Free Use Tales of Alpha Tau Ch. 01

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Hello. Andi here. I’ve been into the Free Use kink for a while now. However, from the start, I’ve had certain… issues with the media surrounding it. Almost everything I’ve read/seen is for the straight male gaze, which is all fine and dandy, but I’m not a straight male. There’s a lot of misogynist kinks that get rolled in, such as bimbofication, forced impregnation, and rape. While non-con gets my jellies, to an extent, the whole thing is just… mnyeh.

Can we just get girls who actively want to be fucked senseless? Can we get girls using guys? Guys using guys? Girls using girls? Character development? Hot teachers? Girls who don’t look like barbies all the time?

This is entirely self-indulgent. I just want some free-use content that’s for LGBT+ people, by LGBT+ people.

Also, ahh holy shit, if you’re into the very consensual side of Free Use, check out Neal19’s series For The Boys. It’s very sweet, and very hot, and ahhhh I love it so much.

This first chapter is going to have a slow start, because worldbuilding.


Five years ago, Rainbow Shores University opened its doors to any 19 year old who wished to enter the professional sex industry. It was the first of its kind, and people reacted… well, in a lot of ways. Some people loved it, some people saw it as immoral and unsafe. I remember my mother telling me “Jenna Abigail Abernathy, if you ever attend a school like that, I’m disowning you.”

Well, there went my inheritance.

It was funny that she was so against the idea. After all, she was one of the proponents of prostitution being legalized in California (and the rest of the United States, but that wasn’t as direct). Why would she be against such a thing?

And then, a couple years later, a few days after I’d turned 18, the Sexual Services Act was proposed. All women, upon turning 21, were to be available for all men to fuck anytime, anywhere. Mother muttered something about a “slippery slope”, and it all made sense.

Thankfully, it was shot down almost instantly. While it appealed to many men’s (and women’s) fantasies, it wasn’t at all realistic. While I’d love to be shoved over a bench and fucked mercilessly, there’s no way it would work in real life, right?

Well, in some places in the country, neighborhoods were opening up as “Free Use Zones”. Essentially, they were small communities where people could use each other to their hearts’ content. They were gated, only allowing certain people in. An easy way to gain access was to have a degree from a sex school like Rainbow Shores University.

I wanted in.

Of course, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go from Uni to a Free Use Zone immediately. Since my mother would absolutely never pay for my attendance, I’d have to do a loan forgiveness program by signing up for an escort agency. Honestly, that part turned me on too. Plus, I could get into a good one if I scored well at RSU, and I’d be able to make so much money.

Maybe I could end up richer than Mother and Father. Probably not, but maybe.

It was a hell of a time convincing my friends to come along too. Ellie was the easiest to rope in. After all, she was my loving girlfriend, and she shared all my desires to be used. Sam and DJ were a bit harder to convince. The boys didn’t have quite the same lust, being perfectly content with loving each other for the time being, but when they did the math and realized how much money this could make, they hopped aboard. The last one was Rose, and holy shit she was a hard sell. I honestly thought she’d decided against it, but she texted us a picture of her admittance letter before I’d even gotten to check my mail.

And that was it. We all got in.

We’d all taken a gap year out of high school, as was required by RSU. Applicants had to be between 19-21, to ensure legality and comfort. Some schools had programs for older students, but RSU was intended to mimic a real university, at least loosely. 18 year olds weren’t allowed to ensure students would have at least some basic sexual experience.

My mother told me that if I moved into RSU, I would never be allowed home.

Jokes on her, I hated it there anyway.

Well, I supposed I didn’t hate it. We were pretty well off, with her being a politician and my father coming from wealth. That last night, I wandered through the halls, unable to sleep and taking in everything I’d never see again. I almost cried. Almost.

Thankfully, my parents let me take my car, a new red convertible. I didn’t buy it, but I was paying the insurance, so they thought it was fair to thrust the costs onto me. RSU, thankfully, would pay off any debts while you were a student. Of course, that debt would just be rolled into my loan forgiveness program, but that was fine with me.

I finished loading my bags into my car. I’d already put a lot of my personal belongings in Ellie’s family’s basement, so it was mostly my clothes, laptop, a mattress topper, and a few… toys of mine. They all fit into two of my suitcases casino şirketleri and that duffle bag I bought when I planned to work out with Ellie a bunch. As of that morning, I’d used it twice.

