Fun at Sturgis


Fun at SturgisFun at Strugis My wife (Mary) and Me had alway to go to Strugis Bike Rally , so got the money to go and took our friend Dawn with us.We had just arrived and checking at hotel, just got lugage to the room. When Mary say ” Let go out see the sights and see what is going right now at Rally”. So We’ll head out of hotel an start walking down the way, when Mary run into a c***dhood friend. We stop Mary say”How are Joann”? Joann say” I am fine, how are u? Mary say “I am fine too”. Joann ask” her who are u with?” Mary says “this is my husband Keith and my girlfriend Dawn, we just got here an take in the sight.” Mary say “who are u with Joann?” Joann say “i am her with my girlfriend, who are Kelly, Marie, Sara, Tina, Katie, Heather and Hallie”. Joann goes to say “that Katie , Heather and Hallie didn’t go to the concert tonight.” Mary say” There a Concert tonight, we didn’t know , we don’t have to go.” Joann say”We have tickets for u’all, Come with to Concert tonight and we can get some sight-see done and we go eat before the Concert?” Mary look at me and Dawn , then say to Joann”sure we would love too, thank u”. Joann say “u’ll are welcomed”. As we walk around Joann takes Mary’s hand from me and say “Do mine?” I say “no” and Mary look happy and smile at me as her and Joann are hand in hand. I just follow them, then Kelly come up and take my hand and say” I think u will like concert tonight”. I say “I hope so” and look over at Dawn ,she has both by hands of Marie and Sara, as I look at Kelly that hold my hand, Tina come up and get hold of the other one. See Mary and Joann ahead, see that Joann is rubbing Mary’s butt and Mary is doing the same. Joann look back tell everybody that we going to eating “Full Throttle Saloon” as say that I see Mary’s eyes light up and slide closer to Joann. As we enter the saloon, Joann say “that I am paying for u’ll meals, ask is that ok?” Mary look at me and Dawn then say “That would be nice and thank you for doing that”. Joann say “it my pleasure.” As we’ll sit down i go to sit by Mary but , Joann sit down by her and other side is Marie by her is Dawn. So I sitting across from Mary with Kelly on one side and other side is Tina. As we’ll eat i see Mary move closer to Joann as i notice her hand off is below the table so is Mary. The eat and talk with each other i see Mary looking at Joann, see that has big smile her face and Joann lean over give a kiss on lips. As look around see Dawn give kiss to Marie on lips that one their hand off the table, i feel Kelly grab my hand slide under table as she is rubbing her hand against my leg and inner thigh. As the dinner go on Kelly give a kiss on lips and i look at Mary, she is look at Joann, love the attention from her an she give a wink as she see Kelly kissing me. After get eating Joann get up to go pay as she does Mary get up head with to go pay as look i see that Mary’s shirt unbutton a little and one button on her shorts in unbutton as i continue to watch i see that Joann’s shirt in unbutton a little and so is her shorts unbutton too. As head out is see that Dawn’s shirt unbutton a little to and shorts and Kelly is and so is Marie. We come out of the Saloon start head down the street to the concert, i see that Joann has her hand in Mary’s shorts and Mary has her hand down in Joann’s shorts but, as we walk then get more and more intense with hands in each other shorts . I have notice Kelly has put arm around me and slowly casino oyna side her in front of my jeans and she place hand down her shorts in back as we walk, look back Dawn, she is doing the same with Marie and Marie is doing same to her. Joann say” We will enjoy the concert and after party, but she said that Sara had to go back to take supper to the Katie and Tina and Heather and Hallie.” As we’ll look around at shop head to concert area I see Joann slide closer to Mary and Joann slide hand down Mary’s shirt start playing with tits. Mary slide hand to Joann’s shorts unbutton another button rest her hand on Joann’s stomach. As I was watching Mary and Joann, Kelly hsd unbutton two button on my jeans and had slide in shirt unbutton another button and one shorts an had hand place on her tits and stomach. Marie and Dawn had gotten front us and they both hand each tits and ass. We get to concert area it very wide and long there are thousands people, as we go in Joann and Mary start walking fast and they heading dark area of concert area, Kelly and me head after them and Dawn and Marie are behind us. As I see Mary and Joann slow down and then start sit down on the ground, Kelly tell me ” Let stay right here, so can have fun