Glory Hole Ch. 02

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All characters in the story are above 18; readers must also be above 18.

Chapter 2 would be best enjoyed if read after Chapter 1 of Glory Hole story.

This is a long story with an underlying Incest theme, and Lesbian love.

This is a story about Helene, Ernst and Peter.

If you are intrigued to know more about Sara and Adam, who are also part of this story, you might want to read Kama Sutra, though not necessary to enjoy this story by itself.



Later that night in their cabin, after the gala evening, Helene did not tell Ernst about her tryst with Sara. Not that she wanted to hide. She just wanted the timing to be right.

Her giddiness was apparent, and Ernst knew something was keeping her happy but probably mistook it for a fun cruise than her newfound friend. He knew she and Sara had gotten close on the cruise and would remain probably good friends post the cruise as well, to whatever level possible, given the distance between Los Angeles and Germany.

On the last day of the cruise, Sara and Helene were inseparable. They went about the cruise doing almost everything together, leaving their respective partners to themselves mostly.

Later in the afternoon, Helene told Ernst she wanted to stay back in Barcelona for a day post the cruise. Sara and Adam already had plans to stay in Barcelona for a day, before taking their flight back to Los Angeles.

Ernst did not think much of it and agreed to alter their tickets for a day later. They also checked into the same hotel where Sara and Adam had booked and requested for a room for one night.

Later that evening, the four of them had dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. Ernst and Adam were also warming up to each other, with this new friendship amongst families. Though, they could barely find a common interest to bond over. Adam was into movies, arts, travel, and food. Ernst was into engineering, business, designing, and football.

Eventually, they found something to discuss – football. Ernst expressed his displeasure of it being referred as soccer in the US. Adam confirmed that in India it was still referred to as Football. Adam had followed Chelsea, as a fan. Ernst had only good things to say about the club. Finally, they had found a subject to discuss.

The ladies, on the other hand, found every little thing about the other interesting and could discuss tiny item for hours with one another, and then go to the next one.

Helene had an ulterior motive to take an extra day in Barcelona; she had invited Sara and Adam to come with them to Germany, and to stay with them for a couple of days. Sara did not confirm on the cruise. She was extremely keen but was not sure about Adam.

Helene thought an extra day in Barcelona and regular nagging might wear Sara down, and she eventually succeeded in convincing her for one day with them in Germany. Before the end of dinner, Helene informed Ernst that Adam and Sara would be joining them to stay over at their home for a day. Helene was very keen to show her new friend their home. Ernst was amused but welcoming at the same time. He liked that his wife was happy around their new friends, and he would do anything to keep his wife happy.

On the dinner table, Adam was equally surprised, but he knew better than to question his mother’s decision in front of others.

Both Ernst and Adam had noticed change in Sara’s and Helene’s over the last couple of days. They were extra touchy and feely around each other. The men gave it no extra bother than necessary.

After dinner, they retreated to Ernst and Helene’s suite for a nightcap. The discussion changed to cruise’s review, and at that point, everyone had comments to offer. Each had their own opinion about one or the other facility on the cruise, the functions and shows at the theatre, the gala, and so on.

The ladies were sitting close to each other on the bigger sofa, and Adam and Ernst took the single-seaters, opposite them.

Somewhere during the discussion, as they sat barely a foot apart on the sofa, Sara telling everyone about her experience about her cabin and their accommodation, Helene realized that she could not hear anything. As she sat next to Sara, facing her, Helene noticed Sara’s lips were moving, but nothing was audible. Helene was drawn towards Sara’s face, and she was admiring Sara’s lips, her cheeks, her eyes, and her nose.

Without any warning, Helene pulled up her hand and cupped Sara’s right cheek, full length, and turned Sara’s face towards her. Helene moved forward and brought her lips near Sara. She looked up into Sara’s eyes with affection she had felt for her on the cruise. The glint in Sara’s eyes permitted Helene, and she kissed Sara on the lips. There was no aggression in Helene’s move but a simple loving gesture of kissing. Helene’s reaction towards Sara was as if she had something sweet, and she had to be rewarded.