My mother stood on the porch, disappointment clear on her face. I desperately wanted to flip her off, but I settled on just driving away. I really didn’t want her changing her mind on the car.

I wished I could go straight into town, but I had to go further North to pick up Ellie. Her family owned the cliff diving spot (well, not the only one, but certainly the safest) at the Northern tip of Rainbow Shores, and while it wasn’t a cash cow, it helped them through, especially in the summer. Sam’s family owned the diner out there, but he and DJ were planning on arriving early.

After a few minutes of driving along the winding road lined with redwoods, I arrived at Ellie’s house. She was sitting on one of her suitcases by the mailbox, and she grinned when she saw me.

I took a moment to admire my girlfriend. She was almost as tall as I was, but significantly more athletically built. People used to say her body was too boxy, too flat, but I had no idea what they were talking about. She was strong and beautiful and confident in a way that I couldn’t help but adore. She was wearing a white spaghetti-strap crop top and black leggings. Comfortable, yet effortlessly sexy. Her curly, jaw-length brown hair was a bit of a mess from the wind, and she wore minimal makeup.

I fucking loved her so much holy shit.

“Beep beep, get in loser, we’re going shopping!” I smirked.

She got up and put her suitcases in the back seat. “Let me guess, you just rewatched Mean Girls again.”

I smiled. “What can I say, it’s a good movie.”

Ellie got in the passenger seat. “It’s only okay.” She leaned over and kissed me before I could start my rant. I was too excited to care.

“Did you get to say bye to your family?” I asked as I used her driveway to turn around.

“Yeah. We went to Mariano’s for dinner.” She smiled. “The twins also woke me up with breakfast in bed before they left for school.”

“Aww, that’s sweet!” I’m glad she had a family that actually loved her.

She didn’t ask me about mine, since she already knew the answer. “It sucks Rose won’t be in our class, but hey, we’ll have DJ and Sam.”

“Yeah, but we’ll also have Davina, if what she put on her story earlier is correct.:” I rolled my eyes. Honestly, if she was lying about the whole thing, it wouldn’t surprise me. One time in middle school, she claimed her mom worked at Apple and got her some new iPhone that hadn’t been released yet, but we all knew her mom worked at Applebees.

Oh, and she outed me as bisexual, albeit accidentally and outing herself in the process, which was a nightmare until everyone got real cool about everything in high school. My friends stuck by me, but for a while, people teased me. Then I became popular, which was a bit of whiplash, but it was fine. Great, even.

“Honestly, fuck Davina.” Ellie sighed. “But you know, we’ll do better than her pathetic little ass.”

“Her ass is pretty great though.” I chuckled.

“Yeah, but not as good as yours.” Her hand slipped under my butt and squeezed, causing me to laugh. She gave a quick grin before turning on the radio.

We rode down the Northern California roads, singing along to whatever came on the variety station. The most appropriate song was “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun”, and at the end of the song, Ellie took off her bra from under her crop top, and threw it into the woods.

“I fucking hate those things. Never wearing one again.”

I chuckled. “I mean, they’re probably gonna dress us up in lingerie at some point.”

“Eh, it’s different though. It’s like a uniform. I can get used to that. But a bra everyday that isn’t even cute? Fuck that noise.”

Eventually, we rode into town. It was almost like saying goodbye, because even though we were free to leave campus whenever we chose, it would have everything we’d need. We turned off of Oceanside Parkway and onto Main Street. I’d taken Ellie to all of the restaurants here. Even if my parents didn’t like my life choices, they liked Ellie, so I was able to spoil her no problem. Her favorite was that little hole-in-the-wall Jewish place since they apparently made latkes better than her dad. I preferred the sushi bar across the street, but all of the restaurants were fantastic.

A few blocks away on our right, I could see the gleaning towers of Hillcrest Heights, the Free Use Zone nestled in the heart of downtown Rainbow Shores. People clamored for jobs in the buildings surrounding it just so they could peep in the apartments. Apparently, peeping there was a bit overhyped, because a lot of people used their curtains, especially on the bottom floors, and the wall around it obscured many views from the first couple floors of most surrounding buildings.

I wished I could just go there and surrender my body to the casino firmaları mass of pure sexual energy. The idea of losing myself pleasuring others just made me go weak in the knees. But that wouldn’t be for a couple of years.

Eventually, we went east out of downtown, and soon enough, we were on campus at Rainbow Shores University.

“Holy shit, we made it.” Ellie grinned as we drove under the large arch.

