Forever , A Day

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As the sunlight beamed through the curtains a sliver of light rested on my sweet baby’s face. Rolling over, the thoughts of her lying there beside him always made his heart beat faster. Every morning he knew she waited for his touch. How he loved pulling her close, wrapping his arms around her, feeling her velvet skin against his chest. She gave into his every embrace. How he loved running his hands down her side, over her hips, nonchalantly touching her ass before taking her legs and placing them over his. He would listen for her breath, that sudden intake as she awaited his fingers to brush slightly against her pussy. Everything about this woman thrilled him. Her smell, touch, taste. He almost would lose control just by feeling her wetness with his fingertips. He loved the way she arched her back as one finger brushed against her clit and the other slid deep inside her, giving her what her body was telling him she needed. Her soft moans would gently caress the air and he knew his tantalizing touches were bringing her very close to pure pleasure. Nothing pleased him more then watching her body react to his every touch.

Reaching for her his eyes came open, his heart started pounding for another reason. The spot that she laid in was empty. She never left the bed early without whispering “Good morning baby, I love you.” Was it the disagreement they had last night? No it couldn’t be. They had talked through it and made love for hours before falling asleep in each other’s arms. They had made a pledge a long time ago never to go to bed upset with each other. As his eyes focused on the pillow, there laid a tiny yellow paper. Without touching it he could the smell sweet perfume of his lover. Smiling to himself he brought it up to his nose before reading it.

“My darling, shower and meet me in the kitchen, NAKED” was in big bold letters. At that point he couldn’t get out of bed fast enough and into the shower. His sweet lady always astonished him, bringing happiness into his life. Hearing the shower start she knew she didn’t have much time. Everything had to be perfect. She had been waiting for the right moment. Looking in the mirror she licked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her lips and got ready.

Not drying off completely he slowly walked towards the kitchen. His feet wanted to run but he knew she would be waiting, anticipation building in her and he was going to make her wait, punish her in a good way for not being in bed with him. As he entered the kitchen his eyes feasted on his exquisite creature. There before his eyes sat his darling girlfriend on top of the table. She was slightly leaning back, her ass on the edge of the table and her legs slightly opened with each foot on the arm of the chair in front of her. She was wearing the silk nightdress that he loved the most. It was so low cut in the front it was a wonder her beautiful voluptuous breasts could stay in. The top part had an animal print and the bottom was see-through black sheer that hugged her waist and fell sensually to the floor. This nightdress was made for her and only her. She had the long gown pulled up to her hips, just enough to begin to reveal her sweet valley of love. He loved the way she looked up at him, running her tongue along her bottom lip and biting gently down on it. And those eyes, God those eyes told him everything he wanted or needed to know.

Coming closer she opened her legs just a little more, letting his eyes feast on her beauty. How he loved the way she would leave the top part of her pussy natural but she would shave the bottom part to reveal her soft pink lips. There she did it again, the way she would bite her lip drove him passionately insane. Her eyes traveled over his face, down his chest, smiling that wicked smile, knowing with only her eyes she could make his cock hard. He had never known a woman so fascinated in watching a man’s cock grow larger and harder. He had never known a woman that loved the taste, the feel, the look of his cock and she was his and his alone. Knowing this, he reached down and ran his finger over the tip of his swollen head. Seeing the pre-cum slide onto his finger made her squirm on the tabletop. It sill dumbfounded him what this reaction did to her, how her lips would part and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri her tongue would wash over them, her hips would come up, she would get this lustful look in her eyes. Her chest would rise and fall to the beating of his heart and this excited him to no limit.

Begging him with her eyes he moved closer. Taking her one foot off the chair he ran his tongue slowly up the inside, moving closer and closer to her hidden valley, not touching her yet, just letting his breath brush against her inner thighs, almost caressing her damp lips. Sitting in the chair he opened her legs wide. God she was beautiful. Starting at her ankles he began his travel upwards, teasing and taunting her to madness. Stirring closer now she brought her hips towards him, needing this touch, yearning to feel his tongue against her soaked pussy. He in return knew she wanted this but she was going to have to wait a bit longer.

Moving over to the other side of her thigh his tongue just brushed faintly against her drenched lips. God it drove him insane the way he made her wet with anticipation. With his moist tongue working its way down her inner thigh to her ankle again her sweet moans caressed the air, begging for more. His cock was throbbing by now with the burning desire to be deep inside her soaked, tight pussy. He had to hold on, he needed to touch and taste her wetness as much as she needed it. Not waiting any longer his fingers opened up her sweet womanly lips to reveal her tiny bud of pleasure. Flatting his tongue against her pussy he slowly ran it up towards her clit and pressed firmly, giving it a slight flick. A low lustful moan was released from deep inside her throat. No words needed to be spoken, he knew all her desires. Placing her legs over his shoulders his tongue licked and flicked her wet pussy. His mouth began to suck and pull on her lips, working its way towards her swollen clit. Finding her enlarged rose bud he pulled it into his mouth and sucked gently sending her almost completely off the table. “God, please, please” is all she could say. Not making her wait any longer he found her secret spot and, making güvenilir bahis şirketleri his tongue very pointed, he moved it in circles around and around, hard, then soft, bringing her to the edge then backing off again. He would do this many times until he could tell his sweet baby couldn’t take it any longer. Grabbing his head she buried his face deep inside her drenched pussy screaming “Yes baby, yes.”

Feeling her clit enlarge and get hard he moved in for the kill and brought her to an overpowering orgasm. Her body shook, her moans filled the air, her hands tightened in his hair. She was his, giving herself over to him. Letting her sweet juices fill his mouth. Not holding anything back she was all his. Licking up the last of her sweet cum he kissed her gently on each side of her thighs. Listening to her breath, he waited for her fingers to loosen their death grip so he could finally stand. He looked at her trembling body. As she lay almost lifeless he entered her. Filling her with his manhood, letting her feel his desire and hardness. Giving himself to her. Bringing her back to life with one mighty thrust. The moment the head of his cock entered her opening he could feel her squeeze around his engorged head. This was almost too much for him to take. Her eyes opened and it was like she got a second breath and started to buck like a crazed horse. Grabbing her hips he slowed her down, knowing that if she continued to do so he wouldn’t last very long. Slow, long pumps made her body once again react to him. Letting his cock feel every inch of her wet pussy he began to thrust faster now.

He knew they both were close. Watching her huge tits, focusing on her nipples getting harder, listening to the wetness drove him over the edge. Feeling it run down onto his balls he truly didn’t know how much more he could take. Thrusting his hips hard into his beautiful lover he released his warm thick cum. She could feel his head stretching her womanly walls as he exploded with such force. Wrapping her legs tight around him with his final thrust she to gave into the over powering need and they soon became one. For one second in time there was no other, no noise, just the sweet sound of the soft purr of pleasure and the beating of their hearts.

With the last bit of strength he brought his sweet lady up into his arms. Kissed her gently and whispered, “I love you beautiful, I love you forever and a day.”

The End

Written by Cheryl

Jan 1, 2001

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