Further adventures for Jane


Further adventures for JaneIt was three days since their adventure, three days of Jane constantly thinking of what had happened, three days of her picturing herself naked in front of three strangers, sucking their cocks, she could still feel their cum on her breasts and face. Three days of seeing herself laid out on the pool table, Brendan between her thighs, pumping his seed into her. Three days of thinking how her husband had calmly walked over, using her mouth while Brendan used her cunt.During that three days she had never been more pleased that Paul spent most of his day in his room playing with his computers. That meant that she was able to touch herself as she remembered, pressing her hand between her legs, many times resorting to shutting herself in her bedroom, stripping off and using her vibrator as she relived the feel of Brendan’s cock in her cunt. Not that Brendan’s cock was much different to Brian’s, but it was different, it wasn’t Brian’s.Up until that night, Brian’s cock had been the only cock she had ever had inside her cunt. She pictured Colin’s cock in her mind, wondering how that would feel in her cunt, it had certainly felt different in her mouth. She felt a tingle passing through her as she remembered how Colin had forced his cock deep into her throat, Brian had never done that to her. Of course she realised now why Colin had done it, as far as he was concerned she was just some common slut, prepared to display herself and suck the cocks of complete strangers.Jane stood in the kitchen, remembering how Colin’s cock had filled her mouth, forcing her to gag, gasping for breath when he pulled out. Subconsciously, her hand went under her skirt, she had stopped wearing panties, it was one less barrier to self gratification. Her fingers made contact with her swollen clitoris, almost permanently in a state of arousal. She looked at the clock, it would be two hours before a Brian was home, two hours before she would feel his hands on her breasts, his mouth on her pussy.Her breathing became irregular as her fingers worked on her clitoris. “Oh yes,” she whispered, “oh please, l want it…..l want Colin’s cock inside me, using me like a slut.” She leaned against the worktop as her orgasm burst inside he, using her free hand for support as her legs turned to jelly, she could feel her own juices running down her thighs, she removed her fingers, covered with her own juices, taking them into her mouth, tasting herself.“What are you doing Mum?”Jane gave a shriek as she jumped in surprise. Still unsteady on her feet she had to use both hands to steady herself. She could feel the heat in her face as she blushed bright red.“Are you alright Mum?” Paul said.“Oh….l……oh….yes,” she stammered, desperately trying to regain her composure, panicking now, wondering how much her son had seen, wondering how loud she had spoken when talking to herself. “You startled me,” she said.“Oh l just came down to get a drink,” he said, “l thought l heard you talking to someone, then l saw you leaning against the cupboard, l wondered if you were okay.”“Oh yes,” she replied, hoping that her voice sounded normal, “l was just miles away, can l get you something, the meal won’t be ready for a while, your father won’t be home until six.”“No, l just wanted a drink,” he replied, “l’ve just finished correcting the faults on that latest game. Are you alright Mum?” He asked.Jane assured him that she was fine, she was so pleased that he had landed this work, he was totally at home with computers and had a collection of equipment in his bedroom, she just wished that he could associate more with people his own age but he found personal contact difficult.Paul collected his drink and returned to his room, leaving Jane to finish preparing the meal.Brian arrived home at his usual time, Jane was in the kitchen. “Hi sexy,” he said, coming up behind her, putting his arms around her cupping her breasts as he nuzzled the back of her neck. “I’ve been hard for you all day,” he said, pressing his erection against her back, “can you feel it?”“Of course,” she giggled, pushing back and wriggling against him.“I can’t get it out of my head,” he said, “l keep seeing you sucking those cocks, keep seeing you getting fucked by Brendan, l want to fuck you now.”“No…you can’t,” she replied, “Paul will have heard you arriving, he’ll be down for his tea.”“You want it though don’t you,” he said, squeezing her breasts as he jabbed his cock against her back, “you keep thinking of it too, don’t you?”