Fresh Bread


Fresh BreadFresh Bread By Wonder_DadStory #3Our high school was where all the food that was prepared for the lunch programs throughout area cooked. Every morning we were greeted by the smell of fresh bread cooking in the kitchen, loaf after loaf of fluffy white bread lined the tables of the kitchen. Some students worked in the kitchens with the cooks until their classes started. For a quarter, these students could buy a loaf of fresh hot bread. They were allowed to sit and eat it before class. If you were lucky enough to know someone in the kitchen, you were able to slip in threw the back door and sit among the flour sacks and share their bread too.As I walked into the cafeteria to grab a milk, I spied Caitlin. I had spent two weeks tutoring her older sister, Haley. Caitlin, a very lovely freshman girl, was working behind the cafeteria counter carrying loaves of bread on a tray. I waved, but was not really close enough to be seen clearly from across the way, but she stopped, smiled and waved back. I had to look around me to see if there was someone else she might be waving at, but no, I didn’t see anyone. She sat the tray down and came up to the counter and beckoned to me with her hands. I was surprised, but walked over and said hello.Now, working in a kitchen baking bread, is hard and hot work with the ovens blasting so near, so her face was dabbled with flour and tiny runs of sweat down her cheeks, wearing a cook’s apron, tied tightly. Her shape was enhanced by the apron, accenting her breasts against the white material and the contour of her small hips. She wiped her hands on the side of the apron and offered me her hand to shake smiling. She seemed genuinely happy that I had walked over and we made small talk for a few minutes, until one of the cooks came out looking for her. She turned to go back to work but stopped and over her shoulders, she told me that if I came to the door in the back tomorrow morning and tapped on it, she would let me in the back room. I was flabbergasted at the invitation as I watched her buttocks bounce lightly under the apron as she went back into the kitchen and out of sight.I tapped lightly on the back door and waited as the smell of fresh bread wafted thru the back alleyway thru the vent fans. Thinking she forgotten she invited me, I turned to leave, when the door was opened slowly and saw her peek out making sure who was there. She opened the door quickly with a big smile, gaziemir escort grabbed my shirt, pulled me into the doorway, and latched the door again. She pointed to some flour sacks and boxes to my left and told me to sit down, behind the boxes, out of sight, and she rushed out back into the kitchen. The smell of bread was intense, permeating the whole area along with other smells of the daily food being prepared for the schools in the district.Caitlin popped around the side of the boxes with a loaf of hot bread, and a stick of butter, and sat down next to me. She tore the bread into several pieces, sitting them in her lap and rubbed the butter on two slabs, handing me one. We both started eating the bread. She had taken a small bite of her, and asked if I liked the bread, which of course, I did and told her so. I also told her how pleased that she had invited me to the inner domain of the school to share with her. She smiled brightly, grabbed my hand, and kissed me on the cheek.What was that for, I asked as she blushed and looked down and took another piece of bread. She took another bite, and looked at me again, telling me that I had made Haley, her sister, so happy having passed her test with the highest score she had ever gotten ever. Her parents were ecstatic and I was the topic of the weekend, how wonderful I was. I blushed and told her it was Haley that was the star; she had worked hard to do the work. Just then, we heard Caitlin being called from the kitchen again, and she pressed the bread into my hands, and rushed off. I ate a few more chunks of bread until she came back. She had removed the apron, washed her face and hands. Grabbing my hand, she pulled me thru the kitchen to the exit into the cafeteria.We were side by side, in front of all the k**s, walking to her class. As we got there, she asked if I would be at the kitchen back door tomorrow too, and I nodded my head. She smiled and fairly well skipped off into her classroom. I shook my head, wondering what kind of trouble I had gotten myself into now.I barely tapped on the door when it was opened for me. As I stepped in, her face was almost covered in white flour, as were her hands, apron, and even her skirt under the apron. She pointed to the floor quickly explaining that they had pulled a flour sack down and it had ripped open, spilling flour everywhere. Being the ‘low man on the totem pole’, she had to gaziemir escort bayan scoop it all up to be thrown away, while the others went on baking. She had a large baker’s scoop in her hand and