From Bobbie to his bitch.Part 2


From Bobbie to his bitch.Part 2I lost track of space and time. I even forgot that my wife..our wives were watching us.I only knew that Tom’s big cock was way deep in my asshole and he was giving me a reach around.The pain becoming pleaureable.Our first anal intercourse.Each of us were virgins unti today.He boned me hard then slowed then hard again. My ass was opening up for his big cock. He put his hands on my hips. Very fast. My small cock flipping in circles to our natural rhythm. Our bodies joined as one by his magnificent cock.His arms now wrapped about me as he fucked me.This wonderous act of lust/love that only males can enjoy.I leaned back for a kiss. He kissed me hard and strong. I kissed back soft like a girl. I sucked his tongue.His hard cock throbbed in me. I felt it touch my secret walls. My private places where tuzla escort nobody ever touched before.I try to use my ass muscles to grip him.He nibbles my neck. Sucking my neck. Giving me a hickey.He angled into me. I froze.He stopped.”Tom you are near my G-spot.It feels so wonderful.I am going to want this every night.I been telling you that I am not gay but this last few wks are proving me wrong”I hear girls laughing.My wife has said that I was gay for yrs .She called my small cock “Little man”. I never really enjoyed her beautiful body.I only am enjoying his big cock now.His cock has united our 2 naked bodies.I am being butt fucked just like any other gay man.I am going to cum off. He fucks me harder.He nears my spot again.My toes are curling. I feel the tingling from my spine to my brain.His big balls are banging my small ones.”Your tuzla escort bayan ass is so warm and tight.I am going to come inside you soon. My sweet bitch. I am going to buy you a pretty mini dress tomorrow and a sexy bikini. Lets let our wives and the world know that your my bitch. My bottom bitch. My new GF” I am so close. I hear the girls voices but cant see them.My face is on a pillow on the floor.I am in a sexual frenzy. A gay daze.”Our wives are watching us.They are making a video.Roberta I am going to come”. My little cock jumps and shakes and my girly cum drips out in little gobs on the floor.He holds me tighter .I feel his cock expanding then dancing.He sort of lifts me backwards then slams me down hard as he releases his load into my needy asshole.All is quiet but his hard breathing and my gasps for air. escort tuzla MMMMM. I feel his warm liquid in me.I am purring .I so cuntent to be his cunt.No wonder gays and sissies love this. This is the best fuck of my life.The past few wks have been the very best sexual experiences of my life. All with another male. All with Tom. He softened and slipped out. I am still hard.I feel his warm sperm in my body. Some leaking out running down my love sac. “Huney please give me my panties. I want your load to stay in me as long as possible.” He gives me my panties and I slip them on. I stroke my little hard cock. Tom laughs.”Is it 2 inches or 3?”I smile. “Lets get in the bed before the girls get back. Like you said Tom,I want it again.” He went to pee. I put on my short negligee.I brushed my long hair and did a redo on my lipstick.I lie on our bed waiting for my man.”Roberta your too hot for words.Give me a minute and my fat prick is going up your tight asshole again”. He roared like a wild dog and lie with me.We spooned.Pat 1 and 3 will follow

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