“You know l do,” she said, “l tell you every night how much l think about it, l get so hot, Paul almost caught me bringing myself off earlier.”Jane told him how it had happened while he continued to massage her breasts, pinching her engorged nipples. As she related it to him he pressed her forward, leaning her over the worktop. One of his hands went under her skirt, travelling up the inside of her thigh, locating her naked cunt.“Slut,” he whispered in her ear as his fingers entered her cunt, “l’m going to have to take you out again.”“Mmmmm,” was all she could say as his fingers probed deep inside her.“I think l’ll let Colin fuck you this time,” he said, “you’d like his cock up you wouldn’t you, you dirty slut.”Jane gasped as her knees buckled, her orgasm flowing through her, her juices pouring over his fingers.“Suck my cock,” he demanded, withdrawing his fingers, standing back, taking out his erection.“What about Paul,” she said, “what if he comes down?”“Make it quick then,” he replied, “l’m nearly cumming, get your lips round my cock like the slut you are.”Hearing him talking to her like that just fired her up even more. She fell to her knees in front of him, taking him into her mouth.Brian knew he couldn’t last long, grabbing her by her hair he rammed his cock deep into her mouth, fucking her with sharp, hard thrusts. It only took three or four thrusts before he let out a deep sigh, his balls unloading their contents into her mouth.Jane sucked hard on his cock, she wanted his spunk, wanted to be his slut. She felt another tremor pass through her own body as his cock pulsated, filling her mouth with his hot spunk. She tried to take it, feeling some escaping her mouth, running down her chin. She sucked hungrily on him, trying to draw every last drop from his balls.Brian slumped against her, his cock pumping and pumping until he was dry, the heat of his passion finally subsided. He released his grip on her, extracting his cock from her mouth.Jane reluctantly released him, kissing the last dregs of his cum from the eye of his cock, she looked up at him, smiling as she scooped the cum from her chin, sucking it from her fingers.“Do l make a good slut?” She smiled.“You know l love you,” he said, “you know you don’t have to do this.” He helped her to her feet.“But l want to,” she replied, “l know you want me to, it is so exciting, l think about it all the time, l want to do it again Brian, l know you want me to, admit it.”“Of course l do,” he replied, “it was the most exciting thing we have ever done together, watching those men taking turns in your mouth, then watching Brendan fucking you, l can’t get it out of my head, l have never seen you more beautiful, l just don’t want to force you.”“Don’t be silly,” she kissed him. Brian could taste the saltiness of his cum on her lips, then pulling away as she heard Paul coming down the stairs. “We’ll talk about it later, after you’ve fucked me,” she smiled cheekily, pushing him away as she ran to the toilet to tidy herself.Later that evening, Jane was on her back on the bed, her legs wrapped around her husband’s waist. Brian was knelt between her thighs, his cock buried in her cunt.“Have you got Brendan’s phone number?” She smiled up at him.“Yes, it’s on my phone,” he replied, “why?”“Can you reach it, l want to call him.”“What, like this?” He said.“Yes,” she giggled, “go on, it’ll be fun.”“Slut,” he smiled, reaching for his phone from the bedside table. He found the number, pressed to dial and handed the phone to ödemiş escort Jane, she switched it on to speaker.“Hello,” Brendan answered.J : Is that Brendan?B : YesJ : This is Jane, do you remember me, you fucked me the other night.B : Yes, l remember you alright, how are you?J : Horny, are you?B : l’m always horny.J : Did you enjoy the other night, was l a good fuck?B: l enjoyed it very much, you were excellent.J : Thank you, l was wondering if you would like to fuck me again.B: What about your husband?J : Oh he’s here now, he’s got his cock inside me, he can here you.