Fun at the wedding Part 1 of 2. The mother in law


Fun at the wedding Part 1 of 2. The mother in lawI had been determined to consummate my marriage on our wedding night. When drinking with our next door neighbors Jill and Keith , they revealed that they hadn’t, and that it was quite common. We asked around and found it to be true. So on the big day, Ann-Marie and myself had been telling each other what we were going do to each other later.The day went well,and most people had either gone home , or went to their room, in the hotel where we got married.I couldn’t see my new wife but found my new mother in law Samantha. Sexy Sam I always called her. She was only 19 years older than Ann-Marie and was a couple of stones heavier, but was a sexy milf who always wore low tops, showing off her huge tits.She was a flirty thing, even in front of Ann-Marie, even fully flashed her tits to me in front of her, several times. I was always trying to get her drunk hoping she would flash, and she usually did.Anyway, I went over to Sam and asked where her daughter was. She said she didn’t know. I said I would check our room, the honeymoon suite, in case she was waiting for me.I winked and said “If you know what I mean”.She looked a little flustered and told me Ann-Marie was probably outside having a smoke. bahis firmaları She didn’t smoke as such, but smoked a joint a day to unwind. I didn’t mind as it not only relaxed her, but made her horny. She told me to try the hotel garden, so I did,walking to the door to the landscaped garden.I turned to say goodnight, but Sam was already rushing to the lift. Maybe she needed to pee I thought.There was no sign of my new wife in the garden so I went back inside, and after saying goodnight to a few stragglers in the hotel bar, I went to my room.I opened the door but before I could go into my room Sam appeared from the rooms bathroom and pulled me inside.I asked her what the hell she was doing in my room and she said she badly needed to pee, and the staff were cleaning the loo downstairs.At this hour ? , I asked, confused. Listen I’m going to bed I told her. I turned to go back to the bedroom to see if my wife was in bed drunk when Sam grabbed me and turned me around and kissed me hard on the lips. I kissed her back for a second or two then pulled back asking what the hell did she think she was doing. She pulled the straps of her little black dress and let her dress fall to the floor. She was totally naked underneath. She asked me kaçak iddaa what did I think she was doing. I lunged at her and kissed her again. I kissed her passionately and grabbed and squeezed her breast. I suggested we continue inside, forgetting about my wife. She said why dont we stay here, putting her hand on my now hard cock, and stepped into the heated Jacuzzi which the hotel staff must have left ready for Ann-Marie and me.I quickly stripped and joined her. Soon I was fucking her from behind, her huge tits swinging back and forward sexily.I thought I heard someone at the door outside and pulled out of her wet pussy in a panic.She quickly fell to her knees and started sucking my cock. There was no more noise outside so I went back to my fun.I asked Sam if she heard something but she just continued sucking, even deep throating me. She reached up and played with my ass with her finger.This was too much for me and I warned Sam that I was going to cum. She pushed her mouth right up the length of my shaft and I shot my load straight down her throat. I was in heaven.She slowly pulled back and licked the last few drops of cum from the end of my shaft. It was amazing. She then crawled up my naked body and kissed me. Her big saggy kaçak bahis tits swaying. I could taste my salty fluid but didn’t care, I was so happy. She got out and quickly dried off and dressed. I begged her to stay but she smiled and left, blowing me a kiss.I walked to my bed, I felt like I was floating.I walked to my bed and was stunned to see my beautiful wife was in bed asleep. I was shocked. Thank God I hadn’t woke her. I got in behind her. She was naked, obviously waiting on me. My cock hardened as I pushed it in the cheeks of her ass, and I reached around and squeezed her tit. She was asleep. I went down toward her freshly waxed pussy, but she jumped,startled, now wide awake . She went down on me instead which I usually had to beg her to do. Well it was my wedding day. My cock was hard as a rock again, as she sucked me. I told her I wanted to lick her pussy which I always loved doing, but she continued sucking me. I took much longer to cum than I usually did, due to alcohol, and having already cum not ten minutes earlier.But my beautiful wife kept sucking until I came. She didn’t deep throat me like her mother did. She crawled up my naked sweaty body, her beautiful tits, 36dd and firm, wiping cum from her mouth. She kissed me, I again tasted my own saltiness. She collapsed beside me, even sweatier than me. We told each other we loved each other and soon we were asleep. My last thought was how lucky I was.Part 2 tomorrow. Fun at the wedding , the brides story !

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