We made it.

I felt her hand creep under my little black skirt and trail along my thigh. “We’re going to the center of campus, right?” Her fingertips grazed over that sweet spot right along my inner thigh, and I struggled to maintain control. “For check in and stuff.”

I nodded. Luckily, there were people holding signs directing people. Most of them were girls in short skirts and either pink, red, or lavender sports bras and little black skirts (shorter than mine, even) that flashed their panties (or, in a couple girl’s cases, bare asses), but there were a couple of scantily clad guys as well.

Rainbow Shores University had five “fraternities” that functioned more like colleges in a normal university. They were divided by gender and sexuality, so you had Zeta Sigma Tau for straight women, Gamma Kappa Tau for lesbian women, Delta Zeta Kappa for staight men, Kappa Omega Kappa for gay men, and Alpha Tau for bisexual men and women. All of my friends and I were going to Alpha Tau.

Of course, in order to keep everyone easily identifiable, everyone was color coded. ZST wore pink, GKT wore red, DZK wore bright blue, KOK wore light blue, and AT wore lavender. It was both a school spirit thing and an easy way to tell if someone you were flirting with was even into your gender as a whole. It was convenient.

Eventually, we parked in the central parking lot. Thank God Ellie stopped teasing me so I could park easily. One time I hit her dad’s car while completely focused, so any distractions risked disaster.

We went inside the large central building. Immediately, people dressed like the people outside welcomed us. Pop music blared on the speakers. Katy Perry? Was she even still relevant? Who cared? A few girls flashed their tits, which was always welcome. I turned around and flashed my pink panties back at them, which they loudly showed their appreciation at. Before I could stand up straight, Ellie playfully spanked me. Laughter erupted around us, and my face went slightly red as we got in the check in line.

“Hey, Jenna?” Ellie smirked a little, grabbing my hand. She pulled me in for a soft kiss, and then mumbled against my lips, “I know I’m going to have to share this from now on, but don’t forget, it was mine first.” She grabbed my ass nice and rough, and one of her fingers grazed my sex ever so slightly, causing me to moan. Damn, it was nice to not have to hide that.

“Aww, you guys are so cute!” A southern sounding voice behind us piped up. I turned around, and there was this cute chubby redhead who couldn’t contain a smile.

“Thanks so much!” I grinned.

“Oh, uh, sorry if that was weird. I grew up in small town in Georgia, and, well, there weren’t a lot of lesbians, you know?” She blushed a little. “I’m Sophie, by the way.”

“I’m Jenna, and this is my girlfriend Ellie.” I motioned to my girlfriend, who waved.

“So, just curious, but why did you come all the way out here? There’s a couple schools in that area, if I remember correctly.”

Sophie rolled her eyes. “One in Georgia, two in Alabama. The only one in Alabama that even allows gay people, well, it’s more about being pretty for straight guys to fap off to, you know? Like that one lesbian porn where they fuck each other with their stiletto heels.”

“Jeez, that sucks.” I sighed.

“Yeah, closest one I’d want to even go to is one in Florida, but it’s in, well, Florida.” She giggled a little. “So, I figured I’d get far away from everything, you know? You guys from around here?”

“Born and raised,” Ellie said.

“Neat!” Sophie seemed to pause a bit. “So, are y’all in GKT too?”

“Nah, Alpha Tau.” I shrugged. “What can I say, dicks are nice.”

Sophie seemed a bit disappointed. The line had moved quite a bit, so we were almost up for check in. “To each their own. Well, uh, I guess I probably won’t have much chance to do this again, so, uh, mind if I grab y’all’s asses? You know, for luck?”

“Who’s luck are we talking about?” Ellie smirked.

“Both, I guess.” Gosh, Sophie was adorable with her little blush. Ellie and I looked at each other, and then wordlessly agreed. We each turned around and bent over slightly. After a moment, she grabbed each of our asses. “Wow, Jenna, your butt is so soft! And man, Ellie, you must work out a lot!” She gave each of us another squeeze before letting us go. “Sorry, I’ve never really gotten to do that. One time my friend Lizzie let me touch her boobs while we were changing at the pool, but she didn’t really mean anything by it.”

“Well, hey, you’ll get to do plenty here.”

And güvenilir casino soon enough, it was time for us to check in. We quickly said goodbye to Sophie as we went to separate desks. I realized I should have gotten her Snapchat, but oh well. There were a lot of people to meet.

