Fun in the dunes.


Fun in the dunes.I decided to leave the other girls at the hotel and have a wander into the sand dunes.It was another hot, sunny Canarian day and the dunes seemed deserted, so I lay my towel on the sand in a secluded dip, got the suntan oil out and started to oil myself up.I lay in the sun on my back for a while, then sat up and looked around. No one about so I stood up and undid my bikini top. It was a relief for my big, heavy breasts to be out in the sun, and looking around again, I pulled my bikini bottoms down too, and stepped out of them.I lay back down again, feeling a little shiver of excitement run through me, at the thought of being seen totally naked outside, and also a bit nervous too.The sunshine always makes me horny, and I couldn’t help touching myself between my legs. I was very wet. güvenilir bahis I slowly rubbed my clit, every now and then sliding a finger inside.My breathing became heavy, and my legs were starting to shake when a shadow fell on my face.I looked up with a start. There were three men standing around me, watching. All three had their cocks out and were slowly wanking as they watched my fingers playing.I really should have stopped and covered myself up, but watching them playing with their hard cocks so close to me just made me even hornier.I carried on, sliding a couple of fingers inside my now sopping pussy.One of the men knelt down next to me, his cock over my breasts and I instinctively reached out and wrapped my fingers around the shaft. I heard him groan, and it seemed like a signal for türkçe bahis the other two. One sat down on the other side of me and started to play with my tits, the third ended up in between my legs, his cock inches from my pussy and replaced my fingers with his.Soon he was trying to inch his cock inside me, but I looked at him and shook my head. He reached into his rucksack and pulled out a condom holding it up or me to see.Unbelievably, I nodded and watched him open the foil pack and roll the rubber on to his cock.God, I thought. I’m really going to let him fuck me.He pulled my legs up and rested them on his shoulders and then slid straight in.It felt fucking fantastic as he started to fuck me hard, making my tits bounce, the other guy struggling to keep a grip on them.By now, there was quite güvenilir bahis siteleri a crowd watching and I heard the guy I was wanking start to gasp and felt the first spurt of his warm cum splash over my bouncing tits.By now, I’d lost my senses and shouted at the guy fucking me to take off his condom, just as the third guy shoved his cock into my mouth.I felt the cock pull out of my cunt, and then a couple of seconds later slide back in without its protection.That’s when I came, my body shaking, my pussy clenching, and suddenly that fantastic feeling of cum spurting deep inside me.The cock pulled out of me, and left my pussy aching for more, but I could feel the cum starting to ooze out and run down over my ass and between my bum cheeks.I pulled the third guys cock out of my mouth just as he started to cum, and he covered my chin and neck with his load.I thanked them all, and told them that was enough, and they all started to disperse. Just a few stayed behind in the hope I’d ask for more. But I decided I’d been a slut enough for one day!

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