Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold


Gail and Jonathan , new cuckoldGail and Jon are a typical white couple. She is thirty two , five four and one hundred pounds. Cute thirty two B cup tits and fantastic legs. She has started collecting tattoos and she has been modeling for a few clothing lines. Jon is six foot one , two hundred fourty pounds his cock measures just over seven inches when erect. After fifteen years of marriage things in the bed room seem to have gone stale. Jon has a friend with a well stocked farm pond and and he invited them to go fishing one Saturday. So before heading out they began to make bets on biggest, most, first fish caught. Jon said right down what you want if you win and I’ll do the same. He said NO take backs. What you write do is exactly what you get. They kept their wants to them self-starter untill after the day of fishing was done. Gail won so Jon said let me see what you won. Gail’s paper said I want a small dog. She said like a lap dog. OK , Jon said we will get you that. Out of curiosity Gail said let me see what you wanted. Jon said no, I’ll never get it so it doesn’t matter. She insisted so as they were driving home he handed her his paper. She read it and said are you serious? He kept looking straight ahead and answered very serious. She said OK, if you want to watch me have sex with another woman I’ll do it. After they showered and we’re relaxing in their den Gail told Jon my photographer Will’s wife Ronnie wants to have sex with me. Jon didn’t believe her. She said I swear , the last couple of shoots Ronnie has watched as I posed and she would offer me encouraging comments. She would tell me how sexy I looked and how hot my body is. I did a few shots totally naked in a set called “Implied”. Totally nude but no nipples or vagina can show. She said Ronnie also got nude so I wasn’t the only one naked in the room.As we shot she said I had a tasty looking pussy. Jon said do you muğla escort think it will actually happen? Gail said I think so. Jon said what about Will, is he going to be there? Gail said it is his house so probably so. She said take it easy I’m not going to do him. Jon acted let down as he said OH, OK. Gail said wait a minute your bet said sex with a woman. I know Jon said. That’s fine. Gail said I’ll text Ronnie Monday to see if she is game. Jon said what are you going to do with her? Gail said I don’t know, we will have to see how it goes, I’m sure Ronnie has plenty of toys. As Jon walked in the door Monday evening Gail was all bubbly and announced she had texted Ronnie and Ronnie said yes. Jon said really? When? Gail said Ronnie told her William had to work untill six tomorrow so she said if I come over around noon we will have a good five and a half hours to play. Jon said five and a half hours? Gail laughed and said we are women, we are superior to men when it comes to sex. We can orgasm over and over. Jon said after I shower let’s fuck. Gail told him no, that she wanted to be as horny as she can be tomorrow. That night Jon was full of questions and Gail answered them as best she could. Tuesday seemed to drag by at Jon’s job. He raced home to see his extremely sexy wife. When he can in the house he was attacked by Gail. She gave him a very passionate kiss and she used tongue, something she never did before. Jon managed to push her away so he could see her. She was wearing a white cotton tank top with lace around the bottom and a white pair of cotton thong panties. All that white looked very sexy next to her tan and tattooed skin. She took his hand and led him to the couch as she sat down she pulled her legs up and crossed them ” Indian” style. That cause the tiny white thong to dig in between her pussy lips. Jon commented on it. She lifted the lace of the tank top escort muğla to have a look herself. Oooooo that is sexy she remarked. Then using her right index finger she ran it up and down pushing the cotton meteral in deeper. She looked up and said well do you want to hear about it? Jon’s eyes still glued on her ” camel toe” yes, yes I do he said. She said first of all Will didn’t go to work, he watched Ronnie and me all day. Jon looked up into Gail’s BEAUTIFUL eyes and said he better not have fucked you. Gail said cool down big boy. I’m a grown woman and can take care of myself. He said OK, it’s just all day the only thing I could think of was you and Ronnie kissing and eatting each other. Gail grinned and said well that we did. She said Ronnie had her entire toy box out and everything she had has been in my body at one time or the other. A couple of days later Gail informed Jon that Ronnie wanted the four of them to get together for some fun. Jon said like in swapping? She said yeah. He mind went straight to a picture of his pretty wife laying on her back while Will hammered his big black cock into her. Gail said earth to Jon. He blinked and said oh sorry, I zoned out for a second. So can we Gail asked like a k** wanting something. He said are you in that big of a hurry to fuck him? She said well yeah actually I am. She thought back and he had started this so he said OK, when ? Gail said Saturday at their place. Saturday Jon and Gail got ready to go have sex with someone other than each other. Gail had touched up her clean shaven vagina and covered it with a see through nylon thong she then put on a bright yellow tank top that just did hide her naked ass cheeks. Jon put on a pair of shorts on commando and a black t shirt. They each slipped on flip flops and jumped in the car. Jon kept sneeky peeks of Gail pussy through the thin nylon. He had a simi chubby when they arrived. muğla escort bayan Ronnie met them at the door wearing a net bikini cover-up with nothing underneath. Her big fake tits standing up and their hard nipples coming through the net garment. She led them into the den , Will and Ronnie had decorated it with big throw pillows in front of the fireplace and candles every where. Jon and Gail mixed a drink and sat down on the pillows. Will came in and greeted them by shanking Jon’s hand and kissing Gail’s cheek. Ronnie started the music and asked Gail to dance with her. Will and Jon watched the ladies as they held each other close. They began kissing very softly as they held onto each other’s ass cheeks. Will spoke up and said Ronnie you’ve already tasted her it’s my turn. He took Ronnie’s place holding Jon’s bride. His big black hands exploring her tight white body. Ronnie came over and sat next to Jon and asked him if he wanted head. He stood and pulled his shorts down and his rock hard cock popped out and stood up at a fourty five degree angle pointing up. Gail said Will , we have a Cuckold here. Will turned to see Jon’s cock bobbing with each of his heart beats. He then pulled Gail’s top off and tossed it aside. He sucked her hard nipples as he worked her panties down. She obviously helped him get them down. Ronnie went to work on Jon’s dick as his eyes are locked on Will and Gail. Gail bent over at the waist and offered up her sweet pussy to her black lovers lips. Will buried his face into Gail’s ass. In a few minutes Will stood and pulled his shorts down, out sprang a long thick extremely black cock. It was definitely longer and thicker than Jon’s cock. He rubbed the head up and down between Gail’s hungry pussy lips. As soon as he started pushing it in Gail lunged back causing it to go half way in. She gasp . Will fucked Gail this way untill her pussy relaxed enough that he was gliding in and out. Jon managed to eventually fuck Ronnie but he wanted to just watch his wife fuck. After everyone was finished Ronnie made the announcement that Jon was a Cuckold and all he really wanted to do was watch.

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