Fully fashioned nylon stocking high heeled fun.


Fully fashioned nylon stocking high heeled fun.I’ve been a ffnylon stocking lover/Pervert since I was of a much much much lower age of my 57 years now. Seeing my mother and Auntys & there friends in the most exquisite dark ffnylon stockings, wrinkles and high heels caused certain feelings in my Penis, it tingled and swelled as I looked at hints of stocking tops, dipping, sheer, shiny Nylon hypnosis calmed me. I loooooove ffnylon stocking high heeled kinky fun with the same, and it does happen sometimes…………… My friend had asked me to house sit for him for a month and I’d agreed, he lived upstairs in a lovely maisonette in Surrey. I asked him about the neighbour downstairs but all he could say was he was in his 60”s and he hadn’t had much dealings with him not much on a character reference I thought. I’d been excited at the thought of house sitting as I would get the chance to dress up in my ffnylon stockings high heels and accompanying clothing videoing and really enjoying myself. I was was going to bed on the third night and went to get a drink from the kitchen, I heard a door shut downstairs and then” Click, Click, Click, Click an unmistakable noise for a high heel lover. As you entered the house there was a shared area for mail and such and also a cupboard large enough to get in , then 19 to the left and 19a to the right.As I listened to the heel clicking I looked out the kitchen window which viewed straight down on the front door, there was also a street light outside his place so it was well illuminated.Following the Clicks I saw a mature lady walking down the well illuminated path. She wore a two piece navy suit with pencil skirt, dark high heel court sling backs but the best was seeing her shiny, sheer dark ffnylon stockings, my cock jumped. Oh heaven.I started to stroke my cock as I looked at her reach the gate, she didn’t seam to be in much of a hurry, but it was 00.30 so she was very relaxed. She lit a cigarette and walked slowly up and down, I carefully opened the window so I could hear her high heels better, and at points I could hear her ffnylons swishing together. As she walked towards the lamppost you could see her more clearly, probably in her 60s but with a gorgeous figure. I had such a good view of her ffnylon stocking high heel clad legs I was almost pushing my cock up against the window and wishing I was dressed. Wishing I was dressed? I was dressed up, I was wearing a sheer black nylon blouse, sheer black half slip, sheer black nylon pantys, black obg 6 sus, choc Manhattan Nylons and 4in ankle straps, and all of a sudden my thoughts centred on getting down into the cupboard to watch my neighbours saucy Lady come in. I watched my neighbours Lady walk a bit further away from the front gate as I stroked my ffnylon sheathed cock, knowing this was the time to go downstairs and hide in that cupboard. I shut the door of the cupboard and tried to regulate my breathing all dressed atakum escort up heels too, waiting to see this gorgeous retro ffnylon stocking high heeled Queen come back in as I peeked through the substantial crack in the frame. Anyone coming in to the shared area tripped a long light so I would get to see her for as long as it took her to open her door. I hear the clicking of those heels coming towards the door, I start to tremble and stroke my cock, I so want to see her in her ffnylons and high heels, the noise of her key going into the lock and turning stiffened me so much. I had had the perfect vantage point in the cupboard as the door opened it was like she was walking towards me, I could see her so much clearer now, well her suit, ffnylons and high heels. The crack in the door didn’t give enough to see her face apart from glimpses. She was wearing black point heel ffnylon stockings, 4in navycourts, a gorgeous pencil skirt and jacket, from what I could see ( In glimpses) she had dark brown shoulder length hair and heavy makeup. She shut the door and walked slowly to the mail box, her sheer ffnylons and high heels were in my perfect view and I could hear her legs swishing together, my cock was throbbing watching this gorgeous mature woman in her finery was making me wank. Having checked the mail my new neighbour turned at an angle that allowed me to see her gorgeous ffnylons and high heels my cock was so hard watching her, after picking up her mail she walked towards her door 19. I could see everything, sheer shiny ffnylons high heels oh I was going to cum, my cock tingled in such a kinky way I wasn’t going to be able to stop the ejaculation but the noise was another thing. She got to her door put the key in turned and opened it then started to walk straight towards me in the cupboard. “Oh no oh no” I thought talk your way out of this one as she opens the cupboard door, but she doesn’t. She stops short and is putting something on the ground. She walks back into the main frame by the door and starts to gyrate rubbing her legs together, kissing the cam doing everything she can to be saucy. I am now wanking as I watch her in the dimming light guessing she’s put her cam down to record this for herself. I’m feeling so horny watching her as she takes her jacket off, leaving the navy pencil skirt, sheer nylon blouse, sheer choc ffnylon stockings and high heels. She dances provocatively concentrating on swishing her legs together and caressing her tits. I am starting to pump my cock hard watching her ffnylons and high heel show. My Penis is so hard watching this gorgeous mature woman in all retro finery teasing, modelling and starting to rub the front of her pantys and moaning groaning and saying such disgusting things to do with ffns&hh. She walks up and down swishing her ffnylon legs together rubbing the front of her pantys, and the turns towards where I am, strutting towards me “Swish atakum escort bayan swish swish swish” her legs resonated. Id forgotten she’d put the cam at the