From the Park to Home

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Note – You should read “The Park” before reading this story in order to maintain story continuity.

* * * * *

As we crossed the street toward the garage, we changed our minds. After all, why smell up my car with our love juices? Why not just hail a taxi and let it have the benefit of our odorous smells. That is precisely what we did.

Entering the back of the taxi, I gave the driver our address – slid the window partition closed and snuggled up to you. Easing a couple of buttons from the top of your blouse allowed me access to your perky nipples – still hard and erect – partially because of the chilled night air – partially because of the way your corset held your firm teats up, as though on a shelf, for my inspection.

I leaned down and took one in my mouth and sucked on it as I noticed the driver eyeing us in his rear view mirror. I suppose that he picked up his share of prostitutes and their Johns near the park and he thought he had made another score. So I figured I’d give him a show.

Not knowing how low his vision was, I whispered to you to spread your legs. I began playing with your pussy as you threw your head back and moaned. It was then that I noticed the partition was not completely closed – allowing the driver to hear what goes on in the back seat.

Before long, your moans bahis firmaları and thrashing about resulted in more frequent glances from the driver and his driving was becoming more and more erratic because of it. I decided to speed things up some.

At the next red light, I picked you up and slid beneath you – unzipping and pulling my cock out I reached around you and put at the opening to your pussy – whispering to you what I was doing. Your performance was exceptional, my dear. You had the driver going crazy knowing that I was fucking you right there in the taxi. In fact, he was so absorbed in our coupling that he ignored the fact that the light had turned green. It was only after the light cycled through another ‘red’ and back to ‘green’ that I had to remind him to take care of business. I can only imagine how hard his cock must be.

Down the street we went – every bump forcing my cock deeper and deeper into your steaming hole. Before too long, I began to cum. It must have been the force of my cum hitting the back of your pussy that triggered your orgasm. You clamped down on my cock with your cunt muscles and moaned real loud – just at the time, the driver had almost turned around to watch us and damned near wrecked his taxi.

Good thing we weren’t too far from home. By the time we arrived, you and I had made kaçak iddaa ourselves as presentable as possible.

Exiting the taxi, I gave the driver some money and, you know what? He gave it back! For that performance – he said he should pay us. You began giggling so hard; I had to help you up the steps and into the house.

Once inside the front door, we began the mad rush to rip our clothes off. Both of us were as hot as could be – ready for some serious loving.

You went into the bathroom and began running a bath – filling the garden tub with bubbles and sweet smelling oils – while I got a bottle of chilled wine and some glasses. Pouring us each a glass of wine, we got into the bath – you behind me so I could lean back against your firm ‘pillows’ and relax.

Lying like this was so peaceful. Ever so often I would turn my head to one side or the other and take your nipple into my mouth – causing it to harden and your aureole to pucker with the coolness of the wine on my tongue. That gave me an idea.

I left the tub and went to the kitchen. Filling a stainless steel bowl with ice cubes, I returned to the bathroom. I set the bowl on the floor and pulled you up out of the tub – seating you on the wide ledge telling you to lie on your back.

I took an ice cube in my mouth and another in each of my hands. kaçak bahis Moving between your outstretched legs, I began to lick and suck on your pussy – paying special attention to your hardening clit.

At the same time, my hands were kneading and pulling your tits – rubbing the ice cubes around your nipples. You were moaning and thrashing around – really turned on and ready for sex.

I clamped down on your pussy – forcing my tongue deep inside of you as I placed a forefinger at the entrance of your anus. I pushed – inserting my finger in to the first knuckle – sucking your clit – nipping and biting it. Your hips were slamming into me – wanting to draw my tongue deeper and deeper into you.

All this time, your excitement was catching. My cock had hardened again and was ready. Placing my big mushroom head at your opening, I pushed – deep into you – then stopped. Holding there – letting your pussy muscles clasp and release my cock – milking it. God! What a feeling!

I began stroking in and out of you – slowly at first – building up our speed – then rapidly slamming my body into yours – forcing my cock deep inside your sex until we came. You first – me following. Spurt after hot spurt of cum into you until my ball sack was again emptied.

We slid back into the tub to relax and catch our breath – sipping on our wine – planning our next ‘night out’ adventure.

Perhaps the next time, we might take a plunge in the big fountain in the town square. How would the good General astride his horse view that?

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