and not worry about Joann and Mary”. I say “ok” because i can see Mary and Dawn. As we sat down on the ground, Look over at Mary as saw Joann ubutton Mary’s shorts and turn to Mary so she could unbutton Joann’s shorts, they lay shorts off to the side and saw Mary reach between Joann’s legs slowly rub her inner thighs as Mary did this to her, she reach between Mary’s legs and slowly rub her inner thighs, look over at Dawn see was doing the to Marie and Marie doing the same to Dawn that i saw with Mary and Joann. Kelly start to unbutton my jeans and unzip them pull off and my pull underwear down, so I unbutton her shorts and pull them off and rub and massage her inner thigh slowly. As the sun go down ,some in concert come on in area we is still dark to point. I look over at Mary see that Joann is caress her mound and has unbutton her shirt and taken off her bra and Mary is doing same to Joann’s shirt, I can see that gentle kiss each other on lips. Look over in Dawn direction see her and Marie are rubbing each other mound and have shirt off and bra and kiss each other on lips just Mary and Joann are. Look at Kelly lift shirt off and bra and take her shorts and slowly rubbing her ass and suck on her tits , as massage my balls and cock. Then, I hear loud noise it the Concert is starting and light go dimmer. I look over to Mary, I see Mary on ground with Joann on over and see that Mary fingering and eating Joann’s pussy and fingering her ass, as i see Joann going down into Mary pussy eating her and fingering her pussy and ass. I am enjoy concert and Kelly is suck my cock and balls, i am fingering her ass and pussy, looke over at Dawn and Marie see that they are grinding pussy on each other while fingering each other and kissing and sucking each other tits. Look over at Mary, I see she on knees and Joann is grinding her with her pussy. As i listen to the concert, Kelly slide over on cock with pussy and i slowly slide in and out of her, grabbing her nipples and fingering her ass. I look over at Mary and Joann, see Mary in now slide her pussy up and down on Joann ‘s pussy and that Joann is on back . Mary is fingering her pussy and ass and suck and pinching her nipples. I continue enjoy the concert canlı casino siteleri as i fucking kelly in doggie style and pinching her nipples and fingering her ass and pussy. I look over didn’t see Mary and Joann, i turn ask Dawn ,she said ” that come by and told her that they where heading to hotel to Joann’s room and did want to borther me and Kelly”. I said ” I going to go look for her, are u going to come?” Dawn says ” in a bit, we are have fun right now”. I say “ok, I will go”. So tell Kelly, we need to find Joann and Mary, she say”ok”. We get dress and head to the hotel. Kelly and I head to the hotel as we are walking she holding on to me as i have hand in shorts rubbing her ass. We look as we go for Mary and Joann but we don’t see them. WE get to the hotel Kelly and I head to elevator to go to there room. As get in the elevator Kelly give a kiss as we head up to their room. Kelly give another kiss as she open the door to the room as we walking I see Mary naked and tied to a bed with Sara on her face with her pussy and Katie fuck Heather on another bed and Tina is fucking Mary as Joann is fucking Tina and Hallie suck on Mary’s nipples. Kelly say “sit here I be back in couple minutes”. I say “ok,” as I watch each one fuck Mary and replace one to have her pussy eaten by her and suck on her nipples. Then, I seethat they roll Mary over on her knee start to fuck doggie style, slowly each one take their time with some eaten Mary’s pussy and she is eating some pussy in front of her and two of them suck on nipples and Mary is fingering pussies too. As i am watch Mary get fucked i see that they 10inch strap-on, now i see that they going get other try in her ass. But, as i enjoy this Joann walk over and say “can I take ride on your cock”? I say “sure”. As look over at Mary, she face me and Joann , look happy as she see Joann slide down to my cock, she loving be fucked as she watch me and Joann. As Joann come up to my cock grab her tits and pull on her nipples and fuck her slowly at first , start hammer her as Mary hears the “poping” as my cock and balls slam into Joann’s pussy and i finger her ass and rub her clit. Mary see Joann’s body thrashing as i fuck her harder and she hear the “popping” as slam into Joann’s pussy, she ask ” how do u like my man?, sweetie. Joann answer in big sigh with “he is amazing baby”!!! As that come out Joann’s mouth in walk Dawn and Marie, they say ” Sound like Joann is enjoying herself?, have fun we going to shower