Frank’s Holiday Part 7


Frank’s Holiday Part 7We returned to the room knowing there was still half a bottle of wine left, as we walked in I had the sniffles, “Here Frank” Kelly said picking up her panties and passing them to me, “Blow your nose” she said as she walked over to the table and poured us both some wine. I took her panties and held them to my nose and took a deep sniff and closed my eyes as the aroma hit my brain, Mmm they did smell good.My towel dropped and my cock was soft, she handed me my wine looking down at my hanging member, “Here Frank, looks like you need this” she said giggling.“How did you enjoy the tub?” I asked her as she sat on the bed, her towel fell and she sat there naked as I took a swig of my wine. “Wow! Frank, that was wicked” she said and I had to agree.As she sat on the bed she put one knee up giving me a perfect view of her young pussy, her pubic triangle glistened as she saw my cock reacting, she felt so comfortable being naked and thinking I was gay felt no pressure.“Seems like your alcohol levels are rising” she said giggling as she saw my cock hardening. “I’m sorry” I said, “Do you want me to put my shorts on?” I asked as I didn’t want to embarrass her, she thought for a nano second before replying, “Nah, its ok and it’s cute” she said softly looking at how hard it was getting and I took another swig of wine.Kelly poured the last drops into my glass intent on keeping my alcohol levels up, “Shall we order some more Frank?” she asked so I called down to Brenda and asked for another bottle, Kelly smiled.I looked at her breasts, her nipples stood out as she sipped her wine and it wasn’t long before Brenda arrived with the other bottle, she was so professional and made no reference that we were both naked and me with a boner although she did look and smile, “You guys enjoy” she said and smiled, “As it’s late Frank, if Kelly wants to stay over she is welcome as you have paid for the room” she continued, “I will send up two breakfasts in the morning”.Brenda left and I looked at Kelly waiting for a reaction, she smiled, “I guess it will be ok Frank” she said, “Save me walking home drunk and you’re gay anyway” she sighed as if disappointed by that admission, I thought let her think what she wants and we opened up the wine.Kelly readjusted her position and was now sitting against the headboard with her legs crossed and wide, her pussy lips seemed to open, her labia lips all visible and tempting, she saw me looking and put it down to curiosity and made no attempt to cover up. I sat on the edge of the bed feeling pretty drunk as was she, “Oh I had better warn you Frank” she said coyly, “I have a sleep disorder which means I move around a lot in my sleep” she said which I found quite interesting, “Oh you will be ok Kelly” I said, “We can sleep on top if that’s better for you” which she agreed may work best.We didn’t finish the bottle as we were both a bit wasted and I climbed on the bed next to her and began dozing, she turned onto her side facing away from me and I felt the warmth of her body pressing against me, my cock was pressing against the small of her back and I apologised for that as although the bed was a double it was a small double so contact was inevitable.“It’s ok Frank” she mumbled, “Don’t worry” and I figured with her so close to me my erection was going to subside anytime soon but we were both dozing so it didn’t really matter.She was right about her sleep disorder though as it wasn’t long before she started to shuffle and I felt my cock now pressing against her arse atakum escort which was ok and I ended up putting my arm around her to stop herself falling out of bed, she murmured something as my hand cupped her breast and I felt her stiff nipple pressing against my palm, I decided I better hold it tight to save her from injury and then felt her arse pushing hard against me, at least we didn’t have swirling water this time.She shuffled again and was now lying flat on her stomach and my hand was now on the small of her back as I tried to sleep but then somehow seemed to end up on the soft cheeks of her arse, damn if she didn’t shuffle again but only slightly as her legs widened nearly forcing me out of the bed, damn it I thought, how the hell am I going to sleep, I never realised her sleep disorder was going to be so annoying as my hand slipped between her open legs and my fingers felt the dampness between her legs.As this was my only contact with her and she was asleep now I decided I had better hold her tight in case she shuffled again so I increased the pressure between her legs to hold her, this seemed to do the trick and keep her in the same place even though my fingers started to twitch, I put this down to the wine but somehow I wasn’t sure she liked it as she murmured something again and started to gyrate her hips a bit but to be honest I didn’t have the energy to move my hand as I was in a dozed state.Her movement seemed to have an adverse effect and with my fingers twitching only resulted in me feeling the warmth and wetness between her legs, she jerked her arse upwards which forced two of my fingers inside her. I tried, in my drunken state, to pull them away but another shuffle closed her legs and my fingers felt trapped so I couldn’t move them although I did try to wiggle them and pull them out but some strange force of gravity seemed to suck them further in and it was only when she started to shake that I thought something was wrong, I tried to hold her still by pushing my fingers in further and got concerned when squelching noises started and my fingers got all wet. I thought she was having a seizure until another shuffle and she turned over and her head ended up on my chest, her breathing subsided and she was getting back to normal, great I could finally get to sleep or so I thought.I put my arm around her back and rested it on her hip as her head lowered to my stomach, finally she seemed comfortable and for some reason unbeknown to anyone I brought my other hand up and gently stroked her hair. I could hear her sigh and finally I could see she was happy although her head was dangerously close to my erect penis, I didn’t give it another thought and closed my eyes, at least she didn’t shuffle.I was just dozing off when I felt this warm sensation on the tip of my erect cock which took me by surprise but I didn’t want to cause another shuffle so accepted it as an accident however her head moved slightly and somehow I felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock and it was like a vacuum on the end, I was in two minds here as I didn’t want to disturb her and was sure she had no idea what was happening, I heard her murmur something and decided to try and adjust my position which was the wrong thing to do as it only forced my cock further into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around and I think she was trying to pull up but my hand was on her head like a dead weight and it seemed impossible for her to pull up and away as every time she tried the dead weight of escort atakum my hand was forcing her back and each time my cock seemed to go in further.This