Getting my own back on my husband ( with a twist )


Getting my own back on my husband ( with a twist )Not so very long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine, who told me she had seen my husband at a night club, I found this a bit unusual, as he hardly went out, but when I enquired about the time, and what night it was, I remembered my husband coming home late that particular night/morning, so the Agatha Christie started to come out in me, this had to be investigated further, I asked my friend to help, I waited patiently until the next night came around, which was. Tuesday night, as the week before, my husband asked me if it was ok for him to go and have a few beers with his pals, John and Peter, I told him it was ok, that I’d call over to my friend and have a glass of wine or two, he had a shower and dolled himself up, he smelled like a fucking perfume factory when he came out of the shower, this was no few beers with the boys I thought to myself, but said nothing, off he went, and I phoned my friend to come collect me in her car, we were like to private detectives, staking out a joint, we went and sat opposite the night club, expecting it to be a long wait, but it was a lot shorter than we thought, only about half an hour had passed, and we saw my husband coming out with a woman, I had to admit, she looked nice, canlı casino they got into a cab and pulled away, and of course we followed at a safe distance, after a while, they pulled up outside an apartment block, and they both went in, it was my intention of confronting them, but when I got to the door of the block, I saw you had to put in a code to open the door, we got back in the car, and my friend told me to ring him, which I did, but got no answer, ( let’s call her Mary ), told me to calm down, and said I could challenge him when he got home, with photos of the apartment block, that she took with her phone, your going to have to teach him a lesson Mary said, yes I fucking am I said, but didn’t know how just then, but my opportunity came within 20 minutes of us leaving the apartment block, on our way back, we had to pass the night club again, and who should be just coming out to the front door, only my husbands friend Peter, I knew he smoked, so I assumed he was coming out for a cigarette, ” call him over said Mary, we’ll fucking beat the truth out of him ” when I did call him, he got a shock to see us there, he didn’t know which way to turn, but he did walk over to the car, Mary being Mary, didn’t hold back, she started into him straight away, ” whose the güvenilir casino whore her husband is with ” she said, what the fuck are you talking about he replied, you know you slimy cunt said Mary, her husband is away fucking some slut, if he is said Peter, I know fuck all about it, I got a call from him, to meet him here at 11:0clock, that’s all I know, I didn’t get a chance to open my mouth, Mary said, ” covering his tracks I suppose, the dirty scumbag ” I swear I know nothing said Peter, and at that instant, I knew how to get my revenge, or a couple of seconds later at least, ” are you going home he asked me, is there any chance you’d drop me off at my place, which wasn’t too far from my own house, “get in said Mary, but if I find out your telling us lies, I’ll chop your balls off ” we drove home, dropping Peter off, Mary asked if I wanted her to stay with me, I told her no, it was best if we sorted this out without getting anyone else involved, but at that stage, I had decided, what’s good for him, was good for me too, I went in home, and immediately phoned Peter, asking him to call round to discuss the issue, saying I wasn’t blaming him, Peter wasn’t what you’d call handsome, but he wasn’t ugly either, he was well built, and had a great smile, when he internet casino arrived, I was drinking a wine, but had made my mind up, if my husband was fucking someone else, his wife was going to get fucked too, he sat on the couch, drinking one of my husbands lagers, which I got from the fridge, I told him straight up, I don’t want you to say anything, just sit there and say nothing, he said ok, I put my wine down, and went over to him, I opened his belt and undid the button of his pants, pushed his zip down, and took his cock out, it wasn’t a monster, but it was bigger than my husbands, when I saw it standing, I lifted my shirt and dropped my panties, I didn’t go into foreplay, like playing or sucking, I straddled his knees, and sat straight down on it, I held onto his shoulders, and rode him as hard as I could, I have to admit, he was a stayer, he spunked me Three times, giving me two lovely gushes, we never said a word to each other, we just fucked, but that has led me into a whole new world of sex, and I mean everything, things I never even knew about, which included Mary at a later stage, because there were things about her I didn’t know either, one of which is, she is Bi sexual, like I say, a whole new world of excitement, my husband is still fucking the woman, but I’ll bet he’s not having as much fun as me, and today is the day I really sicken him, I’m going after his sister, wish me luck, I might come back and let you know what happened, by the way, Peter is now my lover and fuck buddy

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