knelt down alongside the spill and a large trash container.Immediately, my eyes went to her buttocks, wiggling back and forth, as she scooped the flour up. As I watched with delight, I had my hand in my pocket and was rubbing on my cock thru the material. With each wiggle, her skirt was slowly being pulled up, further and further, exposing more and more of her calves. Soon, I was able to see her panties peeking from under the skirt. Trying not to be obvious, I sat down for a better view. Her shapely cheeks soon became fully visible, covered by the clingy, light blue pastel panties. My cock was rock hard and my breathing was heavy as I watched. Fearing I would blow my load, I removed my hand from my pocket, pushing it down between my legs.When the last of the flour was scooped, she rocked back as her feet and ankles formed little indents in her cheeks. She sat there resting for a few moments and turned to smile at me. Immediately she saw where my eyes were looking. Still looking at me, she leaned forward again on all fours and waggled her ass at me laughing. She reached up and pulled it back down in place, got up and walked to me. She giggled and asked if I had a good view and all I could do was nod with a stupid smile on my face. She placed another light kiss on my cheek, spun around and rushed out to the kitchen. Within a few minutes, she came back, with hot bread in her hands and dressed for class, without apron.We went back to the sheltered corner and ate chunks of bread. She turned towards me; putting her feet on either side of the box, and pressed her knees against my legs, but pushed her skirt down firmly between her legs, covering herself. I put my hand under her knee and ran my fingers along the soft underside knowing that it was a sensitive spot, and she laughed, slapping at my hand, telling me that it tickled. I smiled and did the same thing again, this time to both her knees. She giggled, grabbing my hands and spread her legs. Rocking backwards, she grabbed both my hands and pulled me to her. Our lips touched in a brief kiss. I pulled back slightly looking at her; her eyes were closed and she leaned up to me and our lips met in another longer lasting kiss.Encouraged escort gaziemir by this, I boldly placed my hands on her breasts holding and rubbing on them, kissing her again. She stiffened slightly at my touch, but did not pull away or slap me. I continued fumbling around on her breasts thru the material and managed to slip one hand inside and under her bra, feeling the tiny mound of flesh. Her intake of breath was enthralling and as if to devour me, she kissed much more passionately the more I moved my hand under her bra. She pulled back after a few moments and told me that no one had every touched her breasts before and she was happy that I was the first to try it. By now, I was again fully hard with my cock straining at the fly. I looked down and her skirt had again risen well up above her panties. There all over her light blue panties was the white flour except for one very large wet spot, where it had caked heavily.I slowly continued to massage her breast while my other hand went between her legs. I slipped my index finger under the elastic. I felt her fuzzy pubic hair, fine as silk strands, on my palm as I let my finger touch her wetness. I felt her crotch move forward eagerly pushing my hand harder onto her privates. She was moaning, her head thrown back some, eyes closed and mouth slightly open. I rubbed her little pussy more with my finger running up and down along the wet slit, and felt her begin to quiver. Seconds later, she gasped loudly, and my hand soaked in her orgasmic nectar. She trembled, reaching down to hold my hand against her pussy convulsing against it. She came no less than 3 times in under 5 minutes with my hand on her pussy.She looked at me in a daze as I removed my fingers from her pussy and put them to my mouth for a taste I’d never had before. The sticky clear fluid was a flavor I will never forget, so sweet, almost tangy.She told me she had never Ever cum so much, even touching herself. That was so wonderful as she blushed a brilliant red that accented the red hints in her hair. You’ve managed to get two first times with me you bad boy, first time for a man to touch my breasts, and first time anyone but me has touched me down there. Oh, make that three first times, cause I’ve never orgasmed so much at one time. She kissed me on the cheeks and on my lips, over and over again. Thank you so much, I’m more happy than Haley and my parents were about your tutoring.She suddenly got up, straightened her skirt and panties, re-buttoned her blouse and rushed out of the back room, leaving me sitting there with a huge hard on and pussy cum on my fingers and lips. All I could do was smile as I tried to push my hard-on down between my legs and walk out of the cafeteria after her.

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