GAY DOGGING 3Chapter 3 Men? Women? I choose both…….I went back to see if I could find that lovely lady again the very next day. It was very warm so I only wore very conservative shirt, trousers and shoes. No coat.This time I didn’t drive all the way to the site where I met her. I stopped about half a mile up the road and walked quietly in the trees the rest of the way. I wanted to see if she was indeed a daily flasher. From some distance off I could see her car parked in the same place. I looked all round but couldn’t see her. I stood and leaned on a tree and just watched and waited……..Nothing…………..Then after about 15 minutes I heard a female voice. She was calling for some guy called Trevor.I stood still and watched in the direction I heard the voice. It was her…………I thought she must have brought a boyfriend or was just out walking her dog with a friend. But as I caught sight of her I saw she was alone, and was calling for Trevor. I had seen no one else so I just stood still and watched. Suddenly a crashing noise from behind me made me jump. There was her little Scotty dog crashing through the undergrowth toward her. When I turned toward the sound I was shielded from her by the large tree. So she didn’t see me. The little dog ran up to her yapping. She bent to put the lead on his collar. She said “Trevor you naughty boy”……..Trevor????………………For a dog???…..What the hell sort of name is that for a dog?She continued scolding the dog “Come along now there are some nice people I saw and I feel naughty”.Off she went with her daft dog.When she bent to put the dogs lead on her coat fell open and I caught a glimpse of of bare flesh. I though Oh-ho This is starting to look good. I quietly followed her. She walked to the edge of the trees and stopped. She tied the dogs lead to a bush and told him to be quiet. I could see from where I stood there were a couple in a car not far off. She stood watching them for a while. She had her coat open and she said in a low voice to the dog “He’s getting his cock sucked. That is nice. Look Trevor my nipples are all hard and sticking out, and do you know what? My pussy is all warm and tingly. Oh I am naughty.”I couldn’t believe what bolu escort I was seeing. This lovely little bespectacled middle aged lady was openly standing in public with everything on show. She was squeezing one of her nipples with one hand and rubbing between her legs with the other.All the time talking to the dog or herself I don’t know which.“I’m so naughty Trevor. Look my cunt is so wet because I’ve got my fingers in it. Oh I hope someone can see me.”I saw she was standing with her legs wide open and her knees bent. I couldn’t see how many but I knew she had her fingers in her pussy and was finger fucking herself. She started to walk around still finger fucking herself. I was well hidden so she didn’t know I was there. She continued to talk to the dog.“My cunt’s so wet and hot Trevor. My fucking cunt. That’s such a naughty word isn’t it? Cunt…… My cunt is wet and wide open. I like to finger fuck myself. Don’t I Trevor. Oh I hope someone sees me. I’m so wet. I want a fist in my cunt. I want my nipples pulled and a cock rammed up my arse. I want to be fucked and fucked and .. unghhghhh.” Her orgasm overtook her……I saw her work herself into a sexual frenzy just before she had a huge orgasm. She was ramming her fingers into herself grunting and gasping. She continued rubbing her pussy with one hand with the other still inside her as her orgasm subsided and she held still, but every few seconds she would convulse and shudder with involuntary jerks and grunts.I was so hard and turned on I was going to start wanking on the spot. Then I thought of something better. I stayed hidden while she collected herself after her orgasm. She actually took her fingers from her pussy and licked them with relish. “I think I’ll be fucking myself lots and lots today Trevor. I’m such a horny bad girl today.”The couple in the car didn’t see a thing as they were too pre-occupied with their own business to see anything else. They soon drove off.The lady untied the dogs lead and walked off “Lets find someone else to show ourselves to shall we?”There was no one else there in the whole area. I followed her and soon she stopped and leaned against a large rock at the edge of the trees. Her coat was open and her legs bolu escort bayan apart. She just closed her eyes, leaned back and enjoyed the warm sun. It was then that the idea hit me. I quickly took off all my clothes and quietly crept round in front of her. I leant back against a tree about three yards in front of her. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I stood with my hands behind my back and just watched her. It wasn’t long before she was stroking her pussy again and talking to the dog. “That suns nice and warm Trevor, it feels lovely on my tits and cunt. Oh I used that naughty word again. I’ll have to rub it to make it feel hot and tingly again. I wish someone could see me.” I couldn’t help saying. “I can see you.”Her eyes snapped open. She saw me then looked around. “Where did you come from?”“Nowhere special.”She was still stroking her pussy. Me being naked and sporting the hardest erection of my life, didn’t phase her in the slightest. “Nice cock” she said.“Thank you. It’s all down to you that it’s so hard. I saw you before at the trees when that car was there.”“Did you? Oh I wish I had known.”“I heard you as well……….Very sexy.”She had put two fingers into her pussy and was openly finger fucking herself.“Oh I am a bad girl.” she looked at the dog “Aren’t I Trevor?”“Your a very bad girl. I think you should have your nipples pulled.” I looked directly at her as I said this. My cock pulsing. My hands still behind my back.She grinned as she looked at my cock and slipped another finger into herself. “Oh. Do you think so?”“Yes I do, and I think you should be fist fucked.”Her eyes widened and she leaned forward and slipped another finger into her pussy. Four fingers and she was starting to breathe heavily. “I think so too. Oh, I am a bad girl.”“I also think you should have a cock in your arse and be fucked and fucked.”She was staring straight at me and ramming her fingers into her pussy. “Oh, that’s so right. Bad girls like me should be punished with cock.” she gasped.“I’m going to punish you now you bad girl.” I walked toward her.“Punish me quickly. I’m so bad.”She dropped her coat on the floor and turned round and bent forward steadying herself with her other hand against escort bolu the rock. She took her finger out of her pussy and smeared her juices on her rosebud. Then replaced them right back “I need to be punished. I’m so bad.”I held her hips and put the tip of my cock against her little rosebud. She held her hand still with her fingers in her pussy and backed into me slightly. She opened up so easily and I slipped right into her. I could feel her fingers with my cock. She shuddered and gasped “Oh yes, that’s it, punish this bad girl.” She started to push back against me as I started to fuck her arse. Boy did she feel good, and boy was she enjoying it. She parted her knees wider and bucked back at me as she finger fucked herself faster and faster. All the while she kept up her commentary to her daft dog who by now had fallen asleep.“See how bad I am Trevor. I’m so bad I have to be punished with cock…… Oh I love to be punished. That’s why I’m so bad…..My cunt has to be stretched and my arse has to be fucked with lovely cock……….I want more in my cunt to stretch it more and more……………….Oh keep fucking me….I’m so bad…… ” This was weird but so horny. She did love it. So did I. The fact hat I was totally naked in a public place fucking this so horny woman was too much and I rammed into my full length and held onto her as my orgasm swept over me and I shot Jet after jet of hot cum into her. This started her off on her journey into Sexual bliss. “Yessssssss” she hissed “Fill me with hot spunk…….Nghhnn…cock….Yes…….Cock…..punish me…………Fuck me….” She stood shuddering and shivering as her orgasm flooded over her. We stood like statues convulsing every few seconds as our ardour subsided…………..I slid out of her and she stood up straight. As she turned to face me she withdrew her fingers and looking into my eyes she sucked and licked them clean. I said “I would like some of that .”“Next time you bad boy……I’ve been so bad I’ll have to be punished a lot more. My nipples didn’t even get pulled this time.” With that she picked up her coat and walked off with her daft dog.I was left standing there alone, stark naked in the warm sunshine. No one was in sight as I retrieved my clothes and went back to my car. I still didn’t know her name or why the stupid name for the dog…………..I may find out tomorrow……………………………………………………………..If I’m lucky.

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