foot of the door I was behind, my cock was ooozing precum constantly as I watched her. She moved the cam towards her then started to wiggle her hips and raising her skirt. Oh this was so hot watching those gorgeous dark welts come into view made me slide my ffnylon clad legs together, she was playing to the cam which was literally two feet in front of me, so it seemed like she was performing for me. Her skirt was above her hips now as she teased with her stunning ffnylon stocking high heel clad legs. My neighbour starts to talk to the camera which makes it so much hornier for me. “ Do you want to see my ffnylon stocking high heeled surprise”. I struggle not to say “yes please “ to keep my breathing shallow, hot bothered and still in the cupboard . My neighbour then starts to dance and gyrate as she speaks of ffnylon high heel heaven, leaning over looking backwards at the cam teasingly, winking and rubbing her knickers. She is so good in her ffnylons and high heels, I’m starting to rubby rubby, thinking about squirting over my ffnylons as I watch her. Abruptly she stops, turns to her door turns the latch and walks in, my heart rate is through the roof, my cock is sooooo hard and yet it seams it’s over, but no wait a moment. My neighbour brings out a dining room chair and sits on it making a very big deal of crossing her legs. My view could not have been better as she crosses, uncrosses, crosses, uncrosses, crosses and uncrosses her legs, the swishing as I also watch driving my cock wild. As I’ve said because of her cam placement it really felt like she was showing to me. She talks to the cam” Oh you naughty boy, have you been dressing in Auntys undies”. I spasm at the thought my cock so rigid. “ I bet you have you dirty dirty boy”. “ Going down Auntys Undie basket to find her sheer panties, girdle, slip, sheer dark ffnylons and high heels you filthy boy”. Aunty was starting to rub her panties very rhythmically at the front, all the time she’d been talking she’d been posing too. As My neighbour turned towards the cam and cupboard door she seemed to have gone into a trance, sliding her dark ffnylons together, moaning, rubbing her panties. It was at this point I realised, my neighbour turned towards the cam, strutting, crossing, uncrossing and rubbing the front of her pantys, “Her Pantys” I heard in my head as I watched my gorgeous mature neighbour sit astride the dining room chair and splay her legs, making her pencil skirt rise, “That’s it you dirty boys all over my ffnylon stockings” Her head went back and her hand went down her knickers, it was exquisite to watch. My neighbour shifted her nylon pantys down, showing what was on offer, oh my she was stroking an erect Penis, moaning, groaning. What was I to do?As I watched my escort atakum lovely “Lady” starting to rub her penis with ffnylon stockings it turned me on so much, I wanted to go out there, join in, let “Her” see my ffnylons and high heels. By this point my neighbour had her cock out and was wanking whilst tickling her nipples and speaking in kinky fetish ffnylon stocking high heel tongue, my cock was throbbing watching him, loved his cock with the ffnylons on it. I decided I was going to open the door slowly, there was still another nook to get into in the reception area, but i needed to be with him mmmmm. The door opens slightly catching as I watch my gorgeous neighbour kneeling laying back and wanking his cock to a very kinky ffns&hh vid. I am now just Out of the cupboard and leaning against a dropped wall but with a great view of him mincing up and down in his ffnylon stockings and high heels. He stops and lifts his skirt up looking in my direction, slipping his ffnylon sheathed cock out of his pantys sitting down crossing his legs and wanking. He even winks at my location, telling me he knows I’m there. Oh my, I’m so turned on wanting to play with him, but still not wanting to give up my hide. He walked towards where I was hiding, and didn’t stop. Got to me and held my hand as he lifted me up, “Shall we enjoy ffnylon stocking high heeled kinky perversion darling” he said to me. “I dropped to my knees as he pulled 3 ffnylons over my head, 3 pairs on my arms, 3 on my Cock. We were both completely ffnylon sheathed in exquisite exctasy just so wanting our filthy sperm to splash together as we kiss caress and entwine our ffnylon stocking clad legs. He starts to rub his black ffnylon clad legs against my choc Gio Harmony point clad legs whilst thrusting his cock against my ffnylons. “Oh Uncle please let me take care of you” as my triple ffnylon sheathed head dipped down, down, down, down till my mouth met that naughty ffnylon sheathed cock, delicious taste. I start to suck Uncle as he caresses my nipples and strokes my ffnylon legs. Tasting him through the ffnylon was so kinky, nice heavy cock smell and guiding him to pump my ffnylon hooded mouth. I have my neighbours ffnylon sheathed cock in my ffnylon hooded mouth as I thrust my ffnylon sheathed cock between his legs, oh yes. I lick, kiss, suck, tease Uncles dirty old ffnylon high heel kinky penis as I rub my ffnylon sheathed cock against his legs oooohhhh yes. Gently wanking Uncle Nylons over my face an in my mouth, as I slide my ffnylon cock against his legs. My tongue wiggling on his end, telling him how much his filthy Nefew loves kinky ffnylon stocking high heel kink. He starts to spasm, my mouth over his ffnylon erection, crossing uncrossing groaning, but that cocks not coming out of my mouth, I stroke his ffnylon legs with ffnylons on my hands still sucking. I’m rubbing my ffnylon sheathed cock on his ffnylon legs as I suck him, my temperature is rising, oh my. Deliciously kinky darling. He thrusts harder and harder into my mouth, he wants to mix filthy ffnylon high heel genes with me. Oh yes do it baby, kinky dirty naughty ffnylon stocking high heel depraved ejaculation. Exquisite.

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