Getting it from a Black Cowboy


Getting it from a Black CowboyDamian Fields was tapping away on his iPad when his wife of five years entered the room. She started, “Hey, baby! Whatcha doing?”“Looking at pro football stats. What’s up,” the construction worker shared.“Well…”“Are you pregnant,” Damian asked matter-of-factly.“No,” the woman laughed. “Ah. Okay. What’s up, baby girl?”“I just got off the phone with my dad. He says Braylin got an internship here this summer. He and Alicia are wondering if he can stay wth us.”Damian shrugged his shoulders and repied, “Why not? We got room.”“Okay. I’ll tell them he can come.”“Cool. I was thinking about grilling some steaks for dinner. That good for you?”“Yeah. Sounds good. I’m heading over to the hairdresser now. See you later.”“Bye baby!”Damian went back to his research. The six-foot-one-inch, two-hundrend-ten-pound, dark-skin man thought about Braylin. The college student was his wife’s half-brother. Her father started screwing a Domincan woman behind her mother’s back many years ago. A bitter divorce ensued and within two days of its end, Fred Poole had wed his mistress. Braylin resulted a year later. It had been a rough timein family relations between the father and his c***dren, but things were copasetic now. Damian had never known the drama, but his wife had filled him in. It was all water under the proverbial bridge now.Three years ago, Damian and his wife went to her family reunion. That was the first time he met Braylin. The youngster was sixteen, short, light-skinned with curly hair, and had a slender build. Damian was asked to go pick up some ice before all the guests arrived for the cook-out. Everyone was swooning around. Damian let it be known that he was not rize escort familiar with the area so he needed a guide. Alicia Poole offered up Braylin. Braylin rolled his eyes and begrudgingly followed his brother-in-law. They hopped into Damian’s 2010 metallic gold Chevy Tahoe LTZ. “Ooh wee,” cried Braylin. “These leather seats are hot!”“My bad,” apologized the driver. “Let me turn on the seat cooler for you.”“Thanks!”“It wouldn’t be a big deal if you didn’t have on those short shorts,” chuckled Damian. “Yeah I guess.”“I got a question for you.”“What is it?”“Why were you so mad about showing me where to get ice?”“Because I was trying to do my S.A.T. prep test.”“Oh my bad!”“It’s all good. Dad’s family comes in every year and it’s all about them.”“You’re just like your sister – very determined.”“Really?”“Hell yeah! Where do I go?”“Turn right at the light. Then make a left at the next parking lot.”When Damian brought his Tahoe to a stop, Braylin said, “Dad gave me his card. I’ll get the ice and be right back.”“Okay,” the chocolate driver replied. Damian watched as Braylin got out the truck. He noticed how slender Braylin’s waist was, but yet the ice-getter had a bubble booty.Braylin was switching.Damian was enthralled by its movement.Braylin completed his task and returned to the vehicle with two bags of ice.Damian put the SUV in drive. He said, “ Why don’t you like me?”“What,” inquired Braylin.“I’m just wondering.”“I do like you.”“Well, what do you like about me,” the smooth brother steered the conversation.“I like that you’re a good person.”“Is that all?”“I like your ability to drive.”“Nothing else?”“What are you talking about?”“I mean my body.”“Oh I see. Yes your sakarya escort body is amazing!”“You wanna do anything to my body? It’s all our secret. You don’t tell. I won’t tell.”“I wanna suck your dick.”“Hell yeah! Tell me where to pull off in private.”Braylin escorted Damian to a small turn-off.Damian brought his Tahoe to a stop. “What’s up,” he asked.“Pull it out!”“Yeah,” stated Damian as he extracted his tool.Braylin began sucking the hard nine-inch dick.“You suckin’ that dick good as hell,” approved Damian.“”Thank you,” responded Braylin after pulling his lips away.“Where you learn to suck dick like that?“A friend.”Damian nutted. He drove back to the family reunion with great speed.‘You suck dick real good,” admitted Damian. “Who taught you?”“Can we keep secrets,” Braylin askied.“Yeah baby boi! We can’t tell nobody we what we did.”“ I won’t tell anyone.”“Good! Who been fucking you?”“Uncle Leroy.”“Is he fucking you tonight?”“Yes.”“Tell him I wanna join.”“Okay.”Leroy was a very tall, beefy man. He started wooing Braylin when the boy was ten years old. He loved sticking his eight-inch dick in the little sissy.Later that night, Uncle Leroy was pumping Braylin full of dick. Damian was watching. “Take that big nigga dick,” Aunt Roberta’s husband yelled.“Oh yes,” screamed Braylin.“Damn, bitch! You been takin’ them got-damn pills I gave you too.”“Yes, Daddy!”“Li’l bitch titties growing. I like that shit!”“Fuck my li’l faggot ass, Daddy”“Ooh yeah, sissy! Now, we got another nigga over here watching me fuck you!”“Yes, sir!”“You turning into a real faggot hoe! That’s what I like!”“Really?!?”“Yeah ask that nigga if he wanna take over.”Damian gladly jumped in. escort bayan He had been stroking his fat nine-inch dick. He plunged inside.“Fuck me,” wailed Braylin.“Damn,” Damian howled.“Fuck me like a pussyboi!”“Ah shit! Take this dick, bitch!”“Yes, Daddy!” The sex that night had been amazing.Back to the present day, Damian rolled over and got out of the bed. He went into the master bathroom and walked into his closet. He entered the code to open his safe and grabbed his burner phone. He called Braylin.“Hello,” answered the diminutive bottom.“Hey,” Damian said. “I heard you comin’ to stay wit’ me.”“Yes. I am! I’m so excited.”“You know we gon’ fuck every night when that bitch go to work.”“I’m so ready for that!”“You better be.”“I am!”“How long till you get here,” quizzed Damian.“Two weeks.”“Good boi! Make sure you text this phone every day!”“Yes sir! I will.”Damian was a planner. During the time that he been getting ready for Braylin to arrive, he went on to an adult video store. He opened an account with them. He explained to Braylin where to go after leaving the airport. Braylin bought an aquamarine sequin petticoat dress and some silver spiked heels. Braylin contacted Damian. Damian asked what he had. The big, tall man told him to buy panties.Damian picked up his brother-in-law from the appointed location.“Hey, baby boi, you ready for us,” Damian inquired.“Yes, sir! I am!”That night, Damian’s wife was on her shift as a night nurse.“Take this big nigga dick boi,” yelled Damian.“Fuck me hard,” cried Braylin. “Oh baby! I love fucking you!”“Give it to me!”“You like takin’ this big dick in my wife’s bed? You love disrespectin’ your sister.”“Yes, sir! Fuck me!”“Got damn, boi! I love how you take this grown man dick!”“I love that big grown man dick in my sissy pussy,” cooed Braylin.“Oh, yeah, faggot,” grimaced Damian.“Fuck me harder!”“Yeah! Take dat dick!”“I love it!”Damian pounded Braylin. The big grown man dick pummeled the sissy. It was so good.

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