Fucked a virgin while her friend watched [true sto


Fucked a virgin while her friend watched [true stoI dated this girl for a short while in university. My friends all hated her, but I thought she was cute. Redhead. Perky little tits. Skinny. She had this vibe like she might turn out to be a lesbian.But I was the lucky chap who got to take her virginity. We’d been fooling around for a few months, lots of sucking and licking, jerking and fingering. Full sex never really seemed on the cards for some reason, but it didn’t really matter because she could suck like a fucking goddess. And she was happy to swallow gallons of cum too. She’d never let me cum on her though. She always ate it all up. She’d tell me about the various objects she’d shoved up her meaty little pussy. Her little vibrator, a few vegetables, a bottle or two (always in the bath, so it was nice and warm, of course). So I was surprised she still had a hymen. She’d also ask me about the girls I’d fucked in the past – I loved telling her those stories because she’d get really turned on and it would always end with me squirting cum down her throat.Anyway, this one weekend, we’d planned to a go to a gig in another part of the country. And it happened to be near where my dad lived. So I asked if we could stay at his apartment. Luckily, he was away that weekend, so we’d have the place to ourselves.And then at the last minute, she asked if her friend could come too. I wasn’t a big fan of this friend. She was a bit odd, and it was obvious she had a crush on my girlfriend. Brunette. Short. A bit emo. But she did have a nice big pair of tits. So I said yes, hoping at least to catch a glimpse of those tits in the shower at my dad’s place. The weekend rolled around, and off we went. After the gig, we went back. It was quite late, and we were already quite drunk, but we had a few more drinks anyway.We were on the couch and my girlfriend was lying on me – face up – with her head in my lap, while her friend was sitting on another chair. As we were talking, I was running my hand along her stomach, rubbing nonchalantly, when I noticed her friend’s eyes following my hand. So I pushed my hand further up and onto my girlfriend’s chest, stroking her perky little tits over her jumper. She didn’t mind (thank you, alcohol) and I could see her friend was watching intently. I started getting a little turned on at this point, and my girlfriend could clearly feel my cock illegal bahis stiffening under her head. She looked up at me, noticing that I was touching her tits, and winked.That was it. I needed her naked right now. So I chased her into the bedroom, leaving her friend alone in the living room, where she’d be spending the night on the couch. I threw her on to the bed, making no attempt to hide what we’d be doing from her friend, and told her to strip. Her nipples were rock hard and she had this lazy sort of grin. She lay back on the bed, invitingly, wiggling the exciting shock of red bush sitting atop her pussy mound – which still makes me hard when I remember it now.I discarded my own clothes and leapt onto the bed, making her giggle loudly. Her skin was so soft in my hands and her tits were really quite something. Smaller than I usually like, but very firm. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked. She reached down and took my cock in her hand. By now it was rock solid. And she started stroking me gently.I turned and put my head between her legs, and started licking away at her virgin pussy. She had unusually long pussy lips which I liked to suck on and she was soon making little noises of pleasure. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about her friend in the other room. I was picturing her listening to our fun, while fingering herself. Anyway, my girlfriend pulled my leg over her, so my cock was dangling in front of her face, and she reached up with her mouth and started sucking me. A classic 69. After a few minutes of this, I could feel her starting to wriggle under me, indicating she was about to cum. But suddenly, she stopped. I looked up to see what was wrong and she pulled me over so we were lying beside one another. And that’s when she said, “I want you inside me”, which gave me a thrill right to the tip of my cock. “Really?”, I asked. “Really,” she confirmed. It was on.But disaster! I didn’t have any condoms. I figured my dad might though, so I checked his bedside drawers. Nothing. Then I got up, left the bedroom and walked to the bathroom, stiff cock swinging. And I found some condoms in a drawer there.On my way back I noticed the living room door was a little open. It was dark inside, but I swore I saw some movement. The thought of her friend seeing my recently-sucked still-hard cock and the condoms in my hand gave me another thrill, so I smiled illegal bahis siteleri to myself and walked back into the bedroom. I