Grabbing her breast with her hand she licked it lustfully as she turned and winked to the guy before looking down at Chris, who now was going to town on her with two of his massive fingers inside of her, opening her slit as wide as it would go, her fluids seeping down onto his fingers in torrents.

“Oh… okay, okay, I’m ready. Holy shit I’m ready.”

Groaning in pleasure at what was about to happen, Kayla swore she saw his cock grow even longer and harder as she positioned herself over the massive penis. Taking a deep breath, the tight teen lowered her pussy lips onto his erect member, feeling them separate as the head began to enter her pussy.

“Oh my god…” she moaned out loud as the head went in a little further, stretching her out to the max. Wanting more, she tried to sit down deeper onto her lover’s lap, but her pussy was too tight and his enormous cock wasn’t able to fully penetrate it no matter how hard she tried.

“You’re… you’re too big!” she exclaimed in exasperation, devastated that she would still die a virgin.

Chris was determined to fuck her though; not willing to give up from this mere setback.

“No babe, it’s just the angle we are at – we need more space so you can open your pussy up for me even more. I’m going to get my dick inside of you so you can feel what it’s like to get fucked.”

Without any warning, the black stud stood up on the plane, grabbing the small naked girl by her firm butt cheeks and lifting her into the air. Kayla gasped as her breasts became instantly exposed to everyone on the plane now she was suspended up above the seat line. Chris didn’t stop there as he sidestepped out of the row and into the aisle. Setting the naked girl down, He promptly laid down on the floor of the aisle. Kayla’s hands immediately covered herself up as best she could as she found numerous eyes on her lithe body now completely out in the open.

“Chris, what the fuck are you doing?”

“I told you, we needed more space. What, you are worried about people seeing you? Who cares, they can enjoy our love making before they all die with us.”

Kayla sighed, knowing he was right.

‘I want to get fucked before I die, and this is the only way it will happen,’ she decided as she lowered her hands from her chest and pussy, giving in to exposing herself to everyone on the plane, now fully committed to her role.

Getting on her knees she straddled Chris once more, lowering her vagina down to his still raging boner. Taking a big breath, she lowered her pussy lips onto his cock, once more feeling them spread as they took in his massive member. Spreading her legs farther apart she felt his head slip inside of her. A loud moan escaped her lips, and she opened her eyes to see almost every head in an aisle seat staring at her exposed body as she slid down the young man’s cock. Now back in a passionate haze however the super horny teen welcomed their stares, and she smiled lustily as she lowered herself even further on Chris’ giant cock, feeling it stretch her pussy out with every movement. Only partially in she felt his dickhit another wall.

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