FridaAfter my older sister moved out of our house, mum and dad rented the room out to a succession of language students. There were all nationalities there at some point, but the one I remember most was Frida, a brisk cheerful german girl with shoulder length wavy blonde hair who always seemed to be in a hurry. To my sweaty little teenage eyes she filled her jeans perfectly in lovely denim curves, and I constantly undressed her in my mind and hoped she never caught me looking.One afternoon as I cycled home from school as usual, the rain caught me in a downpour. I was drenched and muddy when I got back to the house and I went straight upstairs to run a bath. The house was empty and I sat naked on the edge of the bath watching the water and pine-scented bubbles filling the tub. Just as I was about to get in, the doorbell rang. I cursed, and decided to ignore it, sinking down into the hot water with a sigh. Then I heard a key turning in the front door and someone letting themselves in, then a wet coat being shaken, and footsteps up the stairs. I recognised the steps, it was Frida. I lay very still, not daring to move, and suddenly realised I hadn’t locked the bathroom door. Too late- she walked right into the bathroom, gasped ‘Oh!’ and stopped.’Sorry sorry I did not know you were home!’ she laughed, ducking back out of sight behind the door. I stayed low in the bath water, the foam covering me above my knees. ‘Please excuse me. I just need the toilet quickly’ she said, and without waiting for a reply she walked over to the bowl, undid her jeans and sat down. I didn’t turn around while she pissed, but kept looking straight ahead at my knees. It was a noisy piss, and I could feel an erection starting to grow beneath the foam. As it got bigger illegal bahis I clamped my thighs over it to keep it hidden beneath the water, my ears turning hot pink in embarrassment. Frida finished pissing and let out an exaggerated sigh. ‘You see, that is now much much better’ She grabbed some paper to dry herself then pulled her jeans back up and flushed the toilet. ‘Thank you’. ‘That’s ok’ I mumbled, hoping she couldn’t see the ridiculous stonking erection I was desperately holding down between my thighs. She was just walking out of the bathroom, when she stopped and turned. ’Now I wash your back, yes?’ A brief pause, then I just nodded, like it was nothing unusual. ’It is ok no problem, in germany I have two big brothers and I always clean them their backs.’ She pushed up her sleeves and picked up the soap. ‘Sit. Sit up.’ I carefully raised myself up, keeping my swelling cock lodged beneath my thighs. It was aching now from being in that downward position but sitting up made it easier. It throbbed with my heartbeat and felt so tight and full and sensitive. It clearly wasn’t going down anytime soon. Frida soaped my back and shoulders. Suddenly the soap slipped from her hand bounced off my ear and fell straight down my front into the water. I jumped as she made a grab for it and missed. Up sprang my pink hard cock, with a blob of foam perched on the knob. ‘Ohh!’ said Frida, laughing as I frantically pushed it back down under the water again, red-faced as a radish.‘No no no no no’ she moved my hand away. ‘Let me see’ Slowly I opened my thighs and let it bob up into view again. She stared very sternly at my swollen purple knob. I was blushing so hot and deep now.’Is it because of me?’ she looked at me ’Did I do this to you?’ I nodded and illegal bahis siteleri looked at her. ‘I’m sorry’ I whispered.She sat back on her heels, hands on hips, and I glanced down at her nipples visibly hard beneath her t-shirt. She saw exactly where I was looking and promptly slapped my face. ’You are a dirty little boy!’ My mind reeled, sensations colliding. She stood up. ’ok. little dirty boy. I can take it away, yes, but you must promise not tell anyone.’She was already locking the bathroom door. ‘Stand up. Quick. Before they come all home.’I stood, hot foam rolling down my legs and steam lifting up from my dumb rigid saluting cock.Using the sponge, she carefully dabbed away the foam from around my cock and balls. My heart pounded fast, I felt certain that I would just cum at any moment. She heard my breathing change and stopped. ’No. You must wait.’ I almost came right there in her hands, but just about managed to hold myself back as she reached away for a towel. ‘Dont! Not yet!’ Then she wrapped the towel around my shaft for a moment and gently dabbed my cock dry. ’The taste of soap.’ she said ’Is not so nice’ and then with one hand gripping the base of my shaft, she pulled my knob straight into her mouth and closed her lips around it. Pleasure waves shot through my whole body. It felt so soft and warm inside her mouth, and she was in total control of me. Her other hand had reached around and grabbed my bum, nails digging in sharply. She dragged her nails hard across my bum a few times, I gasped, and her tongue flicked about rhythmically like a moth under my knob. God almighty, it was overwhelming, the best feeling I had ever felt. I was insane with ecstasy and I braced myself against the tiles. I tried to hold myself canlı bahis siteleri back but deep inside my body I could feel tiny barriers giving way, an unravelling chain, slipping down an ever increasing slope from yes-maybe towards yes-definitely, towards that sweet point of no return…I tried to pull my cock out, thinking that surely she wouldn’t want me to actually cum inside her mouth? Would she? That would be just weird. ’Stop..’ I barely got the words out ‘I’m..going to.. ’ but she gripped hold of my bum tighter and pulled my knob back in. Her other hand then let go of my cock and gripped my balls, keeping me deep inside her mouth. I could feel my knob touching the back of her throat. Her tongue pressed up, away, she flicked it across, back again. I ached for that delicious release and could not hold back any longer. I let myself go, committed, there would be no stopping now. I looked down at the top of her head, staring at her wet hair as my orgasm rose up and erupted. Thumping muscular spasms pulsed inside me. She made a tiny squeak as the first jet of spunk burst into her mouth. She swallowed it immediately, then another, followed by several more muffled gulps as I flooded more cum into her. It was such sweetness. I was in ecstasy, floating, and my legs felt wobbly. She held onto me firmly until the last throb and then released my balls. She looked up at me, wiping some sticky threads off her lips. I must’ve looked completely stunned. ‘Hmm..’ she said thoughtfully ’Salty.’ As if she were some sort of fine sperm connoisseur making a taste comparison. Then she stood up, grabbed the towel, unlocked the door and was gone. I collapsed back down into the bath again, astonished, satisfied, with my mind blown away forever.Frida moved out shortly after that and I never saw her again. I would’ve loved to become her sex pupil, to see her lovely plump body naked and learn how to make her cum, but that all happened later on with someone else. The gulping sounds still haunt my dreams.

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