Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 28

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While watching Jodie lap away eagerly but clumsily at Jenny’s pussy, Kristin ran one hand down inside the front of Jodie’s panties. She was absolutely soaked down there, and it was with no resistance whatsoever that Kristin slipped one finger inside her, then two, then three.

Jodie ground up and down on Kristin’s hand while letting out a series of high-pitched little moans. It soon became clear to Kristin that Jodie was never going to be able to bring Jenny to orgasm, so she again took hold of Jodie’s head and steered it over between Sasha’s legs. Completely without any hesitancy or shame at this point, Jodie dove into Sasha’s crotch as Kristin took charge of finishing Jenny off, which she did with a few skillful licks of the clit.

Now Kristin took hold of Jenny’s hand and pulled her down onto her knees. Together they watched Jodie, somewhat awkwardly positioned with her hands cuffed behind her back, jam her tongue way up inside Sasha as Sasha leaned back on her heels. Kristin glanced over at Miss White, who was looking on impassively but approvingly.

Again it became clear that Jodie simply did not know, yet, how to make a girl come. Kristin pulled her away from Sasha’s cunt and motioned for Jenny to take over. Jenny complied obediently and Kristin pulled Jodie to her for a kiss, this time tasting the flavor of two separate vaginas on her lips.

Kristin again looked over at Miss White, who now uncrossed her legs and stood up. She casino şirketleri began to walk over toward them, moving slowly with a swagger in her step. When she was standing right next to them she lifted her skirt to reveal a long, thick black strap-on that dangled in the air just inches away from them.

Taking hold of the shaft, Kristin ran her tongue along the underside of the dildo, locking eyes with Jodie as she did so. Jodie watched raptly as Kristin licked the artificial phallus up and down and all around, covering every square inch of its surface with her saliva.

When the moment felt right Miss White nodded to Kristin, who put a hand on the back of Jodie’s head and bent her forward so her ass was in the air. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back, making her a lovely picture of submissive vulnerability. She still had panties on but it was time for them to go, Miss White decided.

Picking up the scissors, Miss White deftly snipped the waistband of Jodie’s panties on either side. She then gathered up the ruined undergarment and pushed it into Jodie’s mouth to gag her, giving her a taste of her own pussy.

Miss White bent down on one knee and slipped a hand between Jodie’s legs; she was creamy wet and delightfully soft. For a moment Miss White stopped to wonder if Jodie might be a virgin — if so this could be messy. But there was no chance she was going to stop now. The wide-eyed look on Jodie’s face said she wanted casino firmaları it, needed it even; and Miss White was just the one to give it to her.

First, though, she wanted to warm up Jodie’s ass a little bit. After gently caressing it with her fingertips, Miss White hauled off and whacked Jodie hard on one butt cheek with an open palm. Jodie let out a surprised, muffled “Mmmph,” then braced herself as Miss White pulled back the hand again and brought it down on the other cheek.

After half a dozen blows on each side Jodie’s ass was nice and pink and her facial expression had progressed from fear, to surrender, to a kind of exaltation as she absorbed all the punishment Miss White could give her. Only then did Miss White use one foot to push Jodie’s legs apart, then guide the tip of the strap-on forward until it was pressed against her vulva.

All of them — Miss White, Kristin, Jenny, and Sasha — watched Jodie’s face as the head of the dildo penetrated her. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth went slack, a resonant hum emerging from deep down in her throat. Miss White pulled the ruined panties from her mouth so she could be as noisy as she wanted.

Taking hold of Jodie’s hips, Miss White slowly pushed all the way in, grinding hard against her as her body quivered with ecstasy. Jodie was moaning loudly and shamelessly now, her breath coming in staccato gasps as Miss White moved in and out of her. Kristin, Jenny, and Sasha güvenilir casino stood around touching themselves as they watched.

Reaching one hand around, Miss White gently brushed Jodie’s clit with her fingertip. That was all it took; Jodie shuddered and shook as the orgasm pulsed through her, from her crotch to her extremities and back again. She rested her head on the floor for awhile, just breathing and vibrating, but Miss White wasn’t done with her.

Looking up, Miss White locked eyes with Kristin and jerked her head to indicate what she wanted. Kristin lowered herself to the floor next to Jodie’s head and spread her legs wide. Jodie gulped as Miss White took hold of the back of her head and guided it toward Kristin’s crotch. It was clear what was expected of her, and Jodie obediently began to lick the blond senior’s pussy as Miss White resumed fucking her.

When Jodie came for a second time Miss White used her right hand to pull Jodie’s head back and her left to finger Kristin to orgasm. Miss White then pushed her juice-slick fingers into Jodie’s mouth and gripped her tightly, slamming into her again and again, holding nothing back now. Jodie’s third climax was convulsive. She slobbered on Miss White’s hand and went completely limp, heartbeat thundering in her ears as her last cries died away.

Miss White slowly lowered Jodie back to the floor and pulled out of her, dildo bobbing in the air as she stood up and stretched. After a minute Jodie rolled over and managed to sit up, smiling weakly as she gazed up at the imperious figure of Alexis White, then over at the three naked girls beside her. She knew immediately that, from this moment forward, her life would never be the same again.

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