was damn crazy as all I wanted was to sleep. Her body seemed to shuffle again and her arse moved up the bed as her legs were hanging off the side, I reached down grabbing her arse between the legs to hoist her up which seemed to work however she ended up with her legs either side of my dozing head, I had to reach up and grab her arse cheeks to avoid her going off the other side and not only did this end up with me nearly suffocating with her pressing down on my head but it pushed my cock further into her mouth and I got worried as I felt the tightness of her throat.It was difficult keeping her still and I had to forego my own safety by holding her arse cheeks tight and in doing so spreading her cheeks wide, she was moving quite violently on my face and it took what little strength I had to try and hold her however it was like she was gyrating on my face, my sleepy eyes opened and her shaded little arsehole was right in front of my eyes as I tried my best to steady her and struggle for breath, I had to resort to my old tactic of sticking my tongue out in order to breath but such was her position my tongue switched between her arsehole and her wet pussy, OMG it was a worrying time but my grip on her cheeks seemed to do the trick even if it widened her cheeks.I think subconsciously she was struggling too as she had put both her hands under my arse and was grabbing my cheeks which in fact turned out to be a blessing as it avoided her falling off at that end however as I wiggled my hips to try and free my penis from her mouth it didn’t work as expected as I think she must have been dreaming about something as seemed to be holding on for dear life.At one point she had my cock so far down her throat I thought she was going to choke to death but with all the movement I managed to avert a tragedy however at that point she started to shake violently and it was all I could do to keep hold and she pressed so hard down on my I felt my mouth fill up with liquid, had she pissed in her sleep? I wasn’t sure but it tasted very sweet so I did all I could and swallowed as much as I could as her body spasmed.Was I ever going to sleep I wondered as her shaking continued for quite a while and I could feel the wetness all over my face as I struggled to contain her movements while her fingers gripped my arse tightly and then totally unexpected she started murmuring something I couldn’t make out just as my cock started that pulsating thing and it felt like I too was pissing in her mouth, I had totally no control of the situation and my own cries for help were muffled by the fact that her arsehole was pressed hard against my face. She must have been dreaming of eating something because as m was having those pulsating feelings all I could hear was a muffled ‘Mmm’ a few times.I think I must have fallen asleep at that point as everything seemed to settle down and I don’t remember much after that until the morning.I woke up first as the sun rose shining light into the room, I looked across at Kelly who was fast asleep laying on her side in the foetal position and looked so peaceful that I couldn’t resist stroking her hair gently, I wanted to let her sleep because from my vague recollection she had a restless night but then again so did I because of it plus I did have a bit of a hangover and hoped that a good breakfast would cure that. Suddenly she woke atakum escort bayan and turned to face me and opened her sleepy eyes and smiled, “Morning Frank” she said softly, “Did I move much last night?” she asked and I told her that as far as I remember she was ok and didn’t disturb me and she smiled and then looked down at my morning wood, “Damn Frank” she said, “Are you still drunk?” she asked and I had to explain that this was a condition called ‘Morning wood’ which most men suffered from, “Wow” she said as she admired the throbbing erection I had woken with, she smiled again as she looked up at me, “Such a shame you are gay” she said with a sad face.There was a knock at the door, “Room Service” came the voice of Brenda as the door opened and in she walked with two plates of breakfast, we both laid on the bed as she entered and smiling she placed the tray on the table clearing up the drink glasses from last night, “Good morning guys, How did you all sleep?” she asked and then noticed my erection, “Morning wood again Frank” she said with a giggle, I looked up, “I’m afraid so Brenda” I said with a giggle and Kelly just shrugged her shoulders.As Brenda left Kelly got up to pour the coffee as I scooted to the end of the bed looking at the lovely breakfast Brenda had prepared, Kelly looked down at my boner and asked, “How long does that thing stay like that for Frank?” and thinking if she stayed naked then probably longer than I would have wanted but just shrugged it off saying it will subside soon.We sat and ate our breakfast still naked which added an interesting spin on it and it seemed that Kelly suffered the same effect with her nipples as I did with my cock, I reckon I could have hung my hat on them if only I had a hat.The fact that as we sat at the table our legs were touching didn’t help as bodily contact is always arousing and Kelly for some reason found it amusing and we finished our breakfast and drank the last of the coffee, it was great and we were both full and contented, I asked Kelly what her plans were for the day and she told me she was going to go see her boss later and see if she could get her job back, I told her it was a good idea as some wages was better than none and she agreed but there was no rush as her boss wouldn’t be in until mid-day.I looked out of the balcony door which was left open all night and admired the view as Kelly used the toilet and heard this sudden gasp from the balcony next door, “OMG Charlie” said a female voice, “There is a naked man next door” and as I looked I saw this blurred vision of someone disappearing inside the room, Oops I thought, I had forgotten someone was coming in last night, I guess I have just given someone an early morning shock.I slipped on my shorts while Kelly was in the shower as I didn’t want to upset anyone and it wasn’t long before Brenda returned to pick up the plates, “Oh, just to let you know we have guests next door” she said making me aware, “Nice couple” she said and went on to tell me they were Charlie who was late teens and his sister Jo who was celebrating her 18th, Charlie had brought her away for a birthday treat and I was sure she was going to have a great time, I didn’t tell Brenda of my early morning experience.Kelly returned from the bathroom still naked and without a care in the world, I guess saying you’re gay does have its benefits as she made no effort to cover up as she finished her coffee and it was hard to control my arousal as she searched for her clothes. “How are your sniffles Frank?” she asked handing me her panties, “I will leave these with you” she said with a cheeky grin, I thanked her for my souvenir as she slipped on her dress buttoning it up very slowly.I gave her a big hug and wished her well and she went on her merry way.

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