“Hi Brendan,” Brian said.B : Hi mate, so you’re fucking your lovely wife while she talks to me?Brian : Yes mate.B : Lucky Bastard.J : So, do you want to fuck me again or what?B: That’s a silly question, of course l do.J : Are you wanking now?B : No, why, do you want me to?J : What about your niece?B : l’m in the flat, she’s working in the bar, l’ve got my cock out now.J : Is it hard?B : What do you think (chuckling)Jane giggled.J : I can feel Brian’s cock throbbing in my cunt.B : Lucky guy.J : Do you think Colin would like to fuck me as well.B : You liked his cock didn’t you?J : Mmmmm, it was yummy, l liked yours too, you do know that you are the first man other than Brian to have ever fucked me.B : Yes, Brian said, l am honoured.J : That’s a nice thing to say, do you fuck a lot of women, what about your niece, she’s very pretty, do you fuck her?B : That would be very naughty (laughing).J : l bet she’s nice and tight though, although l doubt if she’s a virgin, would you like to fuck her? Oooooh.B : What was that?J: Brian just came inside me.B : Wish it was me, l’m nearly cumming here.J : Where do you want to meet next time?B : Why not come here, it’s much warmer than doing it outside.J : What about your niece? I think Brian would like to fuck her judging by the way he came just now.B : If you come on Thursday, it’s her night off, l could get a few mates to stay after closing time.J : A few….what do you take me for (giggling)B : l’m sure you would enjoy it.J : l keep thinking about you fucking your niece, it sounds so sexy.B : Does that sort of thing turn you on, what about your son, would you let him fuck you.J : Ooowwww, oh Jesus!B : What was that?J : Brian pinched my nipples hard and l came.B : l think he likes the idea of your son fucking you.Jane went quiet.B : You’re thinking about it aren’t you?J : You’re very naughty, l would never do that.B : I bet the thought is going through your head now, l read a lot about mother’s getting fucked by their sons, Brian said your boy had difficulty with relationships, perhaps it would do him good.J : But l’m his mother.B : That makes you the best person, you love him, he must be all frustrated inside, it would do him good to be able to release his frustrations with you.J : You make it sound like you have experience.B : Not with my mother, but l used to fuck my Auntie, in fact l lost my virginity with her.J : Wow! We’re you young?B : Yes, l was still in school, l used to call in there on my way home, my mother was working so my Auntie gave me my tea.J : A bit more than tea (giggling) That sounds so sexy, do you know Brian is still hard inside me even though he’s cum once.B : You’re a very sexy lady. Are you going to come down on Thursday then?J : How many of your friends will be there?B : How many do you want?J : l can’t believe l’m having this conversation, (giggling) it makes me sound like l’m sex mad.B : You’re just a very sexy lady wanting to enjoy yourself.J : What, by letting lots of men fuck me.B : If that’s what you want, no-one is forcing you, you called me remember.J : Colin would like to force me, he wanted to be rough with me the other night.B : That would be up to you.J : What do you mean?B : Well some women like it a bit rough.J : What like?B : Well there’s all sorts, from a bit of spanking to the serious stuff with whips and things.J: Oh, l’ve seen some of that on the internet, l don’t think l could do that.B: But did it make you wet watching it?Jane went silent.B : Thought so (laughing).J : l never said anything, (protesting)B : You didn’t need to, but l bet your cunt twitched.J : You’re very crude (giggling)B : You’re the one talking to me while your husband is fucking you.J : This is so sexy, l’ve never done anything like this before.B : It’s good to try new things, you never know, you will probably want your lad to fuck you regularly once you start.J: That idea really turns you on doesn’t it?B : Of course it does, just like the thought of watching half a dozen men taking turns at fucking you makes Brian hard.Brian : If you can set it up for Thursday mate, l’ll make sure she’s there.J : Excuse me (giggling) l haven’t said l’ll do it yet.B : You don’t need to, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if you weren’t interested.J : Brian calls me a slut.B : Nothing wrong with that, a heck of a lot of men wish their wives would be sluts.J : Are all men as filthy minded as you two.B : Most of us, and admit it, you women love it, you walk around, shaking your arse and jiggling your tits then act all demur and offended when some poor fella says something or accidentally brushes against your tits.J : What…so you think it’s okay to do that?B: Why not? You should take it as a compliment, how would you have felt if you had been sat in that car naked the other night and none of us had taken any interest, you were there with your tits out and your cunt on show and you wanted to be appreciated.J : l don’t think that’s the same as if l was fully dressed and walking down the street.B: What’s the difference, you put on make up, you wear clothes that show off your figure then complain if some poor fella wants a quick feel of your tits or puts his hand up your skirt.J : I don’t think it would ever get like that (laughing).B : The world would be a happier place if it did (laughing) Any way, you get your pretty little cunt down here on Thursday and l’ll get a few mates lined up to fill you with cum.J : You really make it sound so inviting (giggling)B : l’m going to finish my wank now, see you Thursday, bye.J : Bye Brendan.Jane switched off the phone, looking up at Brian and giggled.