Glory at a Glory Hole


Glory at a Glory HoleFor those interested in GH play, I have a favorite adult establishment for such indulgence. It is located south of Sioux Falls, SD. The venue is 1/2 retail store and 1/2 video booths and theaters. Having been absent for a few months, I had opportunity to revisit the site. It was pretty much the same, layout-wise, but they’d done some interior renovation: fresh paint, trim, etc. They also got some new video equipment and furniture for the theaters. Good to see.I checked in, paid my entry fee, and cruised. Since it was a Wednesday, there were few in the facility. Most were middle-age, but a couple of youngers were there as well. I checked out the booths, to see if the GHs still existed – they did! Also very good to see.I entered a booth, dropped my pants, and began viewing videos while indulging in some self-pleasure. It’s always been my M.O. to stand in a direct line to the GH, so anyone aydın escort peeking could get a full view. It didn’t take long for the first fingers to wiggle in the hole. I stepped on over, and slid my now-erect cock into the hole. Since the fingers looked like those of a pretty young guy, I figured it was a bonus. I felt a hand on my turgid shaft, and then the lips. He didn’t take it as though he’d not eaten in a month; rather, he began to kiss the head. Quite pleasing. After a few minutes of oral penetration, he placed a couple of fingers on the base of my cock, as he worked the head with his mouth. He wasn’t particularly adept, but he seemed to be giving it his all. After a few more minutes, I withdrew, squatted at the hole and whispered “It needs to be a 2-way street. When you’ve drained me, it’s my turn with your cock!” He whispered “OK,” and we resumed my pleasure. I made the most balıkesir escort of it, and eventually orgasmed. I could hear him gasp and choke a bit, but he was a trooper and recovered quickly. After composing ourselves, I half expected him to bail out – but he did not. Within a couple of minutes, I watched a one-eyed pants mouse begin to peek at me. It was a lovely, slender, almost alabaster white member. Clearly, he was young. The flesh was smooth – no folds or creases. I proceeded to reciprocate, even though he had said a return cock suck was not necessary. Slipping my tongue tip into his cock slit caused him to jerk back a bit. He thrust forward again, and I began giving him the “Silken Swirl.” His cock grew even larger, and I detected precum oozing a bit from the tip. It was a joy to find a young cock, as most of the guys in the preceding months had been from middle-age escort bayan to mature. I began raking my front teeth across his cock head, and he again jerked back a bit. I told him to relax. He seemed hesitant to reinsert his cock into the hole, but I convinced him it was for pleasure – not for pain. His pubic hair was a bit springy, and light brown. I imagined what he looked like in the altogether, but the beauty and hotness of a Glory Hole is seeing only cock and balls. As I suspected, he didn’t last long. Perhaps my teeth either caused him to want to get it over with, or aroused him even further. The first clue to an orgasm was a high-pitched squeal. I knew it was time. Pushing my mouth closer to the wall, I got as much of his rod as I could into my mouth. My forward/back thrusts sped up, and he released shortly thereafter. Young guys have such thick cum. Very hot, to be sure.We again recovered, and began to pull ourselves together. I thought I heard a voice again, and bent down to the hole. A slip of paper came through the same hole we’d used for shared pleasure. It was his first name and a phone number. Apparently, he liked my style.It was, indeed, a Glory at a Glory Hole!

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