Sara’s response in return to the kiss was equally motivated. She casino şirketleri lifted her hand behind Helene’s head and pulled her in, to return the kiss. Their lips opened together, and it was Helene who took the lead by sending her tongue into Sara’s mouth on a mission. Their kiss grew from soft loving gesture to one of passion and need. They kept kissing one after the other and tongues exchanging between them regularly. It was Sara who went after Helene’s lips and started sucking on her lower lip, and a few moments later Helene repeated this on Sara’s lips.

It took Helene some minutes to compose herself back. Adam and Ernst were both looking at the girls, mouth open, and eyes wide – surprised and shocked.

Helene blushed on what she had done openly, and the embarrassment left her moments later when Sara restarted where she had left off in the conversation, to distract the men back to normal. She could barely manage that.

On her door, Helene kissed Sara briefly again, before saying their goodnights.

Ernst came out of the bathroom, having changed into his pajamas for the night. When Helene returned from the door, he took her in his arms and kissed her forcefully.

Ernst had never seen his wife peck a woman on the lips, let alone make out in front of him. He was getting hard thinking about it. Helene was already on edge and responded with equal eagerness.

Their lovemaking that night was impassioned and urgent. Both did not make it to the bed. Moments after their kissing, Ernst took off Helene’s dress, and then without waiting for her bra and panties to come off, he turned her around, peeled her panties aside, and entered her swiftly from behind. Helene’s pussy was already wet and hungry, and she moaned loud her approval.

‘MMMMmmmmm.’ She moaned.

He humped her from behind while she bent forward with her hands resting on the bed.

Both of them were panting in no time, and Ernst burst into her pussy with a loud, “aaaagghh.”

He was not much of a noisy fellow while making love, but this was a welcome exception to Helene.

Helene had not cum yet, but she was just about there.

She closed her eyes. The first image that came to her mind was that of Sara. She pictured Sara below her; she felt Sara’s lips on hers. She remembered their kiss from a little while back. She remembered Sara going down on her, on the cruise. She started cumming instantly, on Ernst’s dick that was still inside her.

She grunted, “uuuungh.” Loud enough for the room to echo.

Both Ernst and Helene lay still on the bed for a long while before dozing off.

Helene was yet to convince Sara for her next plan, to stay longer, but she knew she would. She would plead to Sara if it comes to that but she would ask her stay for a few days, instead of just one.


The next morning, over breakfast, Sara informed Ernst and Helene that Adam shall not be coming to Germany because he had some work back home in LA. He would take his scheduled flight later in the evening, but she has canceled her ticket. She would have to book another from Germany.

Helene offered, “leave it to me. I will get you the perfect connection to LA from Germany. I will also drop you to the airport personally.”

Sara smiled and reached out to touch Helene’s hand in appreciation.

Ernst offered ‘Sorry to hear you won’t be joining us. Is there any way you can reconsider? It’s just for a day.’

Adam, “I’m sorry, Ernst, but I have something I need to attend to. And it’s urgent. Maybe next time.”

Ernst nodded his consent.


The day was spent sightseeing around the old city in Barcelona, and they went to see the cathedral – Sagrada Familia, and spent some time at Casa Mila. Their day went by like a breeze. Everyone had lunch at an outdoor cafe and they ate Barcino food. The ladies did some shopping, and they all enjoyed each other’s company.

After their lunch, at one boutique Helene chose a dress, she went for a trial. Without thinking twice she held Sara’s hand and pulled her along with her into the trial room.

Inside the trial room, Helene shucked the dress on the small stool, and turned to take Sara in her arms. After a fiery kiss, she went down on Sara’s neck, only to come back up changing her mind as if remembering she had left something in Sara’s mouth. She searched Sara’s mouth for her belongings. Sara let Helene lead the interplay.

All they did was kiss and neck each other. Helene did take the dress off, but it was Sara’s, as if the store’s dress to be tried on by Sara; but she found no logic in letting Sara try it on. Sara’s dress was taken off, only so she could be kissed and licked on every part of her body.

A good twenty minutes later, they came out giggling. Helene bought the dress out of courtesy, having no idea if it would fit Sara or her. The cost of the dress was way too low to bother for what she had achieved in the trial room.