“That was so sexy,” she said.“You are amazing,” he said, moving inside her.“Don’t speak,” she said, “just fuck me and do it hard, as hard as you can.”Brian came down hard on top of her, thrusting into her time after time, with each thrust he hissed at her “Slut….slut….slut…..slut.”She met each of his thrusts with her own, answering each of his insults. “Yes….yes….yes…yes.”Brian let out a deep sigh as he came, ramming his cock as hard into her as he could, humping into her as his cock pulsated, his whole body in spasm.Jane trembled from head to toe as she felt the heat of his cum inside her, she cried out as a violent orgasm tore her apart, fluids spraying from her cunt, coating both of their bodies.Suddenly they both froze as there was a knock on the bedroom door.“Are you alright Mum….are you there Dad?” They heard Paul’s voice.Jane struggled to control herself, her body still trembling from her orgasm. “Yes baby,” she managed to reply, “Dad is here, we were just talking.”“Just fucking you mean,” Brian whispered, his mouth next to her ear.“Ssshhhuussshhh,” she responded, holding him tight as she clenched her cunt muscles, milking his cock. “Go back to bed sweetheart,” she said.“Or come in here and help Daddy fuck me,” Brian whispered.“Stop it!” She hissed, squeezing him tighter as another tremor flowed through her, “oh god!”“Go back to bed son,” Brian called out, his fingers digging into his wife’s breasts as he humped against her. “Unless of course you’d like him to come in and fuck you,” he whispered again into her ear.“Stop it!” She hissed, burying her face in his neck, sucking the flesh between her teeth as another orgasm flowed down her body.“Okay…Goodnight,” Paul’s voice came from outside. “Goodnight son,” Brian responded, “l’ve just filled Mummy’s cunt with spunk,” he whispered, his body vibrating escort ödemiş as he chuckled.Jane waited until she was sure her son had returned to his room. “Bastard,” she chuckled as her body gripped her husband tightly.“Slut,” Brian responded, kissing her, then collapsing on top of her.They both rolled sideways, still holding each other, still locked together, their bodies bathed in perspiration and body fluids.“I love you,” he said, kissing her.“I love you too,” she replied.They stayed, holding each other as their bodies slowly stopped heaving. Eventually Jane felt his cock slipping from her cunt, she reached for the tissues, taking a handful and packing them between her legs. They lay there, both breathing heavily, saying nothing but their eyes saying everything.It must have been at least five minutes before Jane released her grip, she felt Brian release her. She rolled onto her back her face turned towards him.“Wow!” She said. She saw the expression on his face, knew he was worried that he had gone too far. She leaned over and kissed him, seeing the tension melt from his face. “That was something else,” she giggled.“I thought my brain would burst,” he said, “listening to you talking to Brendan was just crazy, then all that stuff with Paul while l was cumming inside you….”“I know,” she kissed him again, “you could have done anything to me at that moment, it felt like l was hovering over us, watching us, a voice in my head screaming at me to make that step.”“You mean?”“Yes,” she said, “for that second l wanted him to come in, wanted him to….”“Fuck you?” Brian said.“God Brian,” she exhaled deeply, “what if l had? What if l had told you to let him in? What if you and he had taken me the way you and Brendan took, our son Brian, for that split second l wanted our son….my god….what have l turned in to.”“Do you want to talk about it?” He said.“No, not now,” she snuggled up to him. “I’m too emotional now, l just want to enjoy the feelings that are still happening in my body, just hold me.”…..The following morning, Jane was in the kitchen when Brian came down for breakfast. He came behind her, putting his arms round her waist, kissing the back of her neck.“Good morning, gorgeous,” he said.She turned to face him, kissing him. “Good morning,” she replied.“Okay?” He asked, looking into her eyes for any sign of doubt.“Yes,” she said, “l’m fine, we’ll talk later, when we have more time.”