Fucked by my friend’s Daddies


Fucked by my friend’s DaddiesI had just finished school, staying in after to go to the library to do work, being a good student I liked to try my hardest to get good grades. All of my friends had gone home. I was wearing my short skirt showing all of my thighs and only just about covering my bottom, underneath I wore Jack Wills panties, nice and tight, covering pretty much all of my bare bottom so I wouldn’t flash everything if the wind blew my skirt up. On top I wore a tight white shirt which was thin and showed through my padded white bra. I keep myself fit so I have a fairly curvy body, small waist, wide hips, big firm bottom, sort of thick thighs. I had a feminine figure still, I don’t have wide shoulders and I have a pair of C cups breasts to show. It was raining outside, it had been sunny in the morning so I didn’t bring a jacket or my school jumper. I ran out to the bus stop, the rain pouring down on me. My legs soaking, my shirt soaked through, basically see through now, my bra showing clearly.The bus arrived and I got on paying, as the driver sorted out the change I noticed two of my friend’s Daddies sat at the back. They had both been divorced by their wives, but when I met them when going to my friend’s houses they were lovely. I got my change and went to the back to sit with them. The bus was pretty much empty but I sat between them, both sitting right next to me each side. I smiled to them as I walked up. The smiled back.As I sat their we all got chatting, asking about how they were and how I was getting on in school. All the while they were staring at my muscular, wet, glistening alanya escort bayan thighs and my breasts in my bra which still showed clearly through my shirt. I could see their crotches becoming tight, they were horny, I mean after all, they hadn’t had a partner in a while since being divorced, all they had was their hand to wank with, now they had a chance with this little thing sat next to each of them.I whispered to both of them that I was horny, they liked this and agreed to go back to one of theirs, whichever was closest. I went to get off the bus first, I made sure my skirt was up as high as was right, just showing the tiny creases going from my bottom cheeks to my thighs. I followed them to the apartment where it will all begin.We went up to the bedroom as I got them to stand at the foot of the bed I laid on the bed, the leg furthest away I bent up so they could look all up the inside of my thigh as I slowly slid up my shirt, showing my hip bones and the lines of my stomach muscles going towards my pussy, my ribs showing a little as I slipped my skirt down a little so they could see the waistband of my Jack Wills panties a bit, like this picture below.They couldn’t control themselves, their cocks were rock solid as they stripped off and rushed over to me, ripping off my skirt, shirt and bra leaving me in my tiny tight panties. They flipped me over and got my on my hands and knees as they rubbed their nice hard cocks covered in pre cum all over my big round bottom over my panties leaving all their pre cum over them. They then slipped their cocks under my panties rubbing escort alanya all their pre cum on the underside of my panties and all over my bare bottom, getting rather close to my anus I began moaning, they seemed desperate, I loved how they wanted me so bad, I loved that the cocks which created the life of my friends were now hard and rubbing their seed all over my nice round bottom. I then felt them stop and then rip my panties off, my bottom and tight bald pussy all on show for them. One of them buried his head between my cheeks sticking it tongue nice and hard into my anus, I let out a little moan, it felt amazing, the excitement was so much as I could feel a bead of my juices run down the inside of my right thigh. My anus was soaking and now used to the feeling of their tongues deep inside, I then felt a sharp feeling of uncomfort as one of them began to slide his pre cum covered cock into my anus, I let out a loud moan and began pushing my bottom back to him, she slid in easily, after all they were both only about 6inches, but still good enough. He began pounding into me, I could feel my cheeks wobbling as his hips and thighs slammed into me each time. My head was then lifted to the sight of the other man’s cock in front of my face, still not a big cock but he rammed it into my gagging throat. I was being fucked good and hard from each side, I was being used as a sex toy, I didn’t care, people being so sexual frustrated and wanting me so bad turned me on. This went on for a few minutes before they changed places. The guy ramming his cock in my throat went away out of the room alanya escort for a bit as the other guy continued to slam into my ass, my big round ass wobbling away, the big ripples going all along my big ass and down my thick thighs.My friend Sammy’s Daddy came back in holding a bra and light blue cotton panties. I think they were Sammy’s. “Do it now” he said to my other friend’s Daddy. I started to fuck me even harder now, spanking my big ass, I felt his cock tense right up and then begin filling my ass with cum, moaning loads as he did, there was a lot. He then slipped out and Sammy’s Daddy went in, doing exactly the same. My ass was filled with cum. Thos panties brought in was then put on me, they were tight, my ass bulged out around the bottoms and they were so tight to my pussy it showed my tight mound and that I was totally hairless. The bra was then put on me, the cups were too small, my boobs bulging out over the top. Then Sammy’s Daddy whispered in my ear “Enjoy Sammy’s underwear” Then spanked my ass and then let me on my way, pushed out the front door in just Sammy’s bra and panties and had to put on my school uniform outside. I then made my way to Sammy’s house. I could feel all the cum slowly dribbling out of my ass all over the panties. I arrived as Sammy’s, who by the way looks like this : When I arrived at Sammy’s, she could tell something was up, I went in and went up to her bedroom. I asked her “Do you recognise these?” as I turned around and lifted up my skirt, showing my big round ass, the tiny tight panties now lodged a little way up between my ass cheeks covered in her Daddy’s cum and one of our friend’s Daddy’s cum. I turned around seeing Sammy’s shocked face as I then unbuttoned my shirt showing her that I was wearing her bra too. She then leant forward and started getting off with me…..To be continued…..

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