From Swingers to Hot Wife to Cuckold


From Swingers to Hot Wife to CuckoldSo we started this lifestyle meeting couples and that didn’t work out too well, I enjoyed the male partner but the female was never into hubby. So we moved on to meeting just a male. That was great for a while, hubby is bi so that was fun for him for a while. He became bored when the guy wasn’t bi or they mainly just focused more on me. So after a while I started inviting this one guy, Dale, to our house for some one on one time in my bedroom. These fuck dates would last for a couple of hours and hubby was always at home. One weekend hubby had to travel so I asked if I could have Dale over for a quick “date”. Hubby said no, he didn’t think it was a good idea. I told him it was a great idea and I would let him know how it went. He was not happy but it didn’t matter, I knew what I wanted. As soon as hubby was gone I called Dale and told him to come over and bring a toothbrush as it might be a long weekend. I took a bath, put on a sexy top and crotchless panties a little perfume and lite some candles. When Dale walked in he told me how hot I looked and showed illegal bahis me his toothbrush. As I laughed he pulled me close to him and kissed me deeply and I moaned in his mouth as his hand found the opening in my panties. I was already so wet before we even kissed. I sucked his fingers he had inside of me while I smiled and looked straight into his eyes. I started un-buttoning his shirt and dropped on my knees and started mouthing and biting on his semi erect cock thru his pants. I slowly undid his pants and began kissing just the head of his cock. As it grew in front of me I licked the whole shaft from balls to the tip of his head, slowly. As soon as his cock was fully erect I got up and told him we could finish after he poured me some wine. As I turned away he gave me a hard slap on my ass and said it was not nice to tease him. It hurt and burned and it made a huge red mark on my cheek.We sipped some wine and moved into my bedroom. I love kissing Dale and holding his fat cock while I kiss him. As I was stroking his wonderful cock I told him how much I enjoy him coming over to illegal bahis siteleri be with me. We pretty much Fucked in every position possible. I had so many orgasims I can’t remember one from another. I think Dale must have cummed in me four times before we fell asleep. He is a very heavy cummer, way more then anyone I have been with. Seems that Dale likes to keep me well lubed up with his cum as he told me not to wipe it out. I do agree that his cum made getting his fat cock back into me so much more enjoyable. Too bad hubby wasn’t around to clean things up. The sheets were covered with our sweat and our juices, mostly from his cum that would gush out of me as his cock slipped out of my now well lubed and fucked pussy. We were so exhausted we didn’t care. Dale stayed the night and we both fell asleep on the bed. At some point in the night or early morning, Dale got his energy back and I could feel his cock on my back. I don’t think I could take any more pounding on my pussy so I turned over and started to stroke his cock and put the head in my mouth. I could taste the hardened canlı bahis siteleri cum from earlier on his cock and balls. I guess I got lost in the moment and forgot what a heavy cummer he was, besides how much more cum could he have left? A lot! Apparently he recovers and resupplies very quickly. I usually love to swallow cum and enjoy it but this was too much. I started to gag and choke and most of his cum ran out of my mouth and again all over the sheets. I told him I was sorry but he said don’t worry about it and that we could try again in the morning. I laughed and told him next time I would be ready. We fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until late the next morning with the phone ringing. It was hubby calling to see what I did last night. I told him that I had a wonderful night but couldn’t really talk as I didn’t want to wake up Dale. He was upset but also excited to get back home and hear all about it. After I hung up I decided to make Dale some breakfast before we showered and I changed the sheets. Dale left after breakfast and his shower but told me he would be back in the evening with a surprise. Hubby wasn’t due home for another night so I was looking to get as much time in with Dale before he came home. He wouldn’t tell me the surprise but told me to get some rest as it might be a long evening. I can’t wait.

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