Fun At The Cove


Fun At The Cove
This is something that happened at Cypress Cove, a nudist resort in Kissimmee Florida, a three years ago. We’re back there this year again and again it’s in July, her birthday month. Hopefully the events of her last birthday there will be repeated.

My wife, Hazel, turned seventy last year and I could see was depressed, she said she looked thought she looked old and didn’t feel that she was sexy any-more. Nothing could have been further from the truth though, but no matter how many times I tried to tell her that she was still the sexiest woman I’d ever known, she was having none of it. Our sex life had also taken a nose dive, partly to do with her doubts in herself but also because I’d developed health problems of my own. Years of smoking had left me with COPD and its side effects. I found it hard to get and maintain an erection and even on the rare occasions that I did, I came very quickly and almost immediately, lost the erection. Although my wife never complained, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t fully satisfying her.
We’d met on ‘Adult Hub’ an adult contact site eleven years earlier and from our first contact, I knew she was someone special and a year after our first face to face meeting we were married. Our sex life was out of this world, making love every chance we got often several times a day. Having both experienced the fun and variety to be had on adult contact sites we decided to sign up to another one. At first we met with couples but I soon discovered that the women we were meeting couldn’t hold a candle to my sexy wife, so, after discussing it at length, we decided to invite solo males to join us and that’s when the fun really started.
Over the next four years, my wife enjoyed the attention of myself and over twenty different solo men but when she hit the dreaded seventy, it was as though someone had thrown a switch and that side of our sex life came to a grinding halt. We left the site and the only time she would even consider meeting was when we were on holiday in Florida. We had a friend from Atlanta that would fly down to join us for a weekend and for that weekend got to see my sexy wife really enjoying herself again. I often joked that it must have been the warm weather over there that got my wife back to her hot, sexy self. It was that jokey remark that set up what I’m about to relate.
July of this year we were, as usual spending our holiday in Florida, and as it was my wife’s birthday was while we were over there, we decided we’d spend it at Cypress Cove, a gated nudist community we visited every time we were in Florida. Cypress Cove is an amazing place, with two pools, two diners and most importantly, two hot tubs. My wife loves hot tubs and they were going to be an important part of getting her back to her old, sexy self!!!
After we’d settled into our room and spent the afternoon sunning ourselves by the pool we went to ‘Cheeks’, one of the on-site diners and had a nice meal followed by a couple of drinks. My wife’s drink of choice at Cypress Cove is strawberry daiquiri and I made sure she had all she wanted. Soon we were both feeling pretty good, and I suggested we go to the hot tub. A suggestion my wife happily agreed to.
We chose the indoor hot tub as we thought it would be quieter and when we got there, we were proved right, it was deserted. We had the tub to ourselves until we’d been there about twenty minutes when two men came and climbed into the tub with us. After they’d settled in, they introduced themselves as Dave and Tom and said they were also there for the weekend. It wasn’t long before they got flirty with my wife, and she was obviously enjoying their compliments. bahis siteleri canlı Between the daiquiris, the relaxing bubbles of the tub and their remarks I could tell she was getting turned on.
About ten minutes after Dave and Tom had got into the tub my wife changed position and sat higher in the water. Her nipples were now on show and Dave and Tom couldn’t take their eyes off them, they were practically drooling and even through the bubbles of the tub, I could see they were both sporting growing erections. I don’t know if my wife noticed the effect she was having on them but I could see she was enjoying teasing them, and I was getting an erection of my own at the thought of what I hoped would be happening later. If my wife hadn’t noticed the effect she was having on Dave and Tom, what Dave did next left her in no doubt!!!
Making the excuse that he was getting too hot he climbed out of the tub and sat on the side with just his lower legs in the water, leaving my wife in no doubt as to the state he was in. His erection was now in full view and I could tell Hazel was thrilled that she was the one that had caused it. Tom soon joined Dave, and unsurprisingly, he also had an erection. Dave asked if we were going to the Lakeside later but before I could reply, my wife nodded and said we were and we arranged to meet them there. Once they’d left, she took my hand and said she wanted to go back to our room.
