Fuck Her harder


Fuck Her harderThe last time my mom came to pick up my little sister, my little sister insulted my step mom and my real mommy laughed. I didn’t think much of it. At the ensuing family function, my step mom apparently made my real mommy and my sister drinks to loosen them up. My step mother then proceeded to explain to my mom and sister, with help from my father, that she’d push to take away mommy’s visitation rights, unless she agreed to let herself get humiliated like the way they humiliated her a few weeks back.After much internal debate my mom agreed.My step mom was delighted.She instantly had me and my father remove our pants and pull up chairs. She then had my mom and my sister strip down right in front of us. They were so bolu escort humiliated. They kept covering up their private parts in front of dad and me. My cock was wanting to grow, but i knew it would be gross to get turned on by seeing my own mom and sister naked.My step mom was not pleased with them covering up, so she demanded that they allow her to tie them up, to make sure they couldn’t hide themselves. They agreed.She tied my sister’s arms behind her back, leaving her tits exposed to us. She tied my mom’s arms behind her back, and tied a bar between mommy’s legs exposing every inch of her pussy to us. My cock was now at least halfway grown, as my mom and sister both whimpered.What happened next shocked burdur escort everyone. My step mom pushed mommy over so she was stuck on her back, like a turtle, legs spread wide. Then she pulled out an 8inch strap on and tied it around my sister’s waist.“Guess what you’re about to do to your mommy, young lady”, my step mom jeered. My mom protested, “Please no, Please stop, we’re sorry”“It’s too late for that you bitch!”, your step mother shouted as she pulled down her stockings and hiked up her dress. She straddled mommy’s face and grabbed my little sister by the nipple’s and pulled her closer to her mom’s pussy. My step mom then grabbed the base of the strap on to keep it straight so it could slide escort bayan into mommy.My mom let out a loud groan as my little sister’s big strap on slid all the way into her mom. “Aww you don’t like that do you?”, my step mother taunted. “Now I want you to eat my pussy. I want to feel your tongue deep in me as your daughter fucks you. I want to feel you panic.” Your little sister was slowly pumping her own mom. My step mom didn’t like that. “Fuck her hard this very instant, or I’m going to fist that tight little pussy of yours.”“It’s okay baby, just do whatever she says”, my mom was able to get out.My sister started fucking her mommy as hard as she could. Mom let out a moan as she probably just came from her own daughter fucking her.My step mom was still squatting over mom, her pussy still on mom’s face. “Shut the fuck up you dumb cunt,” my step mom yelled at my mommy. “You’re not so fucking funny now are you, you sloppy fucking bitch. You’re own daughter is fucking you right now, hahahaha.

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