Fucked My Own sister


Fucked My Own sisterMy name is rahul and I am from hyderabad, my mail id is [email protected]. I would like to share with you my real personal experience. I am from a rich family basically engaged in business.I have 3 elder sisters and I am the last boy. I am 23 years old now and like to share my experience when I was 19 years. My sister Kamala is older than me by 3 years. She got married when she was 23 years old. She is very tall (5 feet 11 inches) with wheatish complexion.I was 15 years old when she got married and I didn’t know anything about sex. When I was in school in our office we had lot of sexy girls who were working for us, most of them from middle class families. So I have started having sex with our sexy colleagues. Even when I was 17 years old. But I have never forced anyone to have sex with me. Probably I was lucky in many occasions. But Couple of times I was in trouble when I had sex with young girls and they had become pregnant. My mother had to settle in both the cases with lot of money. Let us go to the actual story, which I wanted to say here, which happened when I was 19. One day my sister Kamala came to our house alone from mumbai, where she was staying with her husband. The whole day she was crying, when I asked her she didn’t say anything. I thought she had a fight with her husband. She had been married for 3 years without baby and probably her neighbors might have upset her with filthy comments. I went to play cricket and came back home around 8 pm.After dinner my mother gave me milk and told me that one of our cow has given birth to a new calf and I have to drink the milk. Though we have our own cattle farm I don’t drink milk. I think I fell asleep immediately after drinking milk. When I got up next day, my cock was paining and I could feel something was wrong. Since I had the experience of having sex I could feel that it was not because of wet dreams. But I could not figure it out, what happened. When I came from my room, my mom asked me how I am feeling, which was unusual because she malatya escort never asks me like that. I acted normal as if nothing happened, but was very curious to know what happened. I told my mom and sister that I am going to playground and instead entered the next room. Since we had a very big house it was very easy to hide in a room without anyone noticing it. I have opened the window so that I could hear them talking in the next room. I could hear my sister asking my mom in a worried voice ” what if he knows about that?” and mom replied, “don’t worry, he will never know”. After staying there for 30 minutes, I could understand that my own sister fucked me with the help of my mother. I was shocked; I never thought something like that would ever happen to me.I also came to know that my sister wants a baby desperately and she feels that my uncle is having some problem. Since she loves him too much, she doesn’t want to hurt him also at the same time she wants a baby to avoid all these social problems. I left the room without any noise and I could not concentrate on anything. I came home late and again my mom gave me milk after dinner. Now I could understand what might have happened the night before, I acted like drinking the milk instead spilled it thru the window. After 10 minutes I pretended to be asleep and went upstairs to my room. I was very nervous and my entire body was shaking in anticipation of having sex with my own sister. At that time I could hear mom opening the door and turned on the light and came close to me and called my name couple of times and even tried to wake me up; probably she wanted to make sure that I was sleeping. Though it was very difficult acting like sleeping, I managed to cheat her. Then my mom switched off the light and after 30 minutes she came with my sister. My heart was pounding so much I thought they could even hear my heart beat. This time mom came with torchlight and didn’t turn on the light. I just wanted to know what would happen next.They didn’t open their mouth escort malatya as our cook and 2 other housemaids and my little elder sister were sleeping on the ground floor rooms. Only my room and my moms rooms are on the first floor and rest of the rooms were for provisions and coconuts etc., I could feel that I was sweating a lot and was very anxious to know what will happen next. I was sleeping with lungi. I was shocked to see my own mother moving my lungi above my waist. She was shocked to see my erect cock and looked at my face with torchlight. She gave a signal to proceed. My sister was in her nightgown without underwear (well prepared!!) She was also shocked to see my erect penis, she showed it to mom and mom whispered to her ” don’t worry probably he is dreaming about something” and as my sister sat on me and with her hand she guided my cock inside her very tight pussy, I could not contain any more. I came with a splash all over her wet cunt; I could feel that I had never felt like this before in my entire life.My sister was surprised and didn’t know what to do. She told mom ” he has come already” and got down from me and started cleaning with the towel she brought with her. Mom told, “this is not sufficient, you need to do again”. This time I managed to keep my cock under control and my sister could not get it up. My mother told my sister, “try keeping it in your mouth” and my sister didn’t do anything, probably she had never done like this before. She waited for five minutes and slowly touched my cock with her hand. It was so warn and so good I was already getting an erection. My mother told her “try to come along with him, I will go down and check the house”. After my mom left my sister put my cock in her mouth and started sucking it, I was erect immediately. She again sat on me and started guiding my rock hard cock inside her tight and wet pussy and started moving up and down. This time I also started to move with her rhythm. She was very shocked, stopped for a moment and made sure I was sleeping malatya escort bayan and again started shaking her body. My god you cannot explain the pleasure and my heart was pounding like drum and I know for sure she heard my breathing also. But she was also so excite she didn’t stop. I slowly put my both hands on her waist, still closing my eyes. She was confused, again stopped for couple of minutes and I was still holding her waist.She put her hands on my chest for the first time. So far we had only contact between our sexual organs. I also got confidence and kept my hand on her breast on top of her nightgown, still I could feel her still nipple. I have started slowly squeezing it and she also started playing with my chest hair. I was very excited and my fear also went off. I have removed her nightgown in a single move and started squeezing her boobs and also started fucking her along with her rhythm. Now she knows for sure that I am awake but didn’t stop. Probably she had only baby in her mind. I slowly got up and moved her under me without taking my cock out, now she closed her eyes and didn’t open. I have started fucking her very hard the conventional way. I could feel her coming, because she started moaning very loud.I swiftly moved my lips over hers and started kissing her, rather made her stop screaming. She also responded very well and she seems to be very experienced like me. Suddenly I could hear mummy coming and we immediately moved positions and she has put her nightgown on and she was sitting on my top and riding my cock. Mom asked ” Is it not over yet?” and my sister told her that it will be very soon and started squeezing my bare chest and I also massaged her boobs on top of her dress, mom could not see this because it was still dark and after 5 minutes she came again and she cleaned my completely and both left the room.. The next day when we all having breakfast, I winkled my eyes and my sister also smiled softly, we both knew what happened the previous night. I had lot of encounters with her again many times even after she had a baby from me. Now she is happily married with 2 sons and 1 daughter and living in New Jersey US. HI if u liked this story then please mail me. My e mail id is [email protected]. Secrecy will be maintained.

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