anyone want to come? Joann says”Yes, i am!!” and Tina say “take with u’ll”. As i look over at Mary, she get fuck from behind and from under her. I fucking Joann really harder and pounding her pussy with each stroke there is “pop” sound and i see that Mary on back with two dildo in her pussy being fuck Heather and Kelly with Hedi having eat her pussy . I hear moaning coming the bathroom and them Dawn,Marie and Tina come fall right on one of other beds and eating and sucking and fucking each with fingers and tonuges. Roll Joann on her back and start suck and pinch her nipples as i am fucking she sweating and i drink the her sweat. Look Mary, she on her side with one dildo in ass and in pussy and eating Kelly pusssy as Kelly pull on her nipples and kissing her on lips. Joann say”Baby(mary) do u want to take a shower with in hour?” Mary say ” Yes, Baby(joann) !” Joann give kiss and say” I love that baby, we do more later after Mary and mine shower.” casino şirketleri She get up ask Mary would like to take that shower with me, Mary say “yes”. As I watch them go into the shower , they seem be in love as they go. I go lay on main bed as Heather and Hedi and Kelly go to other bed, see Dawn and Marie and Sara still going afer on the other bed. As I lay in the bed see Mary and Joann come out, they very happy and look over at me . Say” Hey, good looking do you want to fuck?” I say “yes!” Mary get on her knees and Joann slide under her as i slide into pussy and slowly start to fuck her and rubbing tits and ass. Joann is eating her pussy and finger her also suck cock as slide in and out. I slide in and out Mary harder and faster and her say ” Oh, yes baby fuck that my pussy, oh little baby(joann) i love that mouth in my pussy and fingers…more pls.” I start banging harder and faster lick her asshole and lick the sweat and water off her back and rubbing her tummy and slowly pulling back on her hair, as Joann spread her lips of her pussy start lick in deep and slowly put her legs around Mary’s head and lick my ball and rubs them as i increase the banging into Mary’s pussy. As the “poping” get louder as fuck Mary’s pussy and spank her ass and pulling on her nipples. She say “let switch so eat my lovely Joann’s pussy, as “pop” her pussy”! Joann say “I would to “popped” by him”!!Joann in front with Mary below her, Mary is start her pussy and suck my balls, I slowly start fucking her and then pick up as i do start “popping” in and out pussy and finger ass and grab nipples and twisting then as she is going in deep with mouth on Mary’s pussy and fingering her ass and pussy. I hear them both moaning and rubbing each in pleasure in keep “popping” Joann in her pussy. Sweat in running down my face and lick Joann’s ass and back to drink up the sweat and Mary eating her pussy and lick the sweat off her ass and legs and Joann is eating and lick the sweat off of Mary’s pussy and belly and nipples. Final give major push and “pop” with ech every stroke. I tell them ” Let rest for a bit and then we can do it again?” Joann say” Baby , you can relax for awhile, you can hold Mary, I will kiss her as she hold me?” Mary says ” yes, baby you relax and hold me, Joann and i will just kiss and make out here, while am in your arms.” I say “ok”. As Joann slide off to get next to Mary give her kiss and give Mary a kiss and rubs her ass. Roll over to relax have a hand Mary’s ass,look over my shoulder see Mary slide up and kiss Joann on the lips and start rubbing her clit and Joann’s is rubbing Mary’s pussy and tits. As I am watching this , I feel asleep and then after few minutes wake up hear a “popping” sound look over to Mary see that she has the 10inch strap-on in Joann’s pussy deep in pounding hard and fast Joann is moan and breath hard as Mary bang her harder and Joann is on her back and grab Mary nipples and twist them suck on them an fingering her pussy. Watch my wife enjoy fucking Joann was fun, but as i watched fell back to asleep. I hear the door close, so look up saw Mary with Dawn on her hands and knees fuck her deep and with the “pop” hear earlier, as watched ask Mary “where did Joann and the girls go?” she says “they left and their was this note “Thank you a’ll for great time, see you soon, love u!! p.s. Love u Mary and Keith, stay in our room as long u like, we had go do something, Love Joann”. I say “that nice”. Mary say ” yeah, so let finish this we can go out look at full throttle”. I said”Ok, you two enjoy, lay down, get u are read tp go”? Mary said “ok, honey enjoy your nap”. Later, we got ready headed to full throttle saloon, enjoy the day.

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