Gloryhole Happiness


Gloryhole HappinessBorn in the mid fifties, I was comfortable with sex with women only. In the Seventies I began to watch porn movies a lot. I found oral sex and anal sex to be the hottest videos. I found myself watching the cocks not the women. Big hard cocks really got me hot. In early 1980 I went to an adult bookstore to rent a movie to watch cause my wife was going out again. Cheating bitch. In the bookstore I had seen hundreds of times before, the back area where the video booths were.The clerk asked me if I ever went back and I told him no, I had not. He gave me five dollars in free tokens and told me to go check it out, but suggested that the middle booths were best as the best movies were there. I thanked him and went back. Over twenty booths were there and most were occupied. I could tell by the red light above the door. I did find one center booth unoccupied and went in. It was dark but just enough light. I sat in the chair, put half the tokens in and let the movie run. It was a oral sex fest. I dropped my pants and started to stroke my average sized cock.It was not long before I heard the movies in the booths on both sides of mine and glancing, I noticed, bahis şirketleri on both sides, largish holes in the wall, just at crotch height. Leaning to my right I glanced in the hole and noticed an man stroking a long 7-incher. Seeing me, he stood and moved to the wall. I thought he was giving me a good look, but he slid it in the hole. This was a pivotal moment in my life. Had I not responded, I would have lived out my life as a normal guy. But I leaned forward and with no forethought, slid it in my mouth.Now I had broken a barrier and was sucking on another man’s cock. I loved it! I just did to him what I enjoyed being done to me. I focused on the underside below the head, tried to get it all in my mouth. I fucked my head up and down on his cock and just gave him a great blowjob. I sucked him for about 3 minutes before he came. This was another milestone, to swallow or not to swallow. I did not think on this either, I just sucked harder and felt his cum pump into my mouth. I let it sit on my tongue for a moment and then swallowed. I found I truly enjoyed swallowing cum.As he pulled out of the gloryhole, I noticed another cock on the other bahis siteleri side. I slide over there and opened my mouth and sucked in a fat 5 inch cock. I went after his cum like a man on fire, pulling his cock with my mouth, sliding up and down. I swirled my tongue on his sensitive underside and just gave him my best. I was rewarded with his cum very soon and swallowed it all.After his cock I pulled back and took stock. I had just committed a gay sex act and loved it. I would have to think more on this I told myself. Next was probably the most important moment in my trek to being a cock and cum addict. A huge cock appeared in the hole on the right side of the booth. I knelt in front of it and took this amazing shaft into my mouth. He pulled that cock of over ten inches back until the head was all that was in the hole. I put my mouth over it and sucked. He began fucking my mouth, plunging that godhood into my slut mouth. This was the first cock to enter my throat. I was getting fucked in the face and loving it.Suddenly his cock was gone. I heard him say through the hole, open your door I am coming over. I did as I was told. He came güvenilir bahis into the booth and without saying anything placed me on my hands and knees facing the left side hole. I took that big cock into my mouth as this monster hung man knelt behind me. I knew I was about to get 11 inches of cock in my ass. I place my hands on the wall for support as he started to fuck into my ass. I was getting double fucked. Sucking a cock in my mouth and getting ass fucked. I was not even aware of anything else but being used as a cock worshipper. The man getting blown pumped his cum into my mouth and pulled out. I then lowered my head and placed it on my arms on the ground.I totally focused on giving the man fucking me the best fuck I could, shoving back onto him and begging for his cum. He held onto my hips and just fucked me. He changed tempo, moved side to side and just rode me. I wanted him to be happy, I wanted him to remember this. He started to slam into me, fucking me so hard his balls slapped my legs. The next thing I know, he is cumming in my ass. Pumping load after hot load into my before him virgin ass. After he finished he pulled out and turned me around and I cleaned his cock off with my mouth.He left and I collected myself. I left the store and went to a bar nearby. I drank a few beers and came to conclusion that I did not like sucking and being fucked to get myself hard. I liked it because I enjoyed making the men happy.

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