Fun on a long ride


Fun on a long rideMy son and I were in my car on the way to the state fair. It was a 4 hour drive, but we had been going to the fair for years. Now that he was a teenager and ignored me most of the time, it was still a day we both looked forward to. Since divorcing his father, Ben and I were closer, but his teen years were still like all other k**s and their parents I guess.Anyway it was a hot day so neither of us were wearing much clothes. Ben was wearing I guess what you call basketball shorts.After an hour or so Ben was asleep, or I guess in some half sleep or something as I noticed him rubbing his dick through his shorts. At first it was like adjusting his balls, but soon he had his hand to the side of his shaft and his thumb was riding up and down the length.I had had some sick fantasies about being with him. He is very good looking and has a nice build. His father had a nice sized dick and every so often I would see Ben’s morning hardon in his PJs. But right now I was getting totally turned on knowing my son was fantasizing about something and basically jerking off right next to me.After about 10 minutes of this I couldn’t take it, I was wearing a pair of shorts myself and slid my finger up the short pant leg and found my totally wet pussy. Within moments I had two of my fingers flicking inside me. A few minutes later I realized that the car smelled of sex. I almost laughed. Here the two of us were illegal bahis in my car masturbating.Suddenly there was stopped traffic in front of me and I slow down. We are now sitting in totally stopped traffic and I get a chance to really look at the outline of his shaft. I am really working my pussy and probably too close looking at his dick. I guess the stopped car wakes him, but he didn’t move, just opened his eyes I guess. I didn’t see him open his eyes, I just see him take his thumb and pull the elastic waist band down and his cock spring free. I looked up and saw him looking at me. His eyes then moved to his dick. I follow them and he is pointing the head of dick right at my face. I don’t even hesitate and I licked it a few times and then took it into my mouth.It has been years since I sucked a cock and I take to it like a long lost friend. I know I am not the first to suck his dick, but I want to be the best. I bob on it and try to take all of the 6” I guess it is. It’s about the size of his father’s, and I could take him—though not sure I ever did in the front seat of car from the driver’s side anyway. Wow the things that go through your mind when you are sucking on someone.My son has his hand on head, playing with my hair. I guess we both heard only three sounds: the sucking noise, an occasional moan and slushing noise of my dripping wet pussy against my fingers.He picks up on the latter illegal bahis siteleri noise and his hand leaves my head and works its way down my back. He shifts closer to me in his seat so he can go lower. He approaches my butt and slides his fingers past the waist band. I can tell it is stuck there and remove my wet hand from my pussy- and not wanting to get my goo all over my shorts I do something I only dreamt about till that point. I lift my hand towards his face, without missing a down stroke on his cock. He gets the hint and sucks the cum off my fingers. And he does it great- one finger at time gets sucked into his mouth. When he has got the cum off them all; I put my hand back between my legs and undue my button, and pull the zipper down a bit. My son puts his hand back where he had left off and this time his fingers are under my panties as well. His middle finger is following the crack of my ass and when he gets to the first hole he stops and starts to circle it. I have always been grossed out by anal sex, but my body is on fire and I know the younger generation is much more open to it.I am fingering my pussy again as his finger goes deeper and deeper in my ass. He is now fingering me there like it is a pussy. I feel my entire body in motion as my head in bobbing and bottom half is wiggling around.Without much of a change in his breathing I feel the first shot of cum in my mouth. His canlı bahis siteleri finger pushes deep inside my ass and then he starts moaning like crazy and shooting load after load of great teen spunk into my mouth. I don’t know how I took it all but I did. I didn’t want to stop as I wasn’t far from cumming myself. My son must sense this and says “mom sit up and move your seat back.” I do as I am told and he pulls my shorts down. I know he wants to eat me out but there is no room. He puts his finger in my mouth and I taste myself on it. He says “get it all wet!” and I do and then he sticks his finger back in my ass, but this time he rubs his thumb up and down the crack of pussy. I am so wet and this really helps my butt as my goo is running down and lubing my ass. I can’t believe it when another finger is slid in my ass and then my son uses his thumb to rub my clit. That was all I could take. I start cumming like I did when I was a teen myself.I am just coming down from my high, when a horn behind me blows. I get brought back to reality when I see the cars moving all around me. I quickly pull up my shorts and take off. My son has to hold the wheel as I get myself presentable. We are laughing the entire time now and I guess it was the stress release from just doing each other.We really don’t know what to say to each other. Finally I break the silence and say “maybe we can stay overnight and see more of the fair tomorrow.” We both know I am lying, and I just want to get in bed with him. I see him smile and then he says “Great idea mom, we never have enough time to see the entire fair in a day.” I am sure that meant, great idea I want to fuck you too.

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