god yes,,,


god yes,,,Am wearing my perfumed ff black seamed nylons and my 7” black patent heels especially for you,and yes,have absolutely nothing else on at all.My nails are all freshly lacquered and my lips are thickly adorned with my creamy red lippy.Yes,i am going to treat you to a nice long,slow hand job this time.I straddle your thighs and rub my sexy stockinged legs against them,you are feeling the smooth nylon with your hands and this is making you so hard.Firstly,i lean across you and push my tongue deep into your mouth,my fragrant lips pressing so hard as I kiss you so deeply and so sexily.As I continue to taste and caress your lips and tongue,my right hand is feeling down beneath kuşadası escort bayan your legs – oh god your massive erection is now reaching up past your beautifully firm stomach,and I grasp your shaft firmly at the root and move my hand up and down firmly in a steady motion – you are gazing down as my sexy lacquered nails are wrapped around your enormous cock and this sends you wild with desire – to arouse you even more I vary the speed of my strokes and speed up and slow down at random.To continue my teasing I am firstly just concentrating on the main body of your shaft,that ultra sensitive head will be treated later.This continues with long and short escort kuşadası firm strokes,up and down,for approx 15 mins. Now,i form a ring with my thumb and forefinger and place it around the base of your length and again start rapid up and down movements as your cock twitches and jerks in response.Special attention now then for that super-sensitive corona,and I rub this with my thumb and forefinger – immediately your head is thrown back and you gasp and moan with passion,and the first drops of your precum appear to my delight.For extra variety I am also with my left hand fondling your testicles as I gently twist with my right hand on the upward stroke of your kuşadası escort shaft and this combination has you in delirious ecstasy.Now,i am using two hands,one after the other,and then together in opposite directions with that same twisting motion as I sense your orgasm approaching still with my mouth covering yours,and my lipstick has certainly left its mark!!!Yes,there is no going back,i feel your spasms,your hips are so busy and I know you are going to shoot – wildly,your back arches,you cry out and your whole body shudders as a glorious jet of creamy cum is ejected all over my hand and then onto my nylons and trickles down onto my heels,you continue to moan and gasp as more and more pours over me and my hand is covered in all of this gloop,and I pump and pump until every drop has been ejected and your body relaxes,your breath now so fast.Oh god,i am in a sticky mess!!!!!!! Love.Shirl.xxxx.shirl..your a tease…….xxxxx……..jimmy

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