They reached back the hotel around the casino firmaları evening, leaving very little time for Adam to pack and leave for the airport. Their own flight to Cologne was an hour later, and they all decided to travel together to the airport, and the three of them would kill their extra time at the airport lounge.

Adam barely made it to the connection he got for a flight that would take him to New York first and then to LAX. At the airport, Ernst spent his hour relaxing at the first-class lounge, and the ladies strolled the airport, arm-in-arm.

In the flight, their seats were in the first-class and the girls sat in the center row with two seats joint from between, while Ernst took the lone window seat. Their full recliner seats were plush. A shutter, if lifted, divided the seats and could convert them as separate cocoons of isolated spaces – should one want the privacy. But with shutter down, the adjacent recliner seats let the neighbors chat all they wanted. Of course, the girls kept the shutter down throughout the flight of about two and a half hours.

Champagnes were followed by dinner served by beautiful air-hostesses. With that out of the way, the lights were dimmed, so as to let passengers relax before arrival into Cologne. Sara stepped out in the aisle and pulled the shutter up on her aisle side. She moved up the aisle to the front of the plane, two rows ahead, and turned towards the other side aisle. On reaching Helene’s seat, she stepped in front of Helene, facing her and slowly pulled the shutter on Helene’s aisle side, and they were now in an enclosed cubicle. Sara pulled the hand-rest between the two seats and made the two-recliner seats as one large space for both of them.

Sara brought up her knees on either side of Helene’s thighs and rode her once again in the exact fashion she had a couple of days back on the cruise. She descended with her lips on Helene for a scorching kiss, shoving her pussy into Helene’s and her elbows on Helene’s shoulders, her hands behind her head, and pulling Helene into her face. Their breasts mashing in front, Helene brought her arms behind Sara to pull her tight with all her might. They kept kissing one after another and then another. Helene released one hand from behind Sara and pressed the recline-button without looking at the console, and they started going back and stopped only when the back was on full recline.

Sara was riding her, with knees still outside of Helene’s hips. She pressed into Helene, from her mound to her shoulders. They were attached at their lips, as if with adhesive. Eventually slowing down, their kissing relaxed to a loving pace with no urgency; they was no hurry; there was no rush. They kissed slowly, loving and sucking each other.

For the next hour, Sara just rode Helene, laid on top of her. Eventually, they had stopped kissing, but Sara had dug her lips in Helene’s neck, embracing her. She stayed there until the call bell announced plane’s descent towards Cologne. They both reluctantly peeled away from each other, and Sara took her seat next to Helene. Post buckling up, their hands were locked and resting on the hand-rest between them. The airline staff pulled the shutters back down, for the landing.


When they reached Cologne, the ride back home was a little over an hour. Their car was parked at the airport, and they took the A1 to get home.

Helene asked Ernst sweetly, “Ernst, do you mind if I sit at the back with Helene.”

Ernst was already way too confused with what was going on with Helene to respond. He just smiled and nodded.

Helene and Sara talked on their way home, with Helene sunk deep into Sara’s arm. Their faces were close, and Sara’s arm was around Helene’s shoulder. Both looked towards one another, as they whispered sweet nothing into each other’s face. Every couple of sentences, one would kiss the other on her lips, and then there was silence for many long minutes. The conversation would restart, and then again the kissing would break it off mid-sentence.

Ernst had a hard time concentrating on the road with this foreplay between the girls. By the time, they reached home late evening they were all dead tired.

Their large house gates opened by an electronic remote system fitted in their car and they drove down the driveway to the house. Sara was super impressed with the expansive house from outside and the sophisticated interiors inside the mansion of a home. Helene showed off the house to Sara with pride and took her to a room right, opposite theirs. The room belonged to their son, Peter. Their own room and Sara’s shared a small living section – a kind of sitting area with two large sofas, a TV, a fireplace, a piano, and a shelf full of books. Usually, their family of three would sit around here in the evenings and read or watch TV or just relax together. The house itself was large, but they had intentionally built it to ensure the two rooms – their own and their son Peter’s – were nearby, and an intervening güvenilir casino sitting section would act as a lounge exclusively for the family.