I went up to the desk I was directed to. A bottle blonde woman with bright red lipstick grinned at me as I approached. “Hello! I’m Anna! Can I get your name and ID?”

“Jenna Abernathy,” I said, handing over my driver’s license.

“Cute name!” She looked at my license, then started typing at her computer. I couldn’t help staring at her tits, which I was briefly worried made me a pervert, but then I remembered where I was. Man, where did she get that push-up bra? “Alright, I’ve got you!” She then took a blank card (room key? Probably) and inserted into the machine by her computer. “Alright, your room is 1C-5 in Alpha Tau, and your roommate is Eliora Hopkins. Have you met her yet?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend. Our one year anniversary was a few weeks ago.”

“Aww, that’s sweet! I’m glad we have some couples here.” Her smile seemed a bit more genuine as she handed over the key, along with a folder full of papers. “You’ll need to fill those out by tomorrow for your teachers.”

“Thank you.” I nodded and started to head off.

“Oh, wait, one more thing!” Anna said, and I turned around. “I saw you staring at my tits. You can touch them if you want, I don’t mind.” And then, with a slight laugh, she continued. “And yes, they’re real.”

Well, who could turn down an invitation like that. I set down my stuff and took one in each hand. Nice. They were just over a handful for me, and the perfect kind of soft. I gave them each a firm squeeze before grabbing my stuff. “Thank you!”

“No problem! Have a wonderful day!”

I left the counter and went over to where Ellie was waiting on me. She flashed me a sly grin as we left. “So, you’re getting lucky.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s my natural charm.” I grinned. “You ready to head to our dorm?”

“Heck yeah!”

When we got back to my car, the parking lot was already twice as full. Damn, I didn’t realize how popular this school really was. We drove out of the central parking lot and into Alpha Tau’s. We took our stuff and went inside. People were lounging around the lobby in various styles of lavender shirts. I looked around to see if we recognized anyone, but no one yet. It looked like the first floor was mainly amenities, so we’d have to take the elevator up to get to our dorm.

“Ugh, I thought the ‘1’ meant first floor.” I groaned.

“Come on, can’t you handle one flight of stairs?” Ellie teased.

We got to the second floor. Since the building was in the shape of a square, and we were at the corner of Wing 1A and WIng 1B, we had to cut through 1B to get to Wing 1C. When we got there, the classrooms were on the right, and the dorm rooms were on the left. We got to our room, and there was a note on the door.

“Welcome, new students! Please meet at the Main Classroom in your wing at 12:00 PM (Noon) to meet your teachers and classmates! Make sure to wear your fraternity’s colors! Food will be provided, and any dietary restrictions have been noted and are catered to.”

“Neat.” Ellie said as she folded up the note.

The room wasn’t incredibly big, at least by my standards. Two twin sized beds were pushed against the far and right walls respectively. They looked easy to move, so I bet we could turn them into one bed if we wanted. A minifridge sat at the foot of the far bed, and when Ellie looked inside, there were two apples and a half dozen water bottles. On the left wall was a closet large enough for two people, and it was filled with lavender shirts of various styles. Nice. There was a small door to the left of them, which Ellie confirmed led to a half bath. Oh, right, the showers were all public.

“Say, you wanna squish the beds together later tonight?” Ellie asked.

“You know me so well.” I laughed and pulled her in for a kiss. I intended for it to be a quick peck, but Ellie had other plans. She grabbed me by my hips and pulled me close, hands slightly slipping off my shirt.”

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to be wearing our frat colors?” Ellie smirked. “I don’t think this top is allowed.”

“Oh, and what are you gonna do about it, miss rule follower?”

She slowly raised off my shirt, leaving me in just my lacy pink bra. “Oh, I see you’re all fancy under here.”

“All dressed up for you, of course.” I giggle. “Though, you didn’t do the same, since you threw your bra into the woods.”

“Oh, did I now?” She chuckled.

I raised up her shirt and threw it towards the laundry hamper. I missed, but whatever. “See, proof.”

“Well, now it’s all unbalanced.” She reached around and effortlessly unclasped my bra. Damn, she was good at that.

Eventually, we ended up on one of the beds, her completely undressed and me left in my panites. Her body was so nice, toned and perfect. The strength in her thighs was obvious as she clamped them around my head. My tongue deftly glided along her labia, teasing her before settling on her clit. God, her moans were so cute. I grabbed her thighs and squeezed lightly.

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