Fun With Friend’s Wife


Fun With Friend’s WifeI have a good friend who often visits with his wife and k**s.Once we had a house with a swimming pool and they all came over for a BBQ.We played music, I danced with her and he danced with my wife.His wife had a few glasses of wine and her k**s were in the pool.I was inside the house and my wife told me L****** had jumped into the pool with her dress on!She came into the house and went to our room with my wife to put something dry on.A few minutes later she came out with one of my wife’s nighties, nipples poking through the thin materialMy wife and L’s husband were outside with the k**s. L****** came up to me and said “Do you like me in your wife’s nightie?” Of course I said “Yes”.She looked me in the eye and said “I am not wearing any panties underneath”I said “Really?’ and she said “Do you want to check?”I slid my hand under the nightie and put it between her legs. She had neck length black hair and when I touched her found a trimmed bush, nice and soft.She laughed and said “See? I told you, I wasn’t wearing any”I said “You’re a bahis firmaları cock teaser” and deciding to call her bluff I slid my finger into her slit.She was wet so I slipped my finger into her and her eyes popped wide open.I immediately started to finger fuck her, grinding my palm against her mound and clit, my middle finger massaging inside on her G spot.She was moaning so I said “Grab my cock” and she fumble in my shorts, pulling him out and squeezing and stroking.I asked “How long till you cum?’ and she said “God it’s good, only a minute or two”I said “OK we don’t have much time”We stood there rubbing each other off and sure enough her legs started to tremble, she opened them further and I went deeper as she orgasmed.Her pussy had a flood of juice as she came and I stood there wiping my hand all over with it. I said’ Now it’s my turn” as she stood in front of me pumping my cock and cupping my balls.The whole thing was so exciting and dangerous with her husband and my wife able to walk in any time.I said “It’s good, I’m gonna cum very soon”She tipobet said “How are we going to do this, I don’t have anything to wipe up after?”I said “ Put your mouth over me, swallow it”She said” But I never had anybody cum in my mouth, not even E***(husband)I said “ You don’t have a choice, I’m about to cum”I pushed her head and slid her mouth onto my cock and she was pumping like crazy.I felt the cum rising from deep inside me and said “Look at me, I’m coming”She raised her eyes and we locked eyes as I shot into her mouth.I said “Don’t swallow yet, I want to see”I came watching her cheeks expand as they filled with my cum. She pulled away and I quickly tucked my cock back in my shorts.I said ’Open up, let me see” and she opened up to show me a nice load.Some cum dribbled down her chin and she wiped it with the back of her hand. I said “Now let me see how you swallow your first load”She swallowed it all and I said “Well, how was it?”She said “Weird, warm and salty”I said “Never forget who was first, maybe we’ll do it again sometime”…”Or tipobet güvenilir mi maybe I’ll fuck your hairy little pussy next time”She said “Uh maybe, never know what happens”I asked “Will you swallow E*****’s cum now?”She said “Don’t think so. He asked me lots of times before and I said no. What will he think if I suddenly start doing it?”I said “I dunno, I’ll be happy if you keep doing it for me though”She asked “Does your wife swallow it”And I said “She does now, I was also the first to cum in her mouth, and a few other girlfriends over the years.”She said “Really? So you like to be the first?” and I said “Of course, like you they will never forget who was first to make them drink cum”We went back outside to the patio to rejoin the others and get ready to eat.During the evening when she looked at me I would make eye contact, raise my right hand up to my nose and make her watch as I smelled her pussy juice on my skin. She kept glancing at her husband to make sure he didn’t see me teasing her.A few weeks after that I met up with her when her husband was at work and we fucked good and hard.I came in her pussy the first time but the second time I pulled out and made her swallow me again.I asked if she had done it for E***** yet and she still had not, so I am the only guy to get it right.

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