“Whatever you decide,” he said, “l love you, and that will never change.”She kissed him again. “Thank you,” she said, “you know l love you too.”Brian sat and quickly ate his breakfast before kissing her again and leaving for work. Jane busied herself in the kitchen for a while before hearing Paul coming downstairs. He entered the kitchen, getting himself a bowl of cereal and sitting at the table.“Mum,” he said after a few minutes.“What sweetheart?” She replied.“Last night,” he said, “we’re you and Dad having sex.”Jane was startled by the question, but she knew very well that one of the main things with Paul was his directness, he had never been able to say anything other than what was on his mind, which often meant he could easily upset people.“What makes you think that?” She asked.“It was the noises you were making,” he replied, “it was like some of noises l’ve heard women making on my computer when they are having sex.”Jane had to take a deep breath to calm herself, despite the fact that she had always been able to talk to Paul, this sort of conversation was totally new. She new from experience that she had to be careful, Paul did not handle criticism well, he would easily retreat into a depression.“How long have you been watching these things on your computer?” She asked.“For a couple of weeks,” he replied, “l was at the day centre talking to Anthony one of the other boys there, l told him about some of the work l was doing, he said he only used his computer to look at videos of naked women and men doing things to them, he told me some sites to look at.”“You have to be careful Paul,” she said, “some people can be affected badly by watching those things, it can make them want to do bad things.”“That’s what Anthony said,” Paul replied, “but he said it helps him when he starts to get frustrated, he said his Aunty showed him how to find it, she watches it with him.”“Really,” Jane replied, trying to conceal any judgement about what her son was telling her.“I’ve never seen a girl naked Mum,” he said, “Anthony said he never had as well, he says his Aunty lets him see her naked, she lets him touch her. He says she is teaching him how to do things with her.”“What sort of things?” Jane asked.“Like the things that men do to the women on the internet, they call it fucking.”Jane hesitated, not sure if she should carry on with this conversation, she was shocked to hear what Paul’s friend and his Aunt were doing but she had watched enough porn with Brian over the years to know that that sort of activity was not that unusual. Suddenly she was reminded of the conversation she had had with Brendan the previous evening when he suggested her having sex with Paul. Despite herself, she felt a warm glow in the pit of her stomach, she tried to dismiss it but had to admit to herself that hearing what a Paul was telling her was certainly having an effect on her.“I wish l could see a woman naked,” Paul said, “do you think Anthony would let me see his Aunty?”“I don’t think that would be a good idea Paul,” she said.“I could ask one of the helpers at the day centre,” he replied, “do you think any of them would let me see them naked?”“I don’t think that would be good either Paul,” she said, “you mustn’t say things like that, l know you’re a young man now and your body is changing, but you have to keep these thoughts to yourself.”“Is it a bad thing for me to play with my cock? Anthony calls it wanking, is it a bad thing?”“It’s not a bad thing Paul,” she replied, knowing she had to handle this conversation carefully but at the same time trying to keep under control the way her stomach was churning.“He showed me what to do,” Paul continued, “he said it was best to do it while l’m watching the stuff on the internet, he says his Auntie helps him.”“Well what Anthony and his Auntie do is really up to them,” Jane said, “but you mustn’t talk about this with anyone else.”“Oh l know,” Paul said, “He said l had to keep it secret, it was just that when l heard you making those noises last night, it sounded just like those women on my computer and l wanted to do wanking, even talking about it now makes me want to do it, is that bad.”“You really should be talking to your father about this,” Jane said, desperately trying to end this conversation before the emotions coursing through her body drove her into a situation that she would regret.“I wish l had someone like Anthony has with his Auntie,” Paul said, “would you let me see you naked Mum, would you help me with wanking.”