As soon as we got there, she pushed me back on the bed, and started sucking my cock. I love it when my wife gives me oral, she’s the best I’ve ever known but this time she was outdoing herself, sliding her lips up and down my shaft and swirling her tongue over my knob. I hadn’t seen her this turned on for ages and asked her if Dave and Tom had got her worked up, but she just smiled at me and kept on sucking my cock. “I bet they’d love it if they were getting the same treatment I’m getting,” I laughed. She pulled her mouth off my cock and gave me one of her sexy smiles. “Mmm, you think so?” she said, then went back to sucking my cock.
Knowing I wasn’t going to last much longer, I stood her up and pushed her back on the bed and slid my cock into her. Straight away I could tell how turned on she was, her pussy was dripping wet and I slipped into her into balls deep in one thrust. I hadn’t know this turned on for over a year and it only took about twenty strokes before she started to cumm hard, crying out, “Oh yes Mike yes! Fuck me!” I was more than happy to oblige her and as I did, I said “I’ll bet you’d love it if Dave and Tom were standing there waiting to give you their cocks,” I said as I drove deeper into her. She didn’t reply but I felt her pussy muscles grip my cock and I couldn’t hold back, as I emptied my load in to her.
Afterwards, as we lay on the bed kissing, she told me she had a confession. She told me that when she was sucking my cock, she’d been imagining it was Dave’s and when I was fucking her it was Tom. Things were definitely going to get interesting the next time we met Dave and Tom at The Lakeside and my cock was starting to get hard again and although I really wanted to fuck her again, I decided to wait and save it for later. It was shaping up to be a very interesting evening.
When we got to The Lakeside, Dave and Tom were already there sitting in a corner booth and they waved as we walked across to them. Hazel was wearing a thin shawl around her shoulders but that did little to hide the fact that her nipples were hard, a sure sign that she was already turned on and once again I could see that Dave and Tom’s eyes were fixed on them. Before we sat down, Dave asked what we were drinking and after canlı casino siteleri I’d told him, he and Tom got up and headed for the bar. While they were away it gave me the chance to have a quiet word with my wife. “I want you to enjoy yourself tonight, it’s your birthday and anything you want is fine with me.” She gave me a sexy smile again. “Anything?” she whispered. “Yes sweetheart, anything, as long as it makes you happy.”
Soon the Dave and Tom were back with drinks, the first of many and the compliments were soon flying thick and fast again and I could see my wife was getting turned on even more. I knew that if we stayed there much longer we’d all three disgrace ourselves. Three guys sitting with a sexy looking woman, all sporting erections isn’t the done thing at a nudist resort so I suggested we all go back to our room. With huge smiles on their faces smiles, they both nodded as they both said in unison “Yes!”
As soon as we were inside Dave wasted no time and his hands were all over my wife as he started sucking on one nipple as he teased the other with his fingers. My wife was busy too, stroking his cock. I leant against the door and watched as my wife pushed him back onto the bed then sat beside him and slid her lips over the tip of his cock. Her legs were open and her pussy as wetter than I’d seen it for a long time. Tom, not wanting to be left out got down on his knees and buried his face in her pussy and I heard him groan into it. I knew just how he felt, because I know how good she tastes when she is really wet. He was licking her from her clit, through her pussy lips, all the way to her tight little ass hole. Then he’d go back and start again. Every time he touched her clit my wife would shake and groan around Dave’s cock.
Suddenly my wife pulled Tom’s face harder onto her face and started to come, screaming out as she sucked even harder on Dave’s cock. I guess that was too much for him, because I saw his whole body stiffen as he pulled her head down and started pumping his load down her throat. I knew just how much my wife loves it when a man comes in her mouth and this time was no exception, as she carried on sucking him until he had nothing left to give and collapsed backward on the bed. The three of them rested for a couple of minutes then my wife got up and pushed Tom down onto the beside Dave. He’d lost some of his erection but even semi hard his cock was at least nine inches long with a huge knob at the tip.
She got down on her knees and cupped his balls in her right hand and wrapped the fingers of her left around his shaft. Then I saw her tongue dart out as she licked up the underside of his shaft before she opened her mouth and slide her lips over his knob. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was ragged as she pulled back as she worked her lips back down his thick cock. When she pulled back I could see her saliva glistening on it as her mouth worked its magic on it.
