Gem’s breakdown


Gem’s breakdownGem had been waiting 45 minutes. Her husband had picked her up from work and they were driving to a hotel for a romantic weekend. The car had broken down on a country road. Jim had tried to see what the problem but couldn’t find it so had left 45 minutes ago to go find a garage. It had been a long hard day at work, the office was so hot she had taken her bra off at lunch. Standing in front of the car in just a shirt and her business skirt with stockings and black heels, Gem only saw 2 cars go pass and could not entice either to stop or help. As the rain started to get harder, round the corner came a large grey Mercedes saloon. The driver seeing the Gem, who had unbutton her shirt a little and pulled up her skirt, immediately slowed down and pulled over to stop in front of Gem. The driver stepped out and hurried over to Gem throwing his suit jacket over her shoulders.“Car trouble? I’m James, what happened here?” Gem quickly explained, James nodded, “OK then. Why don’t you go get in the car, the heating is on, there is a blanket in the back, make yourself comfy, get dry and warm I will see if I can do anything to the car.” Gem smiled and quickly got into the back seat while James went to inspect the broken down car. Climbing into the car, Gem quickly took off her wet shirt and skirt and huddled up in the blanket with just a thin thong, stockings and heels. James jogged back from her car and got in the drivers seat, noticing the pile of clothes as he did. Trying to not look, James got in the back with Gem.“Are you ok? Warm enough? I can’t see anything wrong with the car, I’m sorry”Gem smiled back at him, “I’m warming up. I’m sorry about taking of my wet clothes.”James looked awkward but lent down and picked up the damp clothes. “Its ok. We need you to warm up. Here let me.” He lay the clothes out on the front seat then turned to Gem and rubbed her shoulders and arms trying to warm up. Gems blanket fell off her shoulders as he took his hands away, briefly showing her full round tits with stiff nipples. “Oh god, sorry, how embarrassing.” Gem quickly covered up her beautiful tits as James started to rub her shoulders again. “Thank you”“It’s a pleasure. Are you ok? Sorry I keep asking…” “I’m feeling better, thank you. Just a bit cold, as you could probably tell.”“Yeah, sorry they are very eye catching I couldn’t stop myself looking. They would warm up a bit if you rubbed them, and it would get your heart rate up against the cold.”“I’m not sure, I mean, I’m married!”“Its ok, just massage them gently, under the blanket, focus on the nipples. You need to warm up.”“Alright.” Gem slowly started to rub her large tits under the cover of the blanket, which kept slipping and restricting her. “Better?” James asked without trying to look too intently as Gem fondled her breast“A bit yes, you were right about this. But I am getting nowhere with this bloody blanket on… do you mind if I lose it? Its ok you can look, I suppose I can give my hero a little look to reward him” Gem giggled and bit her lip as she let the blanket fall behind her. “That’s better. I hate being restricted.” Gem continued to rub her tits, circling the nipples. James turned in his seat to get a comfortable look. “I am warming up, but my nipples are only getting harder.”“Oh well at least you are warming up, erm I am not quite sure bahis şirketleri what to do”“Why don’t you try? It was your idea.” Gem looked at James, her face full of mischief.“Well if that’s what my damsel in distress wants, that is what she’ll get” James moved into the middle of the back seat as Gem turned to face him. She moved her legs up so one was behind James and the other across his lap. She could feel the hardening cock in his trouser against her calf. She held her breath as James leant forward and gently grasped her tits. His thumb rolled over her stiff nipple then circled it, then did the same to the other nipple. Gem let out a small moan. “Do you like them?” James nodded, smiling “Did you enjoy watching me play with my tits? You seemed to like the view”“God yes, you are stunning. And your nipples aren’t the only things getting stiff.”“Oh I know” Gem moved her stocking-covered foot to stroke the bulge in her rescuers trousers. James groaned, Gem giggled like a school girl “Naughty boy”.“God you are so… wow”“Thank you. You really like what you see?”“Yes. You are gorgeous.”