Gfs best friend


Gfs best friendSo this is a true story with changed names.I’m Phil 30 good looking English lad I’m 5’10 with blue eyes and shaved head and a nice body with nice 7 and half inch fat cock that stays hard all night even after coming a few times. I started dating Louise who was from work and slightly older but very beautiful she had blonde hair nice tan about 5’4 size 12 34c with the best ass we had long sex sessions every time she squirted which she said she never done that before although I didn’t believe that she used to say she’s told her friends and they can’t believe it. So the first time she introduced me to two of her friends we was on a night out and they came in to meet us both her friends was beautiful they was Vicky who was 25 and Olivia who was 30. Vicky was 5’9 and very slim with straight black hair and a slightly boyish figure with small 34a and slim ass and very shy. Olivia was total opposite 5’2 brown hair with blonde going through it size12 with 36dd tits and a big ass and very tanned she wasn’t shy at all. Louise introduced us I kissed Vicky on both cheeks and Olivia grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips I looked at Louise and she just smiled and shocked her head I went to the bar to get the drinks and could her then laughing away so I returned to them with the drinks and Olivia just comes out with “I her your the first person to make Louise squirt”I just look at Louise and she’s got her face In her hands Vicky says “Olivia give up behave yourself”Then turns to me and asks what I do so we start chatting as Louise and Olivia chat then get up and go to the toilet together me and Vicky continue chatting she’s really smart and nice to chat too then they return with cocktails and shots straight away I fell abit tipsy so I know they was worse I go to the toilet and illegal bahis when I come back where we was sat in the bar they was a few steps up to our table as I climbed the straps I looked up and Olivia is facing me with her dress slightly pulled up and her legs open and as the light catches her I’m sure she has no knickers on then she smiles and crosses her legs as I sit opposite her she taps next to her so I go over and sit next to her I say where have they gone she says” for a wee and a smoke”I just say ok and smile as I look in her eyes I can tell she’s properly drunk she put her hand in my crotch and says “will you make me squirt” I say ” I’m seeing Louise so no” she just says “we share everything” I just say “well if I did sleep with you I would make you cum” she says” is that a promise” I just say “yes”and she squeezes my balls and says “I want to fuck you so bad” at that point the others return and say “what you two talking about” I say before Olivia says anything “Olivia was telling me you share everything” she gos abit red and says “no olivia just fucks everyone” and starts laughing at which point Olivia says “you only live once so come on let’s go back to yours Louise and let me fuck him” I’m like what the fuck we are all too drunk where’s this gunna go I’m excited as Louise rings a taxi and says “you coming Vicky” vicky replays “sure but I’ll just watch” I’m thinking watch what? So I’m the taxi I sit in the back between Louise and Vicky as Olivia is tolddd to sit in front and behave. So I turn to Vicky and whisper ” what you gunna watch” she replies with a smile ” you’ll see” so we pull up outside and driver says “5pound please” Olivia says “can we have it free if I show you my tits” I pull her out and pay the driver we get inside have a few drinks abit of a dance illegal bahis siteleri a proper laugh all of you getting really drunk when I’m dancing with Vicky and getting very turned on when I realise she’s putting her hand inside my trousers and grabs my hard cock saying “I’m a better fuck than both of these and starts kissing me at that point I stop her to look for Louise to see if she’s ok when I realise their not their I’m like “eh where’s them two” Vicky says up to their usual tricks upstairs probably and continues to kiss me then stops and says she hasn’t done anything infront of them before so I say it’s cool if you don’t want at which point she drops to her knees and gets my cock out licking my balls and up my cock slowly teasing it by this point my cock is rock hard and she says ” fuck me phil this is huge my boyfriend is only just 5 inch and very thin” I say “can you deepthroat” she’s says him yes and gags about half way on me but keeps going then I say what if we get caught she says it fine they’ll both like it at which point they returned both wearing sexy lingerie and with shock Olivia screams ” what the fuck you dirty bitch” Vicky looks scared and stands up when they both walk over and say you better suck that dick now so Vicky does and they start talking about her technique saying deepthroat it and she just keeps gagging which Louise does too when Olivia says move I’ll show you how it’s done and drops to her knees instantly going balls deep and it feels amazing then she says see that’s how you do it at which point Louise says I know how you do it but I can’t do Olivia says” well as you too can’t suck a dick properly guess it’s up to me” Louise says fine as she pulls Vicky over opposite me and starts undressing her then she makes her sit down and gos down canlı bahis siteleri on her at that point Olivia stops and gets up kissing me deep and says I wanna feel your cock inside me and says lie down please and she just squats on my rock hard cock gasping as her ass touches my balls and moaning then I see Louise jump up and says “fuck Olivia I told you I was first” Olivia just says” stop bitching ” I can tell Louise is pissed off so I jump up and grab Louise kissing her deep and say come here sexy I sit her down in the chair as Olivia stats moaning it was my turn I just turn and say” Olivia shut the fuck up” she is kinda shocked I say to Vicky come over and let louise continue licking your pussy she blushes but does it so I got Louise infront of me taking my full length and moaning while Vicky is straddling her face and kissing me when I hear Olivia again say” what am I meant to do ” I just say joking lick my ass” then I feel her licking my ass and grabbing my balls when I stop kissing Vicky as I says to her she’s actually doing it and Vicky just says “yeah Olivia is filth” as I hear Louise say” fuck me im gunna cum “so I start to increase the speed and Vicky climbs off Olivia jumps up and says “I want to see this” so I start going really hard and flick her clit hard and very fast as I can tell it’s gunna squirt I pull out my cock flicking her pussy lips as she squirts hard and screams. Olivia just says wow and starts to lick her pussy going “mmmmm so tasty” as she lays there I see Vicky playing with herself so I motion her over and start to lick her pussy and finger her when she says “I’m gunna cum I start to go faster and she cums but she doesn’t squirt so Olivia say” surly it’s my turn so I say “get here you filthy bitch” she does and starts to suck my cock so good and licking my balls she starts going lower and running my ass I look over to Vicky and Louise and there in abit of a daze. As Olivia licks from my ass to my bell end she says “I’m gunna make you cum so hard” with the filthiest look I’ve ever seen TBC

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