Dave got up and moved in behind my wife, took hold of her hips and pulled her to her feet. My wife still had Tom’s cock in her mouth as Dave used his feet to ease her legs apart opening her juicy pussy for all to see. She started to suck Tom again as Dave moved into position behind her. This was the moment I’d waited for as the tip of Dave’s cock touched her hot lips and he began to move it up and down through them. My lifted her mouth of Tom’s cock and looked round at Dave. “Don’t tease me Dave, put it in.” Dave turned and looked at me, gauging my reaction, then, seeing I was more than happy to let him fuck my wife guided his cock into her. I heard him groan as her wetness engulfed it, then watched as his hips moved forwards casino oyna burying his full length inside of her.
As soon as his balls touched her, Hazel began to come and lifting her lips off Toms cock, she cried out as she came again. Dave grabbed her hips and pulled her harder against him as her pussy exploded around his cock. I could see her juices dripping from his balls as she cried out in ecstasy. Then as her orgasm subsided, Dave began to move slowly in and out of her and she pushed back, meeting his thrusts.
I knew what was coming next, as my wife lowered her head and took Tom’s cock back into her mouth. She loves spit roast but this was the first time I’d seen her taking two cocks and I wasn’t involved and if the truth be known I was really seeing enjoying it. It wasn’t long before I saw Dave’s ass cheeks clench and he drove his cock deeper into her as he came for the second time that night. This time though in deep in my wife’s hot, wet pussy. The pussy that hadn’t taken any other cock but mine over a year.
While Dave filled my wife’s pussy with his load she was almost going crazy, as she took most of Toms huge cock into her mouth but Tom wanted more, apart from me, he was the only one that hadn’t come and as soon as Dave finished coming and pulled his cock out her pussy, Tom sat up and lifted my wife up and dropped her down on his throbbing cock. There was a look of pure lust in my wife’s eyes as Tom began sliding her backwards and forwards over his cock. Each time he pulled her back towards him, I could see Dave’s cumm coating his knob. He didn’t try to put in her, but just enjoyed the feeling of her cumm coated lips sliding up and down the underside of his cock.
What my wife really wanted though was Tom’s big cock inside and she lifted up off him, reached back and lifted his cock higher then lowered herself back back down onto him. She was so wet from the fucking that Dave had just given her that Tom’s huge knob easily parted her lips and disappeared inside her. She held still for a moment to get used to it, then started making short up and down movements, taking it a little deeper each time until she finally had all of Tom’s long, thick cock inside her.
Ever since we’d been back in the room, I’d been gently stroking my cock and beads of pre-cum were dripping from it so I stopped stroking. I knew if I carried on I would lose control and I didn’t want to come yet. Suddenly Tom wrapped his hands around wife’s waist and pushed her down as he drove upwards into her until his full length was inside her. My wife cried out and began to shake uncontrollably as yet another orgasm hit her.
I could see that her pussy was really stretched by Tom’s thick cock as raised and lowered onto it over and over again. I’d seen my wife fucked many times before but never in this position and the sight of her pussy lips stretched around Tom’s big cock, covered in her juices, is something I’ll never forget. Then Tom started to speed up and I knew he was about to shoot his load into her waiting pussy.
As he started to come I could see Tom’s cock twitching as he pumped his load into my wife’s pussy. After what seemed like an age, my wife flopped backwards onto Tom’s chest, exhausted form the intense fuckings she’d experienced and I could see his cock softening until it eventually slipped out of her, allowing a flood of his cumm to pour out of her pussy.
Dave and Tom got dressed and, after thanking us for a great evening left. My wife was exhausted, but she knew I was the only one that hadn’t come and spread her legs and let me have a turn. Her pussy felt amazing as I slid my cock into. The feeling, as I fucked her well used pussy was something I never thought I’d experience again but I was and I was loving it and all too soon, I added my own load to theirs. We kissed, and held each other as we drifted off to sleep.
We’re back from our holiday now, but we often relive our experience with Dave and Tom.

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