Friends made me attend school with the egg vibrato


Friends made me attend school with the egg vibrato. Me, Rahul and Roy were good school friends…We used to share almost everything between us…We used to move together most of the time…They used to take me to theaters and make me sit between them…As soon as the lights went dim, they used to play with my boobs and pussy and made sure, others watched…It would give me a strong kick..They used to place my hands on their young cocks and make me stroke them ….I loved their young cocks twitching nicely in my hands…And most of the times, the stroking of their cocks would force the cocks to spurt their cream…..I loved doing that…….Their tongues deep inside my mouth while kissing me , gave me lot of pleasure…..I liked them playing with my boobs and clitty…They would not hesitate to pull out my boobs from my blouse and sometimes suck my nipples…I knew, they loved to expose me and display me to others too…I had started enjoying that as it gave me added kick…As a present on my birthday , they bought me a nice egg vibrator…They used to slip it in my pussy, when I was with them..The little devil used to vibrate nicely and bring me to towering climax one after other…..Their playing with my boobies helped in this….when I was shaking in climax…they would hold me tight in embrace and kiss me pendik escort with their tongues deep in my mouth…They would make me hold their hard stiff peckers…I would most of the times give them handjob or blow job to give much needed relief to their aching cocks………One day they had the egg deep inside me vibrating and sending shivers in my young body, Both of them had pulled out my boobs and Rahul was sucking at my nipples and Roy was kissing me with his tongue deep in my mouth… I was enjoying with my eyes closed…” Vanita, why not come to the school tomorrow , with the egg deep inside you? Drop to our house before going to school a bit early and we will help you put it in…and then we will take you to school …” Rahul was pleading.” Yes , nice idea Rahul…..I would love to watch Vanita with the egg deep in her, vibrating all the time – attending school. ” Roy added….After lot of pleadings, I agreed…Thinking of the whole fun ahead was making me wet…I met Rahul in his study room next day early morning and Roy too was present …..I could see big tents in their school uniforms…I knew, their young cocks had gone all stiff and hard just anticipating the fun ahead…….They kissed me, fondled my boobs and lowered my panties..My nipples had already got stiff and pussy was dripping escort pendik wet…..Rahul held me in a deep embrace, and Roy slowly inserted the egg deep inside my eager pussy…He ensured it was nicely positioned deep inside and he pulled my panties up….I could clearly feel his stiff cock poking me hard while doing this… The egg was embedded deep inside and covered by panties nicely…It had started vibrating and sending waves of pleasure in my whole body…I had to milk their stiff cocks to give them the much wanted relief…We walked to school together…the egg was vibrating inside me and sending pleasant shivers in my body…By the time we reached school, it had already given me to 2 towering Orgasms….When my body was shaking in climax and made it difficult for me to walk,, Rahul and Roy supported me ….After reaching school, I quietly slipped in my seat and tried to concentrate on what the teacher was explaining…But the devil, embedded deep inside , was sending waves after waves of pure pleasure in my body and making me shiver…The fear of others watching, was multiplying my pleasure…My close friend Reena, sitting by my side heard the humming sound that the egg was making and asked me as to what it was…She was looking at me and wondering as to why I was shivering most of the time pendik escort bayan and unable to concentrate in the class.. Her looking at me repeatedly, I was sure —-had made her guess what was going on with me…She smiled and held my hand in her hand and pressed it knowingly, as if to support me.I could see Rahul and Roy too looking at me and enjoying the fun…When the egg caused an Orgasm, I could not control my body and even the teacher came to me and asked me as to what was wrong with me…I just kept quiet…She might have guessed the situation in which the little devil was making me squirm all the time… She looked at me minutely and asked me to meet her after school hours..Looking at all this, I could see Rahul and Roy smiling mischievously….After the class, I slipped to the Toilet and pulled out the little devil and switched it off and returned to the class room .After school, I avoided meeting my teacher as I knew what she would have commented..I was sure, she had known what was going on with me…May be she would have made me show the egg…May be she would once again put it deep in me and make me go home. And imagine my condition in the crowded bus with that naughty egg humming deep inside me…Rahul and Roy congratulated me for my daring act…They wished to see this more often in the coming days…They said they would love to share this with a few of their close friends and give them the treat of watching the fun that I was enjoying with the egg deep in me…….When I think of the fun ahead, it makes me all wet and horny….

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