Ernst was surprised when Helene offered Peter’s room to Sara, what with at least four other spare rooms in the house. There was another on the first floor, which his parents used when they came to stay. But he thought nothing of it, reckoned it was a matter of a day or so.

Sara loved the cozy set up of the adjacent bedrooms and the sitting room in the middle. She politely asked Helene and Ernst to give her a room other than that of Peter’s, but Helene insisted – to which Sara could not say anything.

When everyone had freshened up, changed for the night – they met again in the sitting area. Helene offered wine to Sara, which she declined. Ernst, after a drink, retreated to the bedroom and left the girls to talk. He was only half confident that he might get up in the morning and see them still talking on the sofa there.

After an hour or so of sitting together, they fell silent, exhausted, but unwilling to let go of each other. They had slumped on the sofa and cuddled into each other. Both were silent for a few minutes, and finally, Helene moved her back up and bent down on Sara to kiss her. They both necked again for a long while before breaking off.

Helene got up from the sofa even though her thighs were under Sara’s head, making Sara also shift and sit up. Helene pulled Sara up and held her right hand in her left. Instead of going for a good night kiss, or good night, Helene turned towards her bedroom while continuing to hold Sara’s hand. Clearly, Helene was inviting Sara into her bedroom. The resistance to Sara’s hand was negligible. Sara walked behind a resolute Helene with their fingers locked in one hand.

Once inside the bedroom, they saw Ernst lying down on the bed, and his eyes closed. There was a small light on the other side of the bedside table that was on, and the rest of the room was dark. That was Helene’s side.

Helene did not stop or pause to check on Ernst, or to check with him. Her sensually-charged mind found no reason. Upon reaching the far side of the bed, she kicked her slipper off, removed her hand from Sara’s grip, turned to face Sara.

While looking into Sara’s eyes, Helene pulled her nightie off, and she was naked under it. She pulled her hands up on Sara’s shoulder to pick up the straps of her nightie and let them fall off from her arms. The silk fell to the ground in one swift motion. Sara was not wearing any bra either, but she had panties on her. Helene sat back on the bed and bent forward to take the panties from off Sara’s hips. Sara merely complied silently with whatever Helene was doing.

Once Helene had Sara as naked as she herself was, she sat back and parked her palms on the bed behind her. Admiring Sara’s nakedness in the low yellow light of the bedside lamp, she looked up into Sara’s eyes before pulling herself up on the bed. When she reached the middle of the bed, she arched towards the pillows next to Ernst with her back towards him. She left ample space for Sara to join on the bed. Once she had placed herself where she wanted, her right arm lifted towards Sara inviting her to join in.

Sara, aware of what was expected of her, reached out with her left hand to hold Helene’s hand. She stepped up on the bed with her knee taking the corner first and then her other climbing up. Once she was on the bed she reclined next to Helene, facing her friend.

Once Sara was in the bed with her, Helene opened her arms completely, and Sara sunk into her arms, full length. A few moves later, they were in a full-frontal embrace with their bellies and lips pasted; their breasts’ mashing into one another; their legs entwined to have their pussies and mounds touching. Their lips opened slightly for a long lover’s kiss with slow tonguing. They were tired and beat from the entire day of sightseeing and travel.

They both slept in each other’s arms. Every couple of hours, one or the other would get up to notice that they had untangled, then she would pull the other back into her arms and fall asleep again. It got repeated the entire night and early morning. They were tired and slept heavy, but what trumped their weariness hands down was their horniness and their attraction towards one another. Their sleep was so scattered that when both got up in the morning, in each other’s arms, their heads were heavy, and they were drifty.

When Ernst got up in the morning, before either of them, he was surprised to see this new interplay. Two naked women in his bed.


Months back, when Ernst and Helene had discussed swinging briefly, it was shot down. Their tryst with experimenting led them to explore various ways to spice up their sex lives, including porn videos, and seeing some adult TV channels. They gave it up soon enough and moved on to other ways to deal with their experimentation.

In a candid opening up and talking about fantasizes, he had shared with her that he had fantasized about a threesome. Helene had laughed at it, at the time; and to lessen his embarrassment, he had also laughed it aside. Having another woman in his bed, along with his wife, was his ultimate fantasy.

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