quickly put on the condom and lay next to my girlfriend. She looked a little scared. I couldn’t blame her. After all, my fairly-average-sized cock was still bigger than any of the other things she’d ever shoved up herself. So I said to her, “Why don’t you go on top, so you can be in control”. So she straddled me, and lifted her wet little pussy up over my eager cock. She moved down slowly, her long pussy lips were pushed aside by the head of my cock, and slowly, slowly, she lowered herself down onto me. Two, maybe three inches in, she stopped, grunting. I could tell it was painful for her, so I just held her hand and told her to take her time. By this point my dick was throbbing with excitement, and it was everything I could do to stop myself from thrusting hard into her tight little pussy. She kept going, down, down, down, five inches, six, a little more, and soon I was all the way inside her. She was so tight I thought I was just going to cum right then. But I managed to hold it and she smiled down at me. I asked her if she was ok and she said yes. And that’s when she started moving up again. Pretty soon, she got into a little rhythm – sliding up and down my cock – her hands planted on my chest, squeezing her little tits together between her upper arms. Having gotten over the initial pain, she started to enjoy herself and the pace picked up. Soon I started thrusting too, which surprised her into making some little gasps. She leant her head back and closed her eyes. And that’s when I noticed I’d left the bedroom door open. And her friend was peeking in. That gave me a hell of a thrill and I grabbed my girlfriend’s waist and started pumping hard into her. I was grunting. She was moaning. And her friend was watching.I flipped my girlfriend over and lay on top of her, thrusting into her again and again. I couldn’t see the door anymore, but I suddenly decided I wanted her friend to see my thick cock pumping into her pussy. So I turned her over and pulled her up onto all fours. And entered her from behind. She let out a deep moan with my first thrust, and then I started pounding her hard. God it felt good to fuck her tight wet little pussy. It felt great to know I was the first guy in there. And it felt awesome to have canlı bahis siteleri her friend watching us the whole time. After a few more minutes of this, I pulled out and asked her if she wanted to go back on top, as I wanted to see if her friend was still watching. She did. And once again she was sliding her warm pussy lips up and down my thick shaft. Faster and faster, she was now making real moans of pleasure. It was spectacular. Better still, her friend was still watching us. She hadn’t even noticed that I’d seen her – her eyes were planted firmly on my girlfriend’s hot little body, on my stiff cock pumping into her wet little pussy, and on my hands as they groped her tiny tits and stroked her rock hard nipples.All of this together was too much for me, and I knew I was about to cum. But I didn’t want to waste it in a condom. So I lifted her off me, lay her down and knelt over her, thrusting my pussy-soaked condom-wrapped cock deep into her mouth. She loved the taste of her own pussy!I took off the condom and threw it behind me, and soon she was sucking me hard again. I reached back and fingered her sodden clit, hoping to bring her to orgasm at the same time as me. It must have been a great view for her friend!I needed to cum. I was doing everything I could to hold back, but nothing was working. Maybe knowing that her friend was watching was tipping me over the edge. And soon enough I was pumping hot cum down her throat. She swallowed like a champ, and then she continued toying with my cock as I kept fingering her. She lay back and closed her eyes, and I knew an orgasm was coming. She was moaning loudly (I love a vocal girl). And she started writhing around under me. She gripped the sheets in her hands. She arched her back and orgasmed hard. I kept rubbing her clit until she grabbed my arm and told me to stop with a satisfied grin. I lay back, panting hard. And looked up to see if her friend was still there. She was, so I waved. I wanted her to know I had seen her watching. Her eyes widened and she ran back to the living room, no doubt to have her own self-inflcited orgasm.It wasn’t til the morning that I noticed how much blood was on the sheets. And the idea that I’d literally torn this girl’s hymen apart with my dick gave me a nice thrill. Her friend appeared looking sheepish. I smiled at her, but we never mentioned it again. Thinking back, I don’t know why I didn’t invite her in to join us. What an idiot. Funnily enough, this was the only time I ever fucked that girl. We broke up soon after and I haven’t seen her or her friend for nearly 15 years.I wonder what (and who) they’re doing now?

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