“I don’t think that would be a good idea Paul,” Jane said, feeling a flush of warmth between her legs. “I think it’s best if you have a talk with your father.”Jane was relieved that Paul seemed to accept her proposal. As often happened with him, he suddenly changed the subject, talking about the work he was doing.Jane dropped Paul off at the day centre then decided to do some shopping. She found herself wandering aimlessly down the high street, a cacophony of thoughts tumbling through her head. Her mind flashed back to her night at the picnic spot, in her imagination she could still taste Colin’s spunk on her lips as he shot it over her face. She thought of her telephone conversation with Brendan and the prospect of meeting up with him again. She thought of how Brian had reacted, the powerful way he had fucked her, giving her the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced.Then of course, there was the conversation with Paul, and the lingering voice of Brendan in the back of her mind, urging her to have sex with her son.Without realising where she was, she found herself staring ödemiş escort bayan at the display in the shop window of the Ann Summers shop. Jane and Brian had used the shop many times, she looked at the models in the window dressed in their skimpy bras and see through panties with their stockings and suspenders. Immediately she wondered what Brendan and his pals would think if she turned up wearing an outfit like that.She entered the shop, immediately welcomed by Suzy behind the counter. Jane and Brian knew Suzy quite well, she had been working in the store for over a year.“Good morning Mrs.Watts, what can l help you with,” Suzy smiled.“Oh please, call me Jane,” Jane laughed, “l feel old enough as it is.”“Nonsense,” Suzy said, “you look young enough to be my sister.”“Enough with the compliments,” Jane laughed, “l was just looking at your window display and wondering if l should buy something special to treat my husband.”“Oh Sean does the displays,” Suzy said, referring to the effeminate young man who also worked in the store and was currently busy rearranging the dvd display. “What were you thinking of?”“Oh l don’t know,” Jane replied, “l have a couple of bra and panty sets, l was wondering about something more daring.”“Your husband is a lucky man,” Suzy replied.Jane looked around the store, her eyes stopped at one of the mannequins in the centre of the store, displaying a bright red basque outfit.Suzy saw where Jane was looking. “Would you like to try one on?” She asked.“Oh l doubt if l could squeeze into one of those,” Jane laughed nervously.“Squeezing into it is half the fun,” Suzy laughed, “why don’t you try, l’m quite happy to help you, you can do it yourself but it helps if someone shows you the first time.”Jane hesitated for a few moments then agreed to try it. Suzy called Sean over to take over at the counter then showed Jane through to the changing room.“You go ahead and get undressed and l’ll bring one in,” Suzy said.Jane’s was uncertain about stripping off in front of Suzy but then remembered how she had happily stripped naked in front of complete strangers. By the time she was naked, Suzy knocked on the door, then entered.“Wow, you have a great figure,” Suzy said, “you’re going to look great in this, l take it you are a size 14 so l have brought a size 12, they always look better if they are tight.”Suzy showed Jane how to adjust the laces at the back before helping her into the garment. Jane managed to wriggle into it, giggling as her breasts bounced about. Once it was in position, Suzy showed her how to tighten the laces at the front, pulling them tight, forcing Jane’s waist to be constricted.“I don’t think l can breathe,” Jane said as her waist was pinched tightly, forcing her boobs up so that they rested on top of the cups.“Wow, wow, wow,” Suzy said, standing back to look at her, “you look fantastic, your husband is going to cum in his pants when he sees that.”Jane wondered if she should tell Suzy that it wouldn’t only be her husband that was looking.“Your breasts are so beautiful,” Suzy said, her hands going to Jane’s breasts, cupping them. “Your nipples look enlarged, are they sensitive?”Before Jane could respond, she felt Suzy’s thumbs roll over her nipples. She felt a shudder travelling through her body, followed by a warmth in her cunt. Jane had never had any sexual contact with another woman, although Brian had often said he would like to watch her having sex with another woman.“They really are exquisite,” Suzy said, bending down, kissing each breast, then sucking on each nipple in turn.Jane could only moan in pleasure as Suzy pushed her back against the wall, her hand going between her legs. Jane automatically parted her thighs, feeling a shiver as the young girls fingers stroked her labia, circling them, then slowly sliding inside her.