“Thank you. Why don’t you come closer keep me warmer.” James moved closer and Gem pulled him toward her and kissed him. James continued to massage her firm tits, Gem’s tongue swirled round his as her legs locked round his body. “God I feel overdressed” James’ hands moved down to her pants. “Well looks like these need to go with the rest of the wet clothes” A damp patch had formed on Gem’s thong, making them see-through. “Open the door, give us more space and get that suit off.” James did as he was told and got out the car and walked round to Gem’s side. Opening her door, Gem turned round and reach out the undo James’ belt, now at the perfect height. James quickly discarded his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. Gem had completely undone his trousers and he let them fall down and stepped out of them. Gem now sat in front of him, and leaning back slowly slid down her thong and threw it into the front seat. She sat up and slowly pulled down James’ boxers. “Oh that is a nice cock. And so hard, just for me.” She ran her hands over James’ hard dick, exploring it. “Bigger than my husbands, thicker and longer. And nice full balls, I am a lucky girl.” She leant forward and as her hand started to slowly stroke the hard cock, kissed its big head. Gem opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head, her tongue beginning to swirl round the tip. Her hand started to pump the shaft faster, and James’ hands found her hair. She forced her hair to take all 7 ½ inches of James’ hard cock as a car went past. Gem stopped deep-throating her heroes cock and smiled looking up. James smiled back, “I am so glad I stopped to help you. Now its my turn.” James pushed Gem back to lay on the back seat and knelt between her legs, pulling them over his shoulders. Gem looked down between her big tits, hands playing with her nipples as she watched James lick his lips and bury his head in her shaven cunt. His tongue flicked out and teased her clit briefly before he drove it deep to swirl around her wet pussy. “Oooooo baby yes. You definitely know how to use that. I’m sorry the office was hot today, I must be a bit sweaty down there. But please please don’t stop baby, pleeeeeee…” James’s tongue cut her short as her whole body tensed and arched. youwin His tongue pressed on her clit while his fingers drove deep, fucking her welcoming cunt. “Yes, Yes. So good. Oh god.” Gem gripped James’s hair while her legs locked round his head holding him deep, while she thrust her hips into his face. James pressed hard with his tongue and pumped his fingers harder into her cunt as she tightened round them. He waited until her longest loudest scream before driving his tongue deep to get it covered in her delicious cum. Gem collapsed panting on the back seat, “My god, I needed that.”James licked his lips and stood up smiling, “Good, but now I need you,” he leant down to help her out the car “come on I want you on my bonnet.”Gem looked shocked, “But what if people drive past, they’ll see”James’ grin was full of mischief “Good.” He pulled her onto her feet and kissed her passionately, his mouth tasting of her pussy, the best it had ever tasted. He led her to the front of the car and finally broke the kiss. He moved behind her and gently pushed her to bend over the bonnet. One hand gripped her hip while the other guided his hard cock towards wet pussy. He let the big head rub against her tight lips.“Don’t tease, please don’t tease. Give it to me baby.” James moved his cock so the slightest thrust would let him slide deep. He gripped both her hips and took a deep breath and rammed his cock deep. Gem’s pussy was tight and wet; it squeezed round James’ thick cock and he slowly started to thrust deep into her warm cunt. Gem moaned lightly, James started to speed up gradually. He thrust hard, pounding Gem’s tight cunt, feeling it squeeze and milk his hard cock. He got harder and harder, pounding as Gem struggled to contain her moans. She got louder and started to ram herself back, spearing herself on James’ meaty cock as she began to tense and her moans became screams of pleasure, yelling James’ name, “Fuck yes! Destroy that cunt! I’m so stretched round your dick don’t you stop don’t stop. Fuck me like the dirty slut I am.” James didn’t need to be told twice, he drove his cock further into the gorgeous woman he had saved from the side of the road, gripping the gorgeous firm ass and he forced his cock deeper and harder into her wet cunt. Drilling his cock into her, James’ hands slid to grip a firm tit each and pull Gem back. She reach back to dig her nails in James’ chest, and with one last a****listic scream, squirted over her rescuer’s cock. James let her slump panting momentarily before easing out of her tight cunt and turning her round. He picked Gem up and sat her on the bonnet, pushing his way between her legs until his hard cock rubbed her cunt. The two kissed passionately while James’ hands teased and tweaked Gem’s nipples. As they kissed Gem bit and sucked on James’ bottom lip. She pulled away from his embrace and tried to look innocent as her hands gently explored James’ cum cover cock. The man couldn’t hold back and with a groan hauled on Gem’s hips to lie her flat. He raised one stockinged leg over his left shoulder, and curled the other round his waist, so Gem was spread for anyone to see. Gripping both legs, James thrust forward, back into the wet warmth of Gem’s pussy. There was no gentle build up, this was hard fucking. James’ cock pounded Gem’s tight cunt, youwin giriş stretching in, she couldn’t hold back as she screamed, her body arching as if possessed, James had unlocked her lust, and his beautiful cock was hitting her g-spot with each forceful thrust, and she was defenceless against it. Suddenly headlights broke the twilight gloom, coming from the direction of the nearest town. A large tow truck slowed as it approached the two cars at the side of the road. In the front both the driver and bedraggled passenger wore the same look of open-mouthed shock. The passenger came to his senses first, and launched himself from the car, “Gem what the hell is going on? What the fuck do you think you are doing? Who is this bastard?”Gem didn’t even look at her husband, but glanced from the eyes of her pleasurer to his meaty cock filling her cunt and back to his eyes, “Shut the fuck up Jim” she said as if he asked her a normal question. To her rescuer she said “Carry on baby, don’t stop, don’t you dare stop” she purred the words between moans, digging her nails into James’ chest, making criss-crosses of red scratches. James did not care, he simple fucked harder and harder with every scratch. He began to groan and his pace quickened, “Oh baby, I can’t hold much longer, I’m gunna cum. God I love this cunt, I never want to stop fucking this sweet cunt.”Gem started to pump her hips backwards and forwards on James’ cock as he pounded her, “Me too baby I’m so close. Fuck this cunt, fill me with your cum, make me yours baby.” She turned to look at her husband for the first time, and let out a moan that broke into a scream of pleasure, “Oooooooh fuck Jim, his cock is so much bigger than yours. And oh god can he uuuuuuuuuuse…” Her words ended in an ununderstandible scream. James ploughed on like a stud ox, hammering his hips into Gem. The fat truck driver finally clambered out of his cab, and got his phone out to take photos. He pocketed the phone and shrugged off his boots and overalls to stand in dirty socks, pants and t-shirt. He pulled his tiny hard dick out of his pants and waddled over to the bonnet where Gem had her eyes closed in pleasure, mouth open in never ending screams. Without warning, he shoved his small cock into Gem’s mouth. She sucked it momentarily, thinking it was her husband’s but the jerked her head away and spat at it, “Get that tiny thing away from me. You don’t deserve me with that pathetic excuse for a manhood. I’m all James’ from now on. Jim get over here, you’re used to cocks this size, deal with his.” Jim looked to say something, but lowered his head and shuffled over to the bonnet where the driver stood expectantly. “Now do a little strip for your lover. I did for James.” Obediently, Jim took off his shirt and jeans, kicking off his shoes and stood in his boxers. Slowly he lowered them, revealing a similarly small cock to the driver. “Now kneel” Gem’s every word was laboured as she spoke between moans. “And toss that little thing off like you toss yours off at night when you aren’t man enough to try and fuck me. Fuck James I’m gunna cum, don’t stop, don’t stooooooop!” She arched back in pleasure.James gritted his teeth and hammered his cock deeper into his pussy, “Me too baby. I’m gunna fill this cunt. Jim I’m gunna cum in your wife. Deep inside her.” Both Jim and the driver were watching, neither could look away. Jim pumped the drivers tiny cock, as his left hand moved to grasp his on diminutive dick. “No. Stop. Please stop.” He begged, knowing and wishing they didn’t.It doesn’t finish there; More to come if you like it.

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