“Oh my god,” she gasped, as Suzy located her clitoris, rolling it with her thumb as she sucked hard on Jane’s nipple.Suzy released her nipple, standing and covering Jane’s mouth with her own, her lips pressing hard, her tongue invading as her fingers delved deep into her cunt.Jane couldn’t believe that another woman could stir such emotions inside her. She responded to Suzy’s kiss, their tongues entwining as she held the girls head tight against her.Suzy broke away, removing her fingers from Jane’s cunt, she offered them to her mouth. Jane took them eagerly, tasting her own juices.Suzy slowly sank to her knees, kissing Jane’s breasts as she went. She sought Jane’s cunt, her mouth covering it, her lips seeking her clitoris, sucking on it.Jane gasped as the first orgasm flooded her cunt, Suzy moaning as she drank the juices flowing into her mouth. Jane parted her legs as wide as she was able, pressing the girl’s head hard against her cunt. Suzy responding, biting on Jane’s clitoris, then invading her cunt with her tongue.Suzy reached up, finding Jane’s nipples, pinching them and twisting them.“Oh my god!” Jane sighed, as another flood of heat flowed through her body.Suzy worked her mouth, lapping up the nectar flowing from Jane’s cunt.Jane felt herself losing all control, she snagged against the wall for support, knowing that all the strength had gone from her legs. She shuddered again as another, milder orgasm followed.Once Suzy was satisfied that she had taken all the juices Jane’s could give her, she stood again, kissing Jane, letting her taste her own cunt on her lips.Eventually, Suzy stood back, smiling as she looked at Jane, slumped against the wall.“That was nice,” she said.“I’ve never done it with a woman before,” Jane replied.“Nice?” Suzy asked.“Mmmmm, heaven,” Jane replied, “my husband loves going down on me, and he’s very good at it, but that was another level, do you want me to do it to you?”“I’d love it,” Suzy replied, “but l have to get back into the shop. Let me help you out of this, l’ll wrap it up while you’re getting dressed. Is it for your husband or for a lover.”“Actually,” Jane replied, “it’s for something completely different.”As Suzy helped her out of the basque, Jane gave her a quick account of her evening at the picnic spot and later in the pub, explaining how she had agreed to go back to the pub for a bit of a party.“Oh wow!” Suzy said, “you are very brave, my boyfriend wants me to go dogging but l haven’t had the courage yet, did you let them fuck you?”“Oh no,” Jane replied, “l just sucked their cocks and they came on my boobs, the third one came on my face. When we went to the pub, Brendan ended up fucking me on the pool table.”“Oh that’s so exciting,” Suzy said, “my boyfriend is the only man who’s ever fucked me, l’ve had sex with a couple of my girlfriends but never another man, dogging sounds so exciting, what’s going to happen at the party, are you going to be gang banged, that must be fantastic, l think l would like that, all those cocks lining up to use me, you are so lucky.”“Oh l’m sure Brendan could set something up for you if you really want to try it,” Jane said, putting on her bra. “Why don’t you come with us on Thursday, I can tell Brendan you’re joining us, l’m sure there will be enough cocks to go round.”“Oh my god, it sounds so naughty,” Suzy giggled, “leave me your telephone number and l’ll think it over.”Suzy stepped over and kissed Jane on her lips, then returned to the shop.Once Jane had dressed and satisfied herself that she looked respectable, she went through to the shop, paid for her basque and wrote down her telephone number for Suzy.“Thank you for everything, it was beautiful,” She said.“You are a gorgeous lady,” Suzy said, “l enjoyed it very much.”Jane noticed Sean watching them with a knowing grin.“Oh don’t worry about him,” Suzy giggled, “he’s gay, he has a couple of regular male customers he gives blow jobs to.”Jane managed to keep a straight face as she passed Sean on the way out, but she could feel the heat in her cheeks as she blushed.She walked to her car feeling as if she was floating on clouds, wondering if she should tell Brian about her adventure. She decided to tell him everything, confident that it would probably result in another night of wild sex, she felt the stickiness between her thighs and a warm glow deep in her cunt, thinking